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  1. I had the same experience this year around the same time. Hasan has always been very responsive over the years.
  2. Of course it is! Can't forget to add it to the website with the correct time/date stamp if is going to be a good alibi right?
  3. Disclaimer: I'm gonna let my mind go all "guru" and turn any headline into "RV Happening NOW"...even though I know better. The reason they are just now releasing this information is because it was supposed to be a secret "behind closed doors" meeting. Somebody important got caught and needed an alibi, hence the "we were training on security and fraud prevention...blah, blah, blah" ...Meanwhile the last day of the work week they are at the bank setting up all the extra de la rue machines up and prepping the banks for Sunday morning cash in! BOOM! RV NOW!!
  4. I haven't done this in years...but I might just pull out my Dinar and recount it!
  5. Seems to me that if they are SIGNING tax regulations and joint work regulations that something (Hopefully Hydrocarbons) has already been agreed upon. Maybe just wishful thinking?! GO RV!!
  6. Excellent attention/spotlight! More pressure! Soon they will see the need to get things done swiftly or risk overexposing the "mainstream" to the opportunity that we all already see. (And have been patiently waiting for I might add)...makes me despise Obummer even more for his complacency the last 8 years!
  7. That was my first thought while reading this too! Get that "Chunky Money" off the streets. I don't know much about bonds, but if the citizens buy into this at 8% return and then they RV for 1000% increase of value...that would suck for the citizens! Thoughts anyone?
  8. What faster way to create security in Iraq than to buy weaponry from the world's most elite military/world police? Kinda the same "secure" feeling you have when your big brother shows up to a fight you weren't sure you could win. SUDDENLY things seem much more secure and the bad guy gets his a$$ kicked! No, how about some SUDDEN financial stability...GO RV!!
  9. Does anyone else feel like they are watching a game of "Civilization" while here at DV?
  10. Education of processing currency in the new system? This sounds promising! Train them up, they are going to have some long days ahead of them exchanging a once near worthless currency!
  11. Ha! I started typing this thought on my phone and then got distracted before coming back to post. Great minds think alike!
  12. Important to note that he thinks the country is stable enough to call them back!
  13. Great assessment! It makes me think this is likely a big part of the hold up on HCL. Trying to get two groups of proud people to agree to, well...anything, but especially a valuable territory is not an overnight task. Hopefully, after all these years, reality has set in and truth will prevail for the rightfully deserving group so everyone can move forward!
  14. Give them an currency that is worth more than TP and let them be distracted with wealth for a is to passing HCL!!
  15. Thanks bostonangler...Hate to say it, but until it is on a website like this, or this : , it is just another news article coming out on a Friday...(payday!) Don't but more than you can afford to lose ya'll!!!
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