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Litter-box trained...? Really....? We're in !  We wanna Ferret of our very own  !

Unless 'OlSarge's Giant Maine Coon Cat might find it to be a tasty morsel... :huh:

And also would run the risk of us 'OlGals squeezin' da puddin' outta him and makin' his

little eyes bug out from us huggin' him too hard on accounta he'd be so cute  ! :(

:lol:^_^ <



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Really!   I'm a cuddly, fuzzy, adorable little critter and am litter-box trained.  And yes, my humans have a really hard time not squeezing da puddin outta me!  But I love their attention, so it's ok.   And most kitty cats I get along with fine - unless they are big ol' mean aggressive types.   I like to play, so if they are in to playin', we'd love each other!   


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On 10/31/2016 at 5:49 PM, paperboy said:

ddprint22 - I'm thinking (I know you don't want speculation here) that you can only have one VIP membership per member and email address.  So,if they have email addresses, they could set up a membership here on DV and you could pay for it for them.   However, if that isn't possible, then email Julie at and tell her what you are wanting to accomplish.   I'm sure she can work something out that will allow you to do this for your other family members.    Good luck.    

gmail accounts are free and you can have as many of them as you want.


On 10/31/2016 at 8:00 AM, ddprint22 said:

Adam M.,

I can't move forward on purchasing two (2) additional 'monthly paid' VIP Memberships for two (2) of my sons without some direction.

I would appreciate it if Adam 'or' someone with the answer would respond. No guesses, just factual process please. Thanks in advance.


What paperboy suggested is correct.


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On 10/30/2016 at 4:28 PM, ddprint22 said:

- Caye98,

Yes. That is my concern. Unfortunately I can not purchase for other family members with the link provided. Once in the cart . . .

  • I can not purchase two (2) additional VIP Memberships
  • The cart does not allow a different name to be inserted (Only billing and card information)

I would hope I can alert Julie to make these memberships to two (2) other names after I pay.

What's your opinion?

 - ddprint22   

Make sure you are not logged in to Dinar Vets when you add a new membership. :twocents:

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Maybe this needs to move to another topic (or not)

All -

Special thanks to Julie at Dinar Vets for the step-by-step process to accomplish this VIP Member sign-up ...

Solution to additional VIP Memberships for friends-and-family - (sounds like a cell phone commercial) when you take the initiative to include them in this ride at possibly your expense.

Obtain from the individual(s) or open new email account for individuals.

As Caye98 - said in the previous post, "Make sure you are not logged in to Dinar Vets when you add a new membership. :twocents: "

Have the individual(s) 'or you' sign the individual up to be a member of the Dinar Vets web site using a new user name & their new or old email address of the potential member.

Once signed in as that member(s) user name and email address, you can have them or 'you' can purchase a VIP Membership for whatever term.

B-dee B-dee, dats all folks.

(Special Note: If you are paying for another new member, make sure you drop the recipients name into the billing box to show them and not you as the new VIP Member)

Don't worry, if you are paying for your kiddo's membership and his/her name is in the billing box - you will still get the freakin bill!

Otherwise you just purchased another VIP Membership with your name on it ! oops !




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