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"Maliki's better for the Kurds of all Iraqi leaders"

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"Maliki's better for the Kurds of all Iraqi leaders"

16:16:01 2016-02-01 | (Voice of Iraq) - Roudao - Dohuk said Adel Berwari, Nuri al-Maliki adviser to the affairs of the province of Kurdistan, the Kurdistan Region still need to Baghdad, and NATO NATO and all States with the survival of the Kurds with Iraq. He praised Berwari Maliki, calling it "a very good person and more active figures in Iraq, which is better for the Kurds of all Iraqi leaders. "He met a delegation from the Kurdistan Regional Government headed by Nechirvan Barzani, on Sunday (01/31/2016), with a coalition of state law, Nuri al-Maliki, the leader at his residence in Baghdad, and met before him with Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and the President Fuad Masum, then he ended his visit to Baghdad by a one-day. He served just Berwari membership in the Council of Representatives of Iraq after 2003, then became a consultant Nuri al-Maliki for the Kurdistan Region. Although the export of Kurdistan oil province independently Baghdad, however, Berwari emphasized the continuing need to Baghdad, "because we are a province of the Iraqi federal government like it or not, all get by resolved through Baghdad, for example, a high-ranking delegation to visit the province of Kurdistan, he is to visit Baghdad as well, and this message to us that we are still dependent territory to Baghdad. "Hedescribed the Berwari visit of a delegation of the Kurdistan Regional Government to Baghdad as good, saying that" reconciliation with Baghdad the best solution to the current situation in the Kurdistan Region, especially to solve the financial crisis, it is true that the financial situation of Iraq is not good also, but Iraq is a sovereign country, and has revenues other than oil, such as dates, customs, and has authority over the 14 provinces, so is the road to Baghdad is the best to solve our problems. "Berwari said it is not his point of view alone, saying that" member states of the NATO and some friendly countries for the Kurds, not with the Kurds manage their backs to Baghdad, They are in favor of being united with Iraq. "With regard to the visit of a delegation Kurdistan Regional Government of the owners, who does not hold an official position at the present time, Berwari said," It is true that al-Maliki does not hold a government position, but the President of the Dawa Party, which is currently a personal stronger in Iraq, does not compare with Abadi, because the army and intelligence services in Iraq are subject to the influence of al-Maliki so far. "and about Maliki's attitudes towards Kurds, Berwari pointed out that" despite all the default which Badr him, but so far there is no better person for the Kurds from al-Maliki. "Asfor the position of regional president Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani to al-Maliki, Berwari said, "When the people of Basra via their dissatisfaction towards Maliki, I was with him, and called him Massoud Barzani, and said to him: If you need my help myself I'll come to Baghdad."

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There are a couple great admissions in this article. Man, do these people love talking to the media…


So we're seeing here Maliki definitely doesn't have a government job anymore, at least at the moment.


But we're also seeing that he has more "influence" over the Iraqi military than does Abadi? How does that work out?!


Lastly, when did the Kurds become so buddy-buddy with him? Last I checked, he had royally screwed them over during his 8 year dictatorship.

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For a bunch of fierce warriors, the Kurdish leaders sure do cry like babies trying to get their way....and over every little thing too......

A better adjective to describe them: PRE-MADONNA, in the truest sense of the word.....

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