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Oil recovery and continues to exceed $ 30


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Oil recovery and continues to exceed $ 30

Friday 22-01-2016 | 1:09:00




Twilight News / Oil prices rose five percent on Friday to exceed the level of $ 30 a barrel, which Achtergueth last week amid cold weather in the United States and Europe and the rise of the financial markets.

US crude rose US $ 1.26 to US $ 30.79 a barrel by 0732 GMT, to rise more than four dollars above its lowest level in 12 years of $ 26.19 a barrel and heading for a weekly gain of more than four percent.

And increased global Brent crude $ 1.50 to $ 30.75 a barrel away from the low level of $ 27.10 a barrel and heading for a weekly gain of more than six percent.

Oil prices have found support in the severe cold and snow storms that swept across the east coast of the United States and elsewhere in Europe as it has led to higher demand for heating oil, the weather.

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I was thinking  ,  it  is almost like  the  silicon valley bubble ,  or  housing  bubble ,   it had  gotten outta hand  on oil pricing ,  over 100  per barrel ,  I had been thinking it  `s   bubble  had  just  bust  under the weight  lie  the  others  ...   still could  be  the  same  { i.m.o. }    but  also  the  other reason  it  reached that value  ,I guess ,  was  the fact  Iraq , was in turmoil from the saddam out  take ,   and  iran  from the sanctions ...  now  that  these  2  players are back on line ,   oil I suppose will be  in a  steady holding  place of  around 50  too 60  ,  like  limopeter  was  saying !     { and hopefully  gas pricing  will be  and stay  where it is at  for  2 or more years  }

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Oil re-landing again

Monday 25-01-2016 | 1:27:03




Twilight News / lost Brent crude, on Monday, to $ futures fell to $ 31.18 a barrel, up more than 4 percent, after rising 10 percent, last Friday.

The price of oil has risen 10 percent in one of the largest daily increases at all, according to the Reuters reported.

Brent rose 8 cents to $ 32.26 a barrel at 02:21 GMT, after arriving to $ 32.69 a barrel earlier in the day, while Brent had closed at 32.18 dollars a barrel in the previous session.

US crude rose 5 cents to $ 32.24 a barrel, compared to highs during the trading session of $ 32.64 earlier and its price at the close of $ 32.19.

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