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OMG!!! Bank open in Athens TX at 10:00 PM

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I passed by the bank on the corner of Corsicana St and Prairieville tonight at 10:00 PM and the lights were on. I circled around to the back parking lot of the bank and there were two vans parked close to the entrance. I got excited because I do have some of the dinar but couldn't imagine that the RV would be starting at night. I hurried home and located my dinar, gathered it all together, and headed back downtown to the bank. When I got back to the bank someone was loading what looked like a vacuum cleaner in one of the vans and another man was pushing what looked like a large garbage can with brooms and mop handles sticking out of it. The lights were off in the bank and the feeling of hopelessness rushed all over me. I sure hope I didn't miss the RV.      

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No problem JonJon.  They probably called the janitors in to clean up after Tier 1 cash in.   Our turn is coming soon!!!


Go RV or RI Soon!!!


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hahaha  good reply n w  guy    :D    those tier 1 errs  ,  will make it look like  old wall street photos  !     but  I wonder ,   did jon jon  , stumble onto a low  budget bank heist ?  how much dinar can you pack into a vacuum  cleaner bag ?  :lol:

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