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  1. I passed by the bank on the corner of Corsicana St and Prairieville tonight at 10:00 PM and the lights were on. I circled around to the back parking lot of the bank and there were two vans parked close to the entrance. I got excited because I do have some of the dinar but couldn't imagine that the RV would be starting at night. I hurried home and located my dinar, gathered it all together, and headed back downtown to the bank. When I got back to the bank someone was loading what looked like a vacuum cleaner in one of the vans and another man was pushing what looked like a large garbage can wit
  2. HISD Board of Education approves creation of Arabic Language Immersion Magnet School WELCOME Greetings AIMS Community! I look forward to welcoming your children to the inaugural class of one of the nation’s first Arabic Immersion Schools. A graduate of The University of Texas at Austin for both my bachelors and masters degrees, I began my teaching career in HISD at Lamar High School. After Lamar I joined the teaching staff of Houston Academy for International Studies (HAIS). In 2011, I became Dean of Instruction at HAIS, helping lead the school to achieve a National Blue Ribbon Award. Ha
  3. 2 Million Bikers To D.C. Riding with Texas bikers Sunday June 7, 2015 At: Waco Texas We want the whole country to join US Texas bikers Know: The 170 arrested at the Waco shooting were NOT engaged in “Organized Crime”, “Racketeering”, “Drug Dealing”, “Prostitution”, Human Trafficking”, “Motorcycle Stealing” or “Mexican Cartel Business” as the propaganda assault that law-enforcement and the mainstream media have waged. Texas bikers Know: The COCI Meeting scheduled May 17, 2015 was publicly advertised two months prior to the Waco Massacre. Texas bikers Know: The COCI meetings h
  4. No truer statement have I ever read in the rumor section. going to go down the same road .............. going to go down the same road ............ going to go down the same road ............ going to go down the same road ............ going to go down the same road ........... going to go down the same road ........... going to go down the same road. Yes, I believe that, it has been going down the same road for quite some time now.
  5. It is a tragedy that two gunmen can arrive at an event in Garland Texas and open fire with the intention of killing as many people as possible and the talking heads of the Main Stream Media immediately assign the blame on the intended victims. The most tragic part of it is We The People keep listening to the lies they keep telling us.
  6. The Art Exhibit Link I had 4 entries in the contest. Didn't win anything.
  7. I'm not gagged, but I am all dressed up in duct tape with nowhere to go.
  8. I would venture to say that no matter whether the cop is bad or good, the suspects deserve the right to a fair trial. Killing them without due process seems a bit extreme. Cops do have the right to stay alive but so do the suspects.
  10. What a novel idea, completely disregard the concept of this being a currency governed by the standard uses of a currency. Do the banks now have the ability to capitalize with "civil asset forfeiture?
  11. Iraq’s fiscal woes For weeks recently, all eyes were on Tikrit, where 30,000 Iraqi troops, two-thirds of whom Shiite “popular mobilization” militias coordinated by Iranian military advisers, wrested that Sunni town from IS forces who had holed up there since their blitz last summer. The campaign highlighted one crucial fact: Without the support of precision airstrikes by the US-led coalition, the advance on Tikrit subduing the town would have been impossible, though to hear some government officials tell it, as the New York Times reported last week, “Americans deserved little or no credit
  12. Iraq is increasing sales of the dollar to stop the decline of the dinar"Bank announced the central Iraqi, "he decided to take action in order to halt the decline of the dinar against the dollar in the local foreign exchange market, fromover double the share exchange companies in auctions selling foreign exchange, and open ports to sell the dollar in a number of government banks. The decline of the Iraqi dinar exchange rate US dollar in the local foreign exchange market to reach its lowest level during the nearly two years. The bank said it decided to allow banks to "Mesopotamia", "good", and
  13. Flimsy logic, if you are so upset about it, sue them. You'll end up wasting your efforts.
  14. The facts about how the USA system works is evident in the letter. The letter is the first act by the government in the past 6 years that has been an honest expression of the spirit of our country. The fact's are out now that Obama is not going to be able to turn us into a third world country.
  15. It doesn't make sense that people's thoughts could be controlled by such lame logic that they would think it's not okay for our statesmen to disclose the facts to another country as to how this USA system works. We are still a republic even if the imposter in chief doesn't know it.
  16. This is a petition to give the 47 senators a medal of honor for sending the letter to Iran.
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