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Back or Forward?

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Mornin' BradyBear....If only left with one option, I'd have to choose to go back in time...The excitement of the unknown has its appeal but heritage has responsibilities...I'd defiantly do some major research to be in the right place at the right time to make the right move to acquire the means to build a legacy to leave behind...   

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SANDFLY, you know if it's FRIDAY what's gonna go down here later...!  :partyhat:  :backflip:  :eek:  :P Like it's 1999 up in here !

We puttin' on Kid Creole & The Coconuts and GOIN' NUTS !


And in honor of this Time Leap here, maybe some Morris Day & The Time!


We love your answer!  So you'll know enough to buy a winning Lotto Ticket,

then you'll be RICH -- and handsome !  ;)  ^_^




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If You could travel Back in Time or Forward in Time, which would You do and why?

Interesting question, BB...I'd say probably into the Future..Just to see what's like....3, 4, 500 years from now ( hopefully the Iraqi Dinar will have RV'ed by then....likely)


But also the Past would be thrilling somehow.....If I could choose a specific History Period ( have to think which one exactly...)

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