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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

WE HAVE THE DATE!!!!!!!!! Guru tman23


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I've got a date and a rate !!

Made arrangements to meet this woman for dinner and a movie. I called her later the next weekend and she gave me a "4 out of 10".

: )

What was her rate? (Sorry.  That was too much of an opening.)

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New to this place I am  !!!!  Hello..... Got to thinking on the way to work this morn that somewhere on the internet had to be a place like this !!!  I am a member of other forums...  Knew I could find a DINAR forum....  Only info I been reading is the tony ... Dc....milloinday... Poppy3....  and so on..... I have only had Dinar for a few weeks !!!  I've heard my parents talk about it for years...  Didn't take me long to figure I needed somewhere else to read about all this.... Hope I havnt posted in the wrong place or jumped in where I shouldn't... Look forward to reading here daily !!!!!!   So......  Before I leave.....  WHEN IS THE RV COMING ??????   LOL !!

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