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Great info on Iraqi Banks

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OK, Been a member for 3 years, and Ive only recently started reading posts again.


Im not hugely invested in the dinar, (just under 500k), and after securely fastening my spiderman decoder ring, to help in these broken english articles, the same issues seem to jump out at me that have confused me back then.


Kuwait, Chapter 7, and the RV.


Lemme start with Kuwait.


How is it that any Iraqi, whether a Parliament member or a peasant, look at their neighbors and wonder what it is that they are doing that they, as a country, are wildly successful in the world market.

Im no economics major, never claimed to be, but here is what makes ZERO  sense to me.


Basically the same resources, albeit probably far more on the Iraqi side, yet the economies are completely on opposite sides of the spectrum.


The United States has propped Iraq up for far too many years after the first and second "wars", and I would think we have stumbled upon a couple people who might be smart enough to foresee

the future of that country, post-Saddam.


I mean, you know, SOMEBODY must have known that Chapter 7 would come about, so it shouldnt have come as a surprise.  Yet, for as long as it has PHYSICALLY happened, they continue to pump THREE MILLION barrels of oil a DAY.  Again, I am no money man, but can someone explain to me why WOULD someone pump that much OIL, and sell it for far less than what the world is paying for it?


OH, WAIT.  Im sure someone is gonna tell me that it isnt the way it goes.  They will say that the profit has gone to the UN, or the US via frozen assets, etc.  


But here is what stumps me.......


Irag is crowing about how they are able to sustain the value of the ICQ 2.5x over, through the extra 80 billion of cash (infused from I dont remember where)


It kinda reminds me of the ability of the US/Russia ability to blow up the planet 17 times with nuclear weapons, when we all know it only takes ONCE.


Damn, I really have to stop and wait on THIS question before I ramble off on Chapter 7 or the RV.  It appears to me I have time to wait to understand why Irag and Kuwait have values of their dollar

that are far off of each other.


On a somewhat related note, Im sure there are many of us who have a 7 year old grandchild who can DESIGN AND UPDATE a website for a multi billion dollar company such as the CBI.  But I did read another post about Iraq frowning on child labor laws?

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