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  1. Maybe if the accent piece in the middle of the room were removed, they could better focus on the real issues effecting their economy?
  2. I believe Saleh is saying that the CBI money reserve structure is more than solid! And if only the USA FED would issue more debt, Iraq would BUY IT UP!!
  3. Iraq has always needed $Billions to build a modern infrastructure and a civilized society for it's people!
  4. Still ridiculous to even think that the IQD value would stay the same while smaller notes get released in great quantity?
  5. If the IQD revalues, then the Iranian banks wealth will increase dramatically! But would't this defeat the purpose of sanctions on Iran?
  6. They are waiting for the outcome of the Singapore Summit! LOL!!
  7. unirod

    Nice new ad on Warka FB page

    Anyone know what it says?
  8. Just checked my account and no large deposits made so far. So I can only assume that I am still in the ISX.
  9. I sent them everything they requested not once but twice. Warka never replied to the receipt of my documents by email. I did not send my originals from 2011 as they opened up my account originally by accepting certified documents by email anyway.
  10. This article is 2 months old. We all know that things change quickly in Iraq!
  11. "Iraq is witnessing during the current stage a great openness by Arab banks and there is a desire to open branches of Gulf banks inside Iraq," Ok! then let's open new banks with a real currency value!
  12. Over the years they have decried corruption. But only in the recent months have so many economists, politicians and others come out against the CBI Currency Auctions! The Auctions are on overtime....Suddenly!!!
  13. Maybe he see's that nobody cares about his protests ?

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