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Adam's chat 10/10/12

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10:18 AM [Adam Montana] I know! I am here now because I have about 15 minutes... is anyone available to copy my chat?

10:18 AM [linda56] Adam Montana , good monin sir

10:19 AM [Adam Montana] vietnam1969 I messed up the numbers

10:19 AM [Monielynn] good ? ........... Mods

10:19 AM [Adam Montana] *crickets*

10:19 AM [vietnam1969] Adam Montana yes I saw that

10:19 AM [Monielynn] where is a mod when we need 1

10:19 AM [Dinarkicker] GO for it sir

10:19 AM [Adam Montana] monielynn

10:19 AM [Adam Montana] DK thank you!

10:19 AM [Adam Montana] ok everyone, official chat in progress

10:19 AM [Monielynn] ready set GO!

10:20 AM [Adam Montana] Hey everyone, another week another Dinar, right?

10:20 AM [Adam Montana] no RV yet, and depsite some awesome news last week on the HCL - it's not quite done yet

10:21 AM [Adam Montana] nothing I can do about that, nor is there anything you can do about it... but we can all see that things are still good and there's no reason to be discouraged

10:21 AM [Adam Montana] impatient, maybe.. but not discouraged

10:22 AM [Adam Montana] There are some GREAT questions in the weekly chat question thread this week, and I am going to address them if possible - but I don't see it happening today. I have some incredible things happening on the VIP side of this site, and my schedule is just packed to the brim today and also tomorrow.

10:23 AM [Adam Montana] These chats generally take a couple hours, believe it or not... they can be quite intense. So I just want to apologize in advance if I have to skip this week's chat

10:23 AM [Adam Montana] anyway! Here's the latest

10:23 AM [Adam Montana] the HCL is being discussed in national news more and more

10:23 AM [Adam Montana] many of you have noticed that, and I see a lot of excitement about it... and for good reason

10:24 AM [Adam Montana] there is also talk that the new currency, and thereby the RV, may be delayed until the new calendar year

10:25 AM [Adam Montana] I don't expect them to announce the RV in this fashion, so this information may or may not be precisely relevant... but if they are truly delaying releasing the new currency until the new year, then we can plan on waiting that long to see the RV announced

10:25 AM [Adam Montana] of course, they could just be full of "it" and announce it tomorrow (SURPRISE!) and also release the currency then too

10:26 AM [Adam Montana] it makes the most sense to do it that way, to prevent a huge run on the currency from speculators

10:27 AM [Adam Montana] the bottom line is this: 1. We are waiting for a resolution on the HCL, and they are making headway. Lots of good news there this week and last. 2. We don't expect them to give us a legitimate "heads up" when they are going to RV - it will happen as "unexpectedly" as possible to preserve their profit margin. If you don't know what their profit margin is, you need to read the "Cash In Guide". 3. There is no bad news right now! And for that, I give our situation a :twothumbs:

10:28 AM [Adam Montana] and on that note... I am officially late for my next meeting, so I have to jet. Thank you all for understanding, I will definitely try to get the weekly Q&A done by the end of the weekend.

10:28 AM [Dinarkicker] Ok I will post this in the forum

10:28 AM [Adam Montana] Cheers everyone, stay sane and be well :tiphat:

Topic: open floor

10:29 AM [vietnam1969] Great news Adam and as usual you are always on top of things.

10:29 AM [Monielynn] Adam Montana Laters

10:29 AM [Adam Montana] thanks DK, glad you were here!

10:29 AM [jon29] thanks Adam.

10:29 AM [powerpager] Thanks Adam

10:29 AM [Priscilla] thanks Adam

10:29 AM [Dinarkicker] Adam Montana I try

10:29 AM [Adam Montana] PS everyone owes DK a dollar

10:29 AM [Monielynn] Adam Montana

10:29 AM [Dinarkicker] yessssss

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Adam, as always great to hear from you as you seem to find good in all the garbage out there. Go RrrrrrrrVvvvvvv

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Don't start rumors Bumper has not been banned in shape of form from chat. Behave yourself

well that is good news. I would hate to think Bumper was bumped laugh.gif

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Hello to all,

Since Adam will be answering questions later, will the question i posted the other day (and still does not appear on the board) be put into rotation? I understand that since i am new to posting that all my posts need to be approved still, but i was just wondering what the normal time frame for that is?

If it was lost in "translation".. I am reposting it below.

Thank you!!


Thanks for all you do here Adam!

My question is: Do we have an exact count of how much Dinar is actually in circulation at this time? I have read conflicting counts, but best estimates seem to put it at 18-20 Trillion (that's with a T not a B) Dinar still in circulation even after the CBI pulled back large amounts into their reserves. Some even believe it's as much as 30 Trillion. If this is true, don't you think that would negate the possibility of a 1:1 RV since I don't see Iraq having $20,000,000,000,000 in cash and assets, even with 143 billion barrels of oil reserves.

Hope you can answer this and shed some light on how the amount of Dinar in circulation can effect the possible RV rate.

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C'mon Adam, I'm waiiting for that BIG text that says, the RV has happened and we can now go and cash in our dinar. I know that will be a happy day for you too. We can all get on with our lives. Everyone must see the documentary, "Happy". You can find it on Netflix. It's about what makes people "happy" all over the world. Guess what, it nots money. Don't get me wrong, I am not in this investment for nothing or no Return on my dollar. Family, community, sense of purpose alll were the main things. that make us happy and keep us happy. The movie thought that money was an illusion and not the thing that makes you happy. The commone guy in India was just as happy as the Americah.

Makes one think about how to handle the wealth that we will be receiving in the next several months. How many people will get shipwrecked in their lives because they won't know how to handle the large income that is heading our way.

Just some food for thought. THankls Adam for your help over the years.

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What do you think about this article Mr. adam montana? Is it a good or bad news for VND holders Mr. Adam Montana?

Traders make a killing on banknotes before withdrawal


Updated : Tue, October 9, 2012,5:08 PM (GMT+0700)

The specimens of VND10,000 and VND20,000 paper banknotes are seen in this picture. The bills will be withdrawn from circulation as of January 1, 2013, the State Bank of Vietnam said late last month.

VND10,000 and VND20,000 paper banknotes are now offered for sale at prices up to FOUR TIMES higher than their face value following a recent announcement from the State Bank of Vietnam that the bills will be withdrawn from circulation from next year.

The paper notes will cease to be legal tender from January 1, 2013, the central bank said late last month.

They can be exchanged for the currently circulated polymer versions after this milestone, the bank added.

Online traders, who have collected paper notes since the introduction of polymer banknotes in 2003, immediately seize this opportunity to reap profits from those who are willing to open their wallet to buy the notes in order to gift them to friends as a good luck wish, or just to keep them as good memories of the currencies.

The serial number on each note will determine its price, they said, explaining the more “unique” the number is the higher the price gets.

A trading forum member recently posted an ad that listed a VND10,000 paper note at VND20,000 while another demanded VND40,000 for each of his five brand new bills, and VND25,000 for older ones.

The latter member claimed that it is hardly impossible to find VND10,000 paper bills now so he would definitely not lower the prices.

Others said that they will sell their VND20,000 paper notes only if buyers bid VND40,000 to VND50,000 for each one.

Paper notes like this will be given as souvenirs to friends on special occasions like Tet (Vietnamese Lunar New Year) or New Year’s Day (January 1), Lan Anh, a college student in Hanoi, said.

The VND10,000 paper note symbolizes luck thanks to its bright shade of red, according to a member of an online trading forum.

Easy to be torn

Locals apparently prefer the polymer notes as many sellers complained that it is easy for the paper ones to absorb water and thus be torn apart.

“It is a good decision because polymer notes are waterproof and difficult to break off,” Nguyen Thi Ngoc, a florist in Hanoi, said.

Ha, a greengrocer at Trieu Khuc market in the capital city, added that VND10,000 and VND20,000 paper notes tend to get moldy and even decayed if left unused for a long time.

“Their polymer equivalents are more convenient,” she said.

Flip sides of polymer notes

VND10,000 and VND20,000 paper bills also have fans even though their polymer counterparts prevail now.

The polymer currencies lose their color easily and the printing on some notes would blur quickly after several times being changed hands, Nguyen Thi Lien, another Trieu Khuc seller, said.

“I still prefer the paper notes,” she said.

A number of sellers said the color of the paper bills is far brighter than that of the polymer issues.

Others moaned that a lot of the polymer banknotes have turned creased and less shiny, with the figures and images on them already starting to fade.

Many customers have rejected such notes when dealing with vendors at the market, they said.


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