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  2. Parliamentary Foreign welcomes visiting Kuwaiti Prime Minister upcoming 01/04/2013 09:33 ر Welcomed the Parliamentary Foreign Relations Committee, visited the upcoming Kuwaiti Prime Minister to Iraq to resolve the outstanding issues between the two countries. This came against the backdrop of announcement by Prime Minister of Kuwait for readiness to visit Baghdad to meet with Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to discuss bilateral relations. Member of the Foreign Relations Committee, Imad John Yako said in an interview for "Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network," that "the visit of Prime Minister of Kuwait anticipated to Baghdad are the result of Diplomatic efforts by the Iraqi side to improve relations between the two countries and the response to the visits and delegations that went to Kuwait for resolving the outstanding issues between the parties. " . The Prime Minister of Kuwait Jaber Al-Mubarak announced yesterday on readiness to visit Baghdad but awaiting an invitation the Iraqi side, pointing out that his visit to Iraq will yield for resolving all outstanding issues between the two countries, returned the upcoming meeting, which Sijmah counterpart Nuri al-Maliki and important Sasfi lot of things. He Yako hoped to open this visit new horizons for cooperation between the two countries, wishing to have the Kuwaiti side is serious in resolving the outstanding issues, especially with the files complex, noting that Iraq part made a lot of concessions and "await the day ماسوف provided the Kuwaiti side of to remove Iraq from Chapter VII. "In regard to the outstanding issues, between Yako" The border issue was resolved by agreements old was also compensate homeowners and remaining debt issue and the missing and the port of Mubarak, who is one of the important files which were reports submitted thereon of committees and ministries Foreign and transport contradictory, pointing out that the government did not arrive until now to know the extent of the damage that would befall Iraq as a result of the port of Mubarak. The Kuwaiti Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak Al-Sabah said earlier that Kuwait completed file the border with Iraq and was problematic compensate Iraqi farmers who have been affected by the maintenance of border markers between the two countries. Turning Yako to Chapter VII and the extent of negative and positive of this chapter, saying, "This is a chapter international agreement that places restrictions on countries that fall within Tailth, including the method of commerce and trade and transactions in many materials as we so far barred from importing a lot of materials such as lead and pencils and appliances Medical related to the lives of citizens, "noting that" to get rid of this chapter means opening horizons to open trade and a stronger economy. He MP: "As the reputation of Iraq would not be good at the international level just to stay under the jurisdiction of this chapter being mean that Iraq poses a threat to other countries," adding, "Today we started a new page and elections and a new government," noting that "the survival of Iraq under Chapter VII granted the authority of the Security Council to intervene in its affairs at any time. " He Yako that "Iraq may get rid of a lot of this Chapter, including biological weapons and weapons of mass destruction leaving only issues related to Kuwait and that we are now in the process to close all its files and then return the country to Chapter VI, which means the return of Iraq natural to surroundings International. Part , counting a member of the Foreign Relations Committee, Rafi Abd al-Jabbar Noshi Kuwaiti Prime Minister's visit expected visit to Iraq blessed step, serious and in the interest of the two countries, considering that Kuwait is for Iraq Gulf Gate. According Noshi in an interview for "Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network," "The Chapter VII linked Kuwait was left of the lift for Iraq only topic filter things with the Kuwaiti side," explaining that the files that are still stuck are border file and debts that are essentially programmed and pay by five percent of the Iraqi budget. . He considered a member of the Committee the issue of borders and the port of Mubarak dilemmas are real and significant, ruling resolved once one visit, especially since resolution 833 Special limits unfairly against Iraq, and expressed the hope that this visit will be a step followed by other steps to resolve remaining outstanding issues between the two countries. It is noteworthy that the UN Security Council issued in 1993 Resolution No. 833 which provides for the demarcation of the border between Kuwait and Iraq, and the extended length of about 216 km, and led the implementation of resolution partially depending on the decisions of the Convention (tent Safwan) concluded in 1991 to deduct large swathes of Iraqi territory and annexed to Kuwaiti territory, has objected to many Iraqi officials after the fall of the former regime in 2003 to complete the procedures of land border demarcation between the two countries in accordance with Resolution No. 833, considering that the decision imposed on Iraq under international pressure in unusual circumstances. In terms of Chapter VII and its impact on Iraq, said Noshi "The theme of this chapter has nothing to do at all the subject of Kuwait, but said the United Nations linked this topic aspect Kuwait," saying this linkage is "double dealing UN with issues in the world, including where the issue of Iraq. "
  5. Shawees meets U.S. economic official Baghdad Iraq on October 15, 2012. Baghdad ( -The Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs Roz Nouri Shawees hosted the U.S. Deputy National security Advisor and his accompanying delegation at his office in Baghdad and they discussed the bilateral economic relations between the two countries. The Office of Shawees reported in a statement received by that ”The meeting included discussing the possibility to hold a meeting for the joint committee of economic affairs within the strategic framework Convention during the upcoming days.” The statement added that ”The meeting also included discussing the regional situation and the recent developments on political and economic level.” According to the statement, Shawees pointed out ”The Iraqi economic witnessed a remarkable development particularly in the Oil field since the Iraqi exports raised to reach three million Oil barrel monthly.” The US Deputy National Security Advisor expressed his happiness for reaching the last Oil agreement between the Iraqi Federal Government and the Government of Kurdistan Region.” \ http://www.iraqinews.../#ixzz29PkjcPyQ
  6. Kurdistan: not a solution to the crisis by agreement of the leaders of the first row Date: Sunday 07/10/2012 08:35 AM Up / range Kurdistan Alliance said the country's political problem not only be resolved by sitting briefly leaders of the first row of the political leaders at the dialogue table, and that political problems are not trivial problems, but the problems are real and deep threatening the democratic process that began after 2003. . While confirming the cluster center affiliated to the Iraqi List, they had no objection to the adoption of paper of the National Alliance in the National Conference, to be held between the political blocs in the event of this paper was to incorporate the demands of the blocks, called on Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki not to set conditions to attend the conference. Has confirmed the MP for the Kurdistan Alliance Dry longings that the political problem of Iraq not only be resolved by sitting briefly the first row of the leaders of political leaders at the dialogue table, adding that political problems are not trivial problems, but the problems are real and deep threatening the democratic process that began after 2003. The dry in a press statement received the "long" version of it on Saturday that "the presence of the poles of the political process at the national meeting called by President Jalal Talabani is very important, especially the President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani and the Iraqi leader Iyad Allawi and President of the National Alliance Ibrahim al-Jaafari and President of the Council Supreme Islamic al-Hakim and Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and the leader of the Islamic Party Iyad al-Samarrai and other leaders who have an active and key role in establishing democracy in the country. " She said "the presence of leaders first row is very important because they owners decision in a lot of things, even if they represent political blocs but Chaoarham through bloc with parties and other parties affect positively on the transfer of ideas blocs represented the people inside the National Congress to be held soon." She drew dry that "the presence of representatives of all the components of the people of the blocks and political parties, whether inside or outside the parliament of which did not get a chance to represent in the House of Representatives is very important to reach a solution drastically according to the constitutional framework and ceilings time." She noted that "the continuation of the political frustrations began threatening democracy effectively and threaten the reality of human rights, which has become too dire for file services and get the citizen's legitimate right guaranteed by the Constitution." It showed dry that "the presence of leaders first row of the leaders of the blocks at the national meeting depends on developing radical solutions to put an end to the differences not be meeting just to make peace and hope from this meeting that prepares the ground appropriate solutions root to finish the cycle of political frustrations." Meanwhile, a MP from cluster center affiliated to the Iraqi List, Mohammed Iqbal said in an interview for "Alsumaria News", that "if the paper of the National Alliance to incorporate the demands of the blocks there is no problem that we get the national meeting in this paper," noting that "cluster center had not seen even Now on paper only on the broad outlines of them. " Iqbal called "Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki not to place conditions to attend the national conference," stressing that "put preconditions would lead to a negative reaction from the other parties and new requirements, which makes us go back to the same vortex." Iqbal added that "the paper did not write and did not provide a formal blocks, but raised in the form of ideas relating to the Erbil Convention and making repairs to the legislature and the judiciary and the executive," noting that "the details of things not recorded in written form." Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki expressed, on Friday (5 October now), his willingness to attend any meeting of a national aims to resolve political differences, on condition at the same time adopting reform paper prepared by the National Alliance, as he emphasized that it included all the papers presented so far. The paper included reform prepared by the National Alliance, 70 substance notably resolving the mandate of the three presidencies and security ministries and the balance in the armed forces and independent bodies and various organs of the State. He was President Jalal Talabani called on during his meeting with Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, yesterday (4 October 2012), the political parties to show some flexibility to preserve the gains of national and development of State institutions, while Maliki confirmed its support to the efforts of Talabani to resolve the problems facing the political process.
  7. Observers: foreign intervention in the drafting of the law of oil and gas Date: Sunday 07/10/2012 07:35 AM Confirmed observers and economists that the oil and gas law is no different from other projects deferred and deactivated in Iraq because of political differences, expressing fear of management the country's economy through political deals, such as attempts to pass a law infrastructure for a general amnesty, and others for Kirkuk And also the so-called oil-producing provinces, the political reasons and transactions between the political blocs is the basic theme agreed .. For it says economist Majid picture that oil and gas law and the law of the National Company for oil and gas, are two of the most important laws that should have been issued by the constitution but delays due to lack of political consensus prevented it, and continued Suri "that political deals and overlapping political economic sector hinders the process of building the country, which is rampant today among politicians, "pointing out that if it continues factional interests and personal and partisan nationalism and sectarianism prevailing today have not been agreed to special interests citizen, although passed oil and gas law will not be clear enough as stated by the Constitution being still under political consensus. He Suri, "The Constitution provides for the establishment of the Supreme Council for the management of oil and gas and has yet to be formed because it depends interests of citizens and not politicians, especially that this board could solve a lot of issues related to the work of oil and gas resource basis of Iraq's economy. Across the picture from fear of the lack of political consensus to activate such a law and the laws of other major, may provide at least minimum Fleecing citizen when activated noting that various personal interests and partisan destinations are controlled reins. Oil and gas law .. Economic necessity Furthermore, said economic expert Thamer Alheimus that oil and gas law must be resolved as soon as possible because a lot of projects Off Because of this law and the lack of interest in him indicates a lack of interest in major projects in the country, and drew Alheimus that the law is interested in its political side only and how to reach a solution satisfactory to the blocks and not to the satisfaction of the citizen in the light of a clear political deals like the issue of infrastructure and general amnesty, as well as foreign bodies willing to draft the law in the way that fits particularly those issued by which Iraq's oil. This approach will continue to destroy the most important key Moadiana are imposed outside the framework of quotas, pointing out that all political blocs have an interest in delaying and want political deals against the pass, which owns bargaining law that if you voted vote me another law. And continued Alheimus that as long as the committee in charge are among the blocs participating will graduate law never disappoint bloc. And called Alheimus to pass the law as soon as the fact that the Iraqi economy depends on more than (90%) of oil when not arrange his law be the most important work in our product is structured, leading to rapidly wasting and loss of money, which was originally for the Iraqi people. Mentioned that the oil energy parliamentary committee, suggested to the Commission on oil and energy, drafting a new draft law of oil and gas, are excluded to reach an agreement between the federal government and its counterpart in the Kurdistan region on one of the drafts as a result of political differences. و Committee member said Awad al-Awadi said in an interview to a local news agency: "The tripartite committee formed from the oil parliamentary committee and the Committee of the Iraqi government and the Committee of the Ministry of Natural Resources in the province will discuss two draft oil law 2007 and 2011." و He Awadi said "Tripartite Commission agree on one drafts and if necessary drafting a new submission to the House of Representatives, noting that" the issue of the oil law is something special بلجنته but it felt government involvement and the region to resolve the dispute happening between them and out of the crisis. "Explained Awadi that" Tripartite Commission has yet to meet, "expressing his lack of optimism out with positive results if they met because of controversial positions prior between the province and the federal government on the bill." The decision of the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary Qasim Mchkta has revealed, last week, the formation of a new committee for the selection of a draft oil and gas law, pointing out that the new committee comprising MPs representing political blocs, as well as oil minister in the federal government and the Minister of Natural Resources in the Kurdistan Regional Government.
  8. Congress: ministries closed and we do not know the mechanisms budgets Exchange Date: Sunday 07/10/2012 08:36 AM Baghdad / Wael grace MPs revealed various parliamentary blocs that some important ministries "closed" on itself and can not be accessed to the mechanisms for disbursing the budget, stressing that the ministries of oil, electricity and financial more blurry institutions for the House of Representatives. And was a member of the National Alliance Saturday revealed access to information that the budget next year nearly one hundred and thirteen trillion dinars. And demanded an MP for the mass virtue Susan Saad in a statement received by the "long" version of it, the executive branch to submit the final accounts for the budget in 2012 and earlier to determine the performance of ministries and the causes of non-payment of the amounts allocated to each and what are the obstacles that stand in front of it, "pointing out that" House unaware yet where spent huge amounts of previous budgets, and if they returned to the state treasury under any door and put "explaining" that the provision of the final accounts must be accompanied by all the budget is approved. "She Saad was surprised" by the continued deterioration in all sectors despite The current year budget amounted to more than a hundred billion dinars, "wondering" Why return the money allocated to ministries at the end of each year to the state treasury without spending on projects, especially service ones while doing ministry effort to increase allocations earmarked has during adoption of the budget? . "She Saad said that" the current year budget was balanced explosive, but we have not seen yet anything on the ground, "stressing the need to" stand the legislature real exchange money and Doors spent whereby through the provision of final accounts. "The House of Representatives Federal budget for the year 2012 valued at one hundred and seventeen thousand, one hundred and twenty-two thousand dinars, equivalent to $ 100 billion, was calculated according to the export of crude oil on the basis of the average price of 85 dollars per barrel and an average export of 2.6 million barrels, including exports Region Kurdistan. For its part, confirmed a member of the parliamentary Finance Committee that "the BSA sends monthly reports to the House of Representatives provide the mechanisms of exchange," but the MP reports describe as "inaccurate" and that the House knows what 40% of the budget exchange mechanisms. Adds Rep. Najiba Najib in connection with the "long" that "the House of Representatives has not received so far final accounts of the ministries certified by the Council of Ministers", the follow-up "The reports reaching the parliament is not final and the last report we received was for the year 2010 and was in disbelief." Najib shows a member of the Kurdistan Alliance BSA verified all the accounts of ministries and then sent to the Ministry of Finance to make comments on the accounts and finally go to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers for scrutiny before being sent to the House of Representatives. Conversely says Najib said the government has justified not to ratify the final accounts, including those related to advances old did Tim repaid or that the owners have died has not been extinguished, follow-up, "the House of Representatives did not approve of the Article 25 in the general budget imprest government therefore things remain outstanding." ". Najib adds that "the Ministry of Finance complaining of some ministries that send her final accounts data with observations that must be altered to the ministry reluctant to change mistakes." MP also describes that the parliament ignorant of a lot of ways to spend ministries did not know only a gain of only 40%, she said, adding that "we have some of the big ministries such as high-budget and the Ministry of Defence and electricity projects are not commensurate with the funds allocated to them." Najib asserts that "funds retained some of the ministries at the end of each year proof of the failure of ministries in the management of funds," stressing the need for the House of Representatives to transparency by the government in exchange budget sections. And revealed the Integrity Committee parliamentary time race for the committee scrutinizes in fact lost $ 7 billion from the general budget for 2012 spent by the Council of Ministers on the tabulations are not clear, and confirmed the Commission that the amount mentioned was not included within the tabs that were distributed by the money the general budget and hence the amount is missing or does not exist within the budget. ب Conversely mention a member of the Iraqi List, said the final accounts, which reached the House of Representatives is incomplete reports. MP Ahmad adds electrodes that "the percentage of completion weak in the projects and the delay in completion of proof of the failure management of the funds allocated to the ministries." Confirms electrodes in contact yesterday with the "long" that "Parliament does not know the precise mechanisms for disbursing general budget despite the reports and responses from the BSA, but they are inaccurate." The state budget equivalent to the budget of four countries combined are Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt, also raised permit and Finance Minister Rafie al-Issawi earlier, a lot of controversy after making sure that the amounts spent on power since 2003 is enough to buy an apartment furnished in Resorts Europe luxury every Iraqi family. و The Issawi has revealed "that $ 107 billion is the total spent on electricity during the successive governments since 2003." Says one economist this amount can build a port of Faw and dry river and solve the housing crisis and build factories and cover green space in general the country. " The experts stressed that the country's electrical expenses increase at double the budgets of states and enough to buy "Siemens Electronic and Mitsubishi Power and GE," while important sectors in the country are still lagging behind such as industry, agriculture, transport, health and most of the other sectors. It is said that the electricity crisis the decades-old and spent a lot of money equivalent to, for example, "country of the importance of Bahrain's budget for 20 years," There has been a significant change in the electricity file. To said independent lawmaker in the National Alliance for a problem suffered by the House of Representatives in the difficulty of tracking the general budget expenses and exchange rate mechanisms. The independent MP Jawad Albzona in contact yesterday with the "long" to "embezzlement and financial and administrative corruption in state institutions and the percentage of completion weak in service projects is difficult for the House of Representatives followed up," adding that "some of the ministries can not reach the final accounts and ways disbursement of funds such as Oil Ministry. " And stresses Albzona that "a lot of figures accused of corruption and wasting public funds not reach them because they fled from Iraq," and what he considers the independent MP obstacle to access to the final accounts for the many ministries. The MP for the Liberal bloc parliamentary Jawad al-Hasnawi described earlier government as "repellent to experience," adding that "the Council of Ministers, ministries teeming Balemtemgayn close to political parties is experienced. Said Hasnawi through hosted in a program on a satellite channel that" the reluctance of development plans in the existing ministries came due to being overpowered by a group of experienced and who do not understand something in the field and administrative work on the necks of the citizens they are close to political parties. " He pointed out that "successive governments in the period after 2003 worked to expel national experiences and placed in advisory functions and operational excellence and sensitive to people not qualified to take over those positions because they lack the expertise on the basis of party loyalty which impacted negatively on the development plans and provide services to citizens." He Hasnawi that "the problem is increasing day after day that the issue went beyond the targeted competencies working different names on the basis of belonging to the Baath Party, pointing to the existence of the theory among some politicians that both remained in the country during the time of the system is a Baathist and away from the office to hand him over to people with loyalty powerful political parties in power. "
  9. Source (range): American force monitors the Baghdad airport and the central bank and customs Date: Sunday 07/10/2012 09:59 AM Baghdad / supporter Tayeb An official source of the extent that the strength of U.S. military entered Baghdad International Airport and became responsible for inspecting Iranian aircraft heading to Syria through Iraqi airspace, fearing that such planes loaded with weapons to support the Syrian regime, which is facing popular protests and an armed uprising led by the Free Syrian Army. The source pointed to the presence of experts envoys by the U.S. government are watching the central bank in order to make sure not to smuggle money, or to make sure there is no money laundering within the bank, and monitor customs by the Customs General to ensure that the entry of materials and prohibited goods for the country. The spokesman of the Kurdistan Alliance MP supporter good that "this action is in the case and evidence to the U.S. Government that the weapons transported by air in the Iranian aircraft through our skies, there is nothing wrong in this step if it is supported with the consent of our government, especially if the Syrian regime almost isolated from the world Now, this step indicates a patent of government support for the Syrian regime, which is also evidence that the government supports the Syrian people in their revolution. " He Tayyip told the "long" yesterday that "it is natural that there will be questioning the position and integrity of the government by the U.S. side and the international public because our territory and our skies have been used in months ago to transfer arms to the Syrian regime, and perhaps after this step is going to have greater credibility in denying accusations some countries on our government's cooperation with the Assad government. " What was seen as a political analyst Saad al-Hadithi that what is being said about this American presence is a kind of exaggeration, pointing out that the issue where the intervention of the parties is trying to provoke conflict against the Iranian side. Said Hadithi told the "long" "I do not think that the government is ready to accept the presence of U.S. troops in airports or state institutions and private vital ones such as the Central Bank and the Customs General, because it enters in questioning the credibility and integrity of government and lack of independence." He Hadithi said that "in the case of an agreement between the government and the American side For the U.S. government control Iraqi airspace intensively and large, because the breach of the atmosphere is not limited to Iranian side only, and the control atmosphere in order to protect the country from foreign interference and not only protect Syrian territory from entering them with weapons through the skies. " The Hadithi that "some reports may be exaggerated large, I do not think that the U.S. government ستنشغل Searched Iranian jets for the safety of the Syrian side, and have no interest in developing the central bank or the smuggling of money, or the entry of materials prohibited by the border control customs, but in the case of correctness, there is a significant U.S. pressure on the government, and it is due to the interference of other parties within the political process to their desire to influence international opinion in order to impose sanctions on the Iranian government. " It is worth noting that the government had begun on Tuesday claim Iranian planes bound for Syria to land at Baghdad International Airport for inspection after Washington promised to conduct random inspections to prevent the arrival of weapons to Damascus. Authorities said they conducted the first inspections of Iranian plane on Tuesday afternoon and allowed the plane to travel to Syria, where he confirmed not found the weapons. The Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari had promised on Sunday inspections in response to Washington's concerns that Iran shipped weapons to its ally, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to assist in quelling the Syrian uprising against him 18 months ago. And said Nasser Al Bandar, head of the Civil Aviation Authority, told Reuters that specialists and security personnel searched an Iranian plane bound for Damascus did not find anything violates a ban on the transfer of arms to Syria. The government has confirmed that it will never allow the use of its airspace for the transfer of weapons to any of the parties to the conflict in Syria. The government also refused last month to allow a plane bound for North Korean to Syria to pass through its airspace on suspicion of carrying weapons. U.S. officials have accused senior, last month, Iran it resumed shipment of military equipment to Syria through Iraqi airspace, while the government and demanded Washington provide proof of the act in order to help them.
  10. 06/10/2012 10:07 Talks to get out of Chapter VII Talks to get out of Chapter Search House Speaker Osama Nujaifi with the representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq Martin Kobler ways out of Chapter VII. And examine the two sides several themes, including the elections and the possibility of cooperation with the Independent Electoral Commission to complete and other relevant laws such as the law elections Kirkuk and the importance of approving oil and gas law and the sharing of wealth and its fair distribution, in addition to Iraqi relations - Kuwait and the possibility of withdrawal of Iraq from Chapter VII. It is scheduled to hold Iraqi and Kuwaiti officials during the next term meeting to close the pending issues as a prelude to remove Iraq from Chapter VII. And witnessing Iraqi-Kuwaiti relations are positive developments as it announced Kuwaiti Ambassador to Iraq Ali insured recently his country's determination to open consulates in the cities of Erbil and Basra as well as the offices of the embassy in the number of Iraqi provinces, and confirmed that the Kuwaiti side touching seriousness of the Iraqi government to close the outstanding issues between the two countries Since the nineties of the last century. A source in the Foreign Relations Committee's "Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network": that delegations from the two countries will exchange visits during the next term of the agreement on the date of the meeting to resolve some outstanding issues, including the file Kuwait Airways and the border and the issue of debt and Kuwaiti archives, with focus stage following the end file Kuwaiti missing persons and compensation. According to a statement issued by the Office of the President of Parliament received "morning," a copy, the Najafi and Kobler also discussed the importance of things regulatory action Human Rights Commission recently formed and the role of women are in other bodies and the need to give effective role, as confirmed Speaker his strong file human rights The involvement of women in the bodies being an important part of Iraqi society. He also pointed to the seriousness of the security situation in Kirkuk and repeated assassinations, kidnappings and the discord created by others for the purpose of stirring differences between the hybrid components and their serious consequences. Furthermore, Najafi received official in his office yesterday (Thursday) deputy U.S. ambassador to Iraq Dag Silliman. The two sides discussed the possibility of the development of bilateral relations between the two countries and security breaches occurring in the aftermath of the Syrian crisis and its impact on Iraq. The deputy U.S. ambassador praised the role of the House of Representatives and the important steps taken by the legislation and pass laws.
  11. Damluji: Maliki has the key to solving the crisis implemented Erbil agreement and the terms of the Arbil meeting - Najaf Date: 10/05/2012 12:46:44 Friday Baghdad (news) Spokesman / coalition in Iraq / MP Maysoon al, President Jalal Talabani seeks to resolve the crisis through the provision of paper carrying visions of all the blocks, asserting that Maliki has the key to solving the crisis agreed to implement what. The Damluji (of the Agency news): President Talabani listened to proposals and visions all the political blocs on the crisis and how to solve them, through the application of what Agreed or through agreement on a number of issues, noting that some of the solutions political and other legislative. It showed: that Talabani has been struggling and all political and diplomatic means and harmonic solution to the crisis, despite the difficulty, and continued: Prime Minister has the keys to solving half the crisis, and it implement the Convention on Arbil, and the application of items agreed upon by the meeting (Arbil - Najaf), In the case of implementation Erbil agreement, will solve 80% of the crisis. Damluji did not hide the difficulty of crisis and resolution, but stressed that the implementation of the Agreed can solve a big part, especially since all parties agreed on the need to apply an agreed at a meeting Larbi - Najaf or Erbil agreement on the basis of which the current government was formed. This is consistent all the leaders of political blocs to abide by the constitution and previous agreements based on the success of the next national meeting. / End / 33. N. P
  12. OIL FUTURES: Crude Claws Back Losses But Remains Demand-led By Ben Winkley Published October 04, 2012 Dow Jones Newswires Crude-oil futures rose Thursday, clawing back some of the previous session's heavy losses on the prospect of unrest in Syria spreading into the wider region, but this couldn't totally overshadow a continued fragile demand environment. Both contracts fell sharply in Wednesday trade, with losses of more than $3 each representing the largest one-day falls since December, as contractions in euro zone and Chinese PMI data raised worries about future demand and offset the supportive price effects of an unexpected decline in U.S. oil inventories. At 1015 GMT, the front-month November Brent contract on London's ICE futures exchange was up $1.24, or 1.1% at $109.41 per barrel. The front-month November light, sweet crude contract on the New York Mercantile Exchange was trading 64 cents higher, or 0.7%, at $88.78 per barrel. "Geopolitics is coming back into it, but that we recover less than half of [Wednesday's losses] still points to lower prices," said Saxo Bank head of commodity strategy Ole Hansen. "Over the week, the oil price risk is skewed to the downside." On the supply side, tensions in the Middle East stepped up a notch. Turkish lawmakers are holding an emergency session to vote on a government request for a cross-border military operation, a day after five nationals died in Syrian shelling. Although Syria isn't a globally significant oil producer--the 360,000 barrels it pumps daily represent less than 1% of world output, and less than half of this finds its way onto world markets--an escalation in the country's civil unrest could destabilize the region. Syria shares a border with major crude exporter Iraq while Turkey's oil-exporting hub of Ceyhan, through which oil from northern Iraq and Azerbaijan makes its way to the markets, is close to the Turkey-Syria border. Concerns about disruption to supply from the crucial Middle East producing area is keeping Brent buoyant in comparison with the WTI contract, which is constrained by U.S. oil pumping at a 16-year high. As a result the price differential between the two benchmarks, known as the Brent-WTI spread, widened again to above $20. The market will have an eye on the European Central Bank's interest rate meeting later Thursday for indications of European demand. On the other side of the Atlantic, attention is already turning to Friday's nonfarm payrolls report. Ritterbusch, in a note, said although it can envision an upward oil price response to any major surprises from these macro indicators, demand deterioration leads it to maintain a bearish position, and it expects the WTI contract to decline to around $87.5 per barrel. The ICE's gasoil contract for October delivery is up $12.25 at $971.00 a metric ton, while Nymex gasoline for November delivery is up 474 points at 2.8469 cents a gallon. Read more: http://www.foxbusine.../#ixzz28RN8UvjN
  13. article-title class=entry-title>OIL FUTURES: Crude Ticks Lower as Volatility Eases By Ben Winkley Published October 05, 2012 Dow Jones Newswires Published October 05, 2012 Dow Jones Newswires Crude-oil futures ticked lower Friday in London ahead of important U.S. employment data due later in the global day, with no sign of the wild price swings seen in the past couple of days. At 1000 GMT, the front-month November Brent contract on London's ICE futures exchange was down 83 cents at $111.79 a barrel. The front-month November light, sweet crude contract on the New York Mercantile Exchange was trading 77 cents lower at $90.94 a barrel. The swings of the past two days were such that on Thursday both contracts almost reached an outside reversal, a pricing situation in which both the high and low for the day exceed those of the previous session. Brent lost more than $3 Wednesday and gained more than $4 Thursday, while West Texas Intermediate, the U.S. benchmark crude, lost and gained more than $3 in both sessions. The rebound was led by geopolitical issues, with rising tensions on the Syria-Turkey border adding risk premium, particularly into the more-exposed Brent contract. Although the immediate region isn't a significant oil area, fears of unrest spreading into the country's neighbors--such as big producing nations like Iran and Iraq--are acting as a counterbalance to fears of eroding oil demand in economically-straitened Europe and placing a floor under prices. In a note, Olivier Jakob of Petromatrix flagged the vulnerability of the pipeline that carries oil from northern Iraq to the Turkish port of Ceyhan, and said he will keep an eye on the days events in Jordan, where parliament has been dissolved and the Muslim Brotherhood has called a large protest. On the other side of the Atlantic, the WTI contract is being constrained by poor U.S. economic data, raising fears about demand with domestic production at a near 16-year high. Strength in the wider products complex is found in gasoline--a fire at Exxon Mobil Corp.'s (XOM) massive Baytown, Texas, refinery was enough to push prices higher still at a time when the market is already tight and U.S. inventories are at the bottom end of the five-year range. The Brent-WTI spread, the price differential between the two contracts, widened further Friday, pushing briefly above $21 for the first time. Later Friday, oil market participants will keep a weather eye on the U.S. nonfarm payrolls report for September. Usually read for indicators of the health of demand in the world's largest oil-consuming economy, a better- or worse-than-expected reading can move the price of oil. However, Petromatrix's Jakob said that the Federal Reserve's commitment to a further 18 months of quantitative easing means the numbers no longer hold so much importance for the oil complex. The ICE's gasoil contract for October delivery is up $11.50 at $990.50 a metric ton, while Nymex gasoline for November delivery is down 135 points at 2.9294 cents a gallon. Read more: http://www.foxbusine.../#ixzz28RFuyCYr
  14. Iraq, Kurds May Reach Draft Oil Law Pact Soon Published October 04, 2012 Dow Jones Newswires The federal government in Baghdad and the semi-autonomous region of Kurdistan in northern Iraq could soon reach an agreement on a new draft hydrocarbon law that would help resolve an impasse over who should control oil resources, Iraq's oil minister said Thursday. Disputes between the federal government in Baghdad and the Kurdistan Regional Government in Erbil have prevented agreement on a draft federal oil and gas law for more than five years. The law is important for settling a dispute between Baghdad and the regional government in Kurdistan, as the Iraqi government doesn't recognize many deals signed by the Kurds with foreign companies. It wants to review these deals and bring them in line with oil laws valid in Baghdad. "The parliament has tasked the federal oil minister and minister of natural resources in Kurdistan to reach a version of the law acceptable to all parties," federal oil minister Abdul Kareem Luaiby told reporters in Baghdad. "A new amended version of the law is expected shortly. It depends on discussions," Mr. Luaiby said without giving a timespan for reaching an agreement. Mr. Luaiby and Ashti Hawrami, the Kurdish minister of natural resources, met in Baghdad last week to attempt to reach a version of the law that would be acceptable to both sides. The Iraqi government maintains all the contracts signed with the Kurdistan government are illegal, but it has been defied by oil companies, which are increasingly drawn to the region as oil contracts in southern Iraq have turned out to be less attractive than anticipated. Last November, Exxon Mobil Corp. (XOM) provoked protests from Baghdad when it became the first big Western oil company to enter Kurdistan. Tensions rose even higher in recent weeks when U.S. oil giant Chevron Corp. (CVX), France's Total SA (TOT) and the oil producing arm of Russia's OAO Gazprom (GAZP.RS) all struck their own deals in Kurdistan Read more: http://www.foxbusine.../#ixzz28RDtEqvh
  15. TAKE A LOOK - Economies in the Middle East and North Africa Reuters – 21 hours ago Economies in the Middle East and North Africa are coping with the aftermath of the Arab Spring uprisings and an unstable global environment. Many have boosted fiscal spending to sustain growth and head off popular discontent, putting the government finances of some under pressure, although the budgets of most Gulf oil exporters are still comfortably in surplus. Click on the links below to see the latest major stories. NEWS >Turkish expects significant fall in Q4 inflation >Trade association condemns Tehran unrest as enemy plot >Turkish assets weaken as Turkey hits back at Syria >Dubai Zabeel Investments in $956m bank debt deal-report >BP says Azeri gas flows to Turkey stopped after incident >Kuwait central bank cuts discount rate to 2 pct >Dubai's Emaar to develop housing projects in Iraq >UAE July bank lending growth 3.7 pct, highest this year >Qatar Aug money supply growth at 11-month high >INTERVIEW-Egypt oil subsidy reform needs more study >Turkish Sept inflation rises,cbank policy seen on track >Egypt PM says IMF team to visit in last week of October ANALYSIS >BREAKINGVIEWS-Iran at risk of draconian response to rial >Iranian smugglers squeezed out by currency in freefall >MIDEAST MONEY-Iraq dinar is a long-term bet >Without IMF deal, investors still wary of Egypt >Dubai builders revive shelved plans amid recovery hopes >MIDEAST WEEKAHEAD-UAE mkts upbeat as Q3 earnings near >POLL-Turkish lira set for small gains vs dlr in next year >BREAKINGVIEWS-Qatar's funds: A guide for the perplexed >Regulation could help Saudi insurer premiums recover >Fitch: Turkey state bank owner changes would be neutral >MIDEAST MONEY-Attack is short-term blow to Libya revival >MIDEAST WEEKAHEAD-Kuwait stocks may be supported by govt GRAPHICS >Oil costs vs GDP >Is oil too high? >Map of oil operators in Iraq's Kurdistan >Iran's oil industry >Gulf growth rates and the oil price >Gulf diabetes rates against income >Turkish c/a deficit and exchange rate >Turkish interest rates and inflation >Projected Iraq oil exports, fiscal state >Saudi interbank rates and bank lending >Economic sanctions vs Iran >Saudi Arabian budget >Saudi defence budget >GCC current account surpluses >Yemen economic indicators >Interactive on Middle East economy >Saudi oil output >Saudi oil demand http://newdinarchat....13213#post13213 </H1>
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