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What would YOU do to save the United States?

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Great plan in theory. The elections are rigged. Soros will see to it. Libs plan to set off class, race, religion & ideology warfare by piitting American against American as a distraction, then th

I'm glad you asked The most peaceful and easiest way we could take a huge step forward in restoring America would be to elect Ron Paul as our President. All we have to do is go to the polls and vote

I've read all your posts on how to save America,none are even scratching the surfice that gets to the root of the problem What made America great thus far? could it be the relationship of Christian A


Osservazione sono molto astuto!

Those of us w/Italian-American palates don't hanker much to eatin' the Soylent crackers, brother!

:P I want my Grits n' eggs AND my spaggets!



The Republic shall persevere and as long as I'm on this earth, will be at the front of that charge!

OMG: ObummerMustGo! And his corrupt left wing traitors w/ him! :angry:




FOCUS INWARD: Close the borders for a while and clean house,

STOP overseas "lending", Call in ALL foreign debt AND THE INTEREST thereof,

Reverse ALL Obummer administration policy.

We're better off starting from basics.

Use our OWN oil for US - eliminate any/all dependency on foreign oil & products: if WE need it, We can make it! WE'RE AMERICA!


ELIMINATE "SOCIAL PROGRAMS to those who are "leeching".(cheaper to hire investigators than to keep payin' out!)

Allow States' Right to Supercede in matters relevant to their own residents - if you don't like your State's policies - move!

Disenfranchise California! Jail Pulosi for grand theft. Barney Frank can be her cell-mate. :angry:

Disallow foreign ownership of US property.

Increase taxes on all Imported goods until true balance is achieved. KILL NAFTA!

Execute Traitors. (aready on the books - time to enforce!)

Restore Educational system to American Values. TEACH AMERICAN CIVICS again.

Let the Boy & Girl Scouts meet in churches if they want to!

MAKE RESPECTING THE FLAG A LAW supercedeing anyone's "right" to burn/disrespect it! :angry:

Clean out the prisons: Short Boot Camp (including classes on American values) then mandatory overseas assignments for 2 years.

They'll come around to civilised thinking after THAT - believe me!

Send pedophiles to Somalia. Crap conditions - they'll be "dealt with" in short order.

Clean out our Houses of Higher Learning of all the LIBERAL RATS!

They're poisening or next generations - THEY're the ones who MADE Obummer, after all. Get it yet?

STOP ALL ARMS SHIPMENTS! They only turn 'em on US anyway eventally.



TIME LIMITS for ALL politicians!

NO political money: every Candidate gets equal free air time to address Voters.

If that's all there is to watch on T.V./listen to on radio - people WILL listen and begin to understand & take Country back for US, The Citizens!

RESPECT THE LETTER OF THE CONSTITUTION - It still is the greatest on Earth!

Throw out the Uinited Nations! Useless, ineffective BS.

NO political immunity for foreigners! You here - you live by OUR rules! AND you pay OUR kind of taxes!

Let kids sell cookies and lemonade on their block. :)

I'll get back to ya after the meds wear off and see where we are with this topic.... ;)

I sure agree with you Sarge God and Country first. The UN is ineffective and too slow. I believe that the country would be better off with less government in our lives and we would be all better off if we went back a few decades. Liberals are a bad thing. You cannot please all of the people, all of the time. Somewhere someone is not going to get their way, and some people should learn to suck it up and deal with it.

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And legalize that mary jane, and control it so that its taxed and then states and the federal govt will bring in BILLIONS every year....

^^^ This

Our war on drugs has failed. People love their herb (guilty) like they love their alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, and french fries (not guilty).

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I got a real good idea to save this country Vote me in as president and everyone on here with these excellent ideas can be the government then maybe we can get something done with this country. Lol. Apparently our current government is to caught up in helping themselves to give 2 $h¡T$ about us as a country

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End the Fed.

However did I leave THAT off my list? !!

Good one!

^^^ This

Our war on drugs has failed. People love their herb (guilty) like they love their alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, and french fries (not guilty).

It didn't fail. It is a slight of hand. It's not a war they intend to win. It's a war that funds our economy. It's dirty.

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1. Vote

2. Prepare to fight, if need be.

Already have #2 covered. ;)

You got that right.:lol:

1: continuing to do it :angry:

2: continuing to add on !!!;)

3: diversifing in every common sensical way that is feasible. Re reading the book of Proverbs regularly helps.


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I sure agree with you Sarge God and Country first. The UN is ineffective and too slow. I believe that the country would be better off with less government in our lives and we would be all better off if we went back a few decades. Liberals are a bad thing. You cannot please all of the people, all of the time. Somewhere someone is not going to get their way, and some people should learn to suck it up and deal with it.

The UN wants to make the USA a third world country with no freedom. Just look at their REAL actions , not the good ole boy front they put up. in other words , don't listen to their words, look at their deeds. Its pretty clear who they consider their enemy and target....US. Oh and we can't leave Israel off the target list. But of course , any one who is a REAL friend of the USA is no friend of theirs.

SO boot out the UN, Get rid of the FED, Send the anti american politicians off shore to some country that reflects their beliefs and actions, close our borders, equalize trade or else don't trade with "them", Get back to following the principles that our founding fathers intended.......oh, I could go on and on. Lets all head to Belieze for an Umbrella drink.


I sure agree with you Sarge God and Country first. The UN is ineffective and too slow. I believe that the country would be better off with less government in our lives and we would be all better off if we went back a few decades. Liberals are a bad thing. You cannot please all of the people, all of the time. Somewhere someone is not going to get their way, and some people should learn to suck it up and deal with it.

Man You said it !!!!! Can't add to it other than to quote some scripture verses.

Blessings to our True america loving citizens, and permanent jail time to our domestic traitor/ terroist enemies.


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1). Abolish the IRS. This would save trillions of dollars in salaries, employment taxes, benefits, and overhead expenses. Initiate a flat tax that eliminate taxes for individuals who earn less than $25,000.

2). Housing Crisis: Distribute the inventory of foreclosed, vacant homes to real estate property management companies with experience in maintenance and management, allowing them to bulk-mortgage the properties with a 1% interest rate. This would allow the properties to be renovated, rented or sold. As the properties are sold, the mortgage balance would be paid down ----eventually eliminating the debt. One of the options would be to rent the homes back to the original owners (provided they can afford a reasonable rent), allowing the foreclosed owners to re-establish their credit over a 2-3 year period, secure a better job, and qualify for a new mortgage.

3). Entitlements - Eliminate most of the current entitlements that include "free money".

A tax break for those earning less than $25,000 allows those individuals and families to take care of their children----eliminate CHILD TAX CREDIT.

Individuals or couples earning over $25,000-$60,000 would receive an earned income tax credit. This would encourage people to work!

4). Encourage Free Enterprise System - Encourage business development by eliminating the first $25,000 of business NET PROFIT from taxation. This would encourage "shadow businesses" to come out of the shadows and establish a presence. So much revenue is lost because small businesses earning less than $25,000 cannot afford to pay tax on net profits. They cannot maintain a reasonable existence after paying the "double taxation for medicare and social security" which small businesses face.

5). Security - Armed forces could be reduced if the U.S. would train and house our troops on U.S. soil. We are investing too much in foreign countries. How many countries are established in the U.S. and investing in our economy? If we eliminated the bases that we maintain in Iraq and Afghanistan alone, we could save trillions of dollars annually. Our borders are NOT secure.

6). Reduce Crime - Build more schools, not prisons! Improve our education system. Increase teacher pay to attract more good teachers. Provide after school programs such as Boys Clubs. School system could regulate after school programs with businesses to expose youth to multiple occupations that are not visible in some communities. Many youth have no where to go after school.

7). Job creation - employers are struggling with paying experienced workers. Paying inexperience workers is a hardship. Government could establish a training wage of 50% of the minimum wage for student trainees and eliminate the benefits requirement for the first 90 days.

Really good ideas. Want to run for President?

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Well Said. Just one more thing. Take America back to the era of jury decides the the guilt and punishment. Oh ya, Fire those judges that display BAD behavior.

:blink: :blink: :blink: :blink: :blink: :blink: :wave:

I'm thinking that a lot of the good folk on this site could do a whole lot of GOOD if in office.


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PRAY! PRAY! PRAY!!! "If my people called by my name, will humble themselves & pray, and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.". II Chronicles 7:14


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Have EVERY citizen read, learn and understand the US Constitution and the Declaration of Independence!

Hillsdale College is offering a FREE online course... sorry, can't post the link, but here's the info:[/size]

Constitution 101:

The Meaning and History of the Constitution

Available to you, your family, your friends,

and all Americans.

Week One Now Available – Sign Up TODAY!

Dear Patriot,

I have been a huge fan of Hillsdale College for a long time -- and for good reason. They’re the college that requires every student to take a course on the Constitution.

Now, they’re making it available to you just in time for the 2012 elections.

You will learn from the same professors who teach their students on campus, including two sessions taught by my good friend, Dr. Larry Arnn.

You can sign up right now at no charge! This is the kind of course every American needs, especially during this critical election year!

Dear Supporter of Liberty,

My name is Dr. Larry Arnn. I am the President of Hillsdale College -- America's premier college that accepts no government funding, even in the form of student grants or loans, and that requires all students to complete a one-semester course on the United States Constitution.

You might have heard about us from Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, and other great conservative radio hosts.

Or you might have seen that Forbes Magazine now ranks Hillsdale the 60th best college in America, the 7th best college in the Midwest, and the #1 college in Michigan.

In fact, The Princeton Review ranks Hillsdale as the #1 conservative college in America.

I am writing to you because your past activities indicate that you are a well-informed American who shares our alarm that too many of America's leaders appear to have little appreciation or understanding of America's heritage of liberty and limited, constitutional government.

Liberty in America may well be on the brink of giving way to bureaucratic despotism.

That’s why Hillsdale College has launched one of its most ambitious undertakings yet . . .

["Constitution 101: The Meaning and History of the Constitution"]

For the first time ever, Hillsdale College is offering a no-cost 10 week online Constitution course based on the course Hillsdale College students must complete, in order to graduate:

Constitution 101 Schedule

Introduction: The

American Mind

Larry P. Arnn

Monday, February 20

The Declaration of Independence

Thomas G. West

Monday, February 27

The Problem of

Majority Tyranny

David Bobb

Monday, March 5

Separation of Powers:



Kevin Portteus

Monday, March 12

Separation of Powers: Ensuring Good Government

Will Morrisey

Monday, March 19

Religion, Morality,

and Property

David Bobb

Monday, March 26

Crisis of

Constitutional Government

Will Morrisey

Monday, April 2


Lincoln and the Constitution

Kevin Portteus

Monday, April 9

The Progressive

Rejection of the Founding

Ronald J. Pestritto

Monday, April 16

The Recovery of

the Constitution

Larry P. Arnn

Monday, April 23

[Go here to register for "Constitution 101" now]

This course on the U.S. Constitution will be offered online and at no charge to anyone who wants to understand and defend the timeless principles of liberty upon which our nation was founded!

"Constitution 101" began on February 20, 2012, and concludes the week of April 30. IT IS NOT TOO LATE TO REGISTER FOR THIS COURSE, because it is archived online, you can take each course at your leisure. The course covers such topics as the Declaration of Independence and its connection to the Constitution.

It is my honor to teach the first class, "The American Mind," and the final class, "The Recovery of the Constitution." All of the classes will be taught by Hillsdale College professors — the top teachers in their field and the same ones who instruct our students here on Hillsdale's campus.

[Go here to see "Constitution 101" schedule and register]

I am proud to be teaching part of our NEW Constitution 101 Course and hope YOU will be one of my students!

As Hillsdale's President, I have devoted my life to education, helping students understand the meaning and history of the American founding.

After all, the Constitution is the supreme law of our nation, the framework by which our country should be governed. Its principles and structures are responsible for the greatest government in human history.

Like you, I see the coming months as pivotal in the history of our country. And I am deeply concerned about the future.

Will we as a nation succumb to bureaucratic despotism, or will we take a stand for liberty?

The century-old attack on the Constitution, that continues today, has threatened to undermine our hard-won liberties and is reducing American citizens to subservience to an ever-expanding federal bureaucracy.

[Please go here to enroll in "Constitution 101"]

That's why Hillsdale College is committed to restoring and reviving the public's understanding of the Constitution, once again making it the central focus of American government.

Americans are willing and eager to study and defend the founding principles that made our country so prosperous!

This re-awakening of national interest in the Constitution comes not a minute too soon.

My Request to You

ACTION STEP #1: Be one of the first to sign up for "Constitution 101" by completing the course REGISTRATION form.

ACTION STEP #2: Please include the best donation you can make to help Hillsdale College fund this vital project.

The course, available at no charge to the public, is not without cost to Hillsdale. The College has already invested much to make this landmark course a reality. Hundreds of thousands of dollars have been committed to create and prepare the course for one of the most far-reaching webcasts in our history . . . and to mount a massive email, radio, and mail marketing campaign to enroll an initial ONE MILLION course registrants.

To make "Constitution 101" available nationwide will cost nearly $1,000,000. While a monumental expenditure for Hillsdale College, it must be made if we are to reach as many citizens and elected officials as possible during 2012.

ACTION STEP #3: Please forward this email to friends and family and encourage them to enroll in "Constitution 101."


With your help, Hillsdale College is dedicated to returning the U. S. Constitution to its rightful place at the center of American political life.

If our republic does not reverse course, we may not be able to reclaim the liberty that has been lost, and we will lose the liberty we still have.

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1) Take Capitalism out of the is NOT a business and should not run itself as such.

2) A Flat Tax isn't a bad idea...I live paycheck to paycheck and pay 20% taxes while the rich pay 10% or less.

3) An impartial committee needs to be put together to investigate where all of OUR money is being spent by the government. I think the results might surprise us.

4) Welfare needs a serious overhaul. No one should be rewarded for popping out kids and smoking weed.

5) Take the TRILLIONS of dinars held by the government and PAY OFF the national debt after the RV.

6) Pull back from being the World Police...that isn't our job, and we have more pressing concerns at home to deal with.

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After you escort Obama out... annul all the laws and programs he has established.

Fire all congressmen and senators, and supreme court justices. Hold new elections- In order to run you must be able to recite the constitution and bill of rights, and attend 6 months crash course on constitutional law. You can only run for office if you are

1. a natural born citizen who can swear to the constitution..

2. renounce all alliances, and affiliations to any or all other governments, laws, commitments, (especially Sharia law) other than the constitution and the bill of rights.

3. limit office to 4 years with no lifetime retirement.

4 all laws and legislation pertains to all, including the senate,congress, and the president. No special insurance, retirement, or anything else for them.

5. No swearing on the Quran.... (it condones take over of the US, and subservience of US citizens.)

I would reevaluate the election process, to stop so much fraud and manipulation. I would make it where you have to show a drivers license or state ID card to vote. Not a American citizen then you don't vote. Then a balanced system where someone from each party must be present to count votes if there isn't an electronic system in place.

6; Remove all Muslims from authoritative positions. They swear to a different law and abide by different standards than our constitution. NO PRACTICE, HONORING, IMPLEMENTING OR INSTITUTING SHARIA LAW IN ANY FORM, You abide in America then you abide by American law, justice, and morals. You can not govern a nation who has a law against domestic violence if you condone it. You cannot justly govern a people you believe is subservient to others. America is about equality, and the bill of rights and constitution say so. How can you fairly judge woman when you don't believe they are equal? And you can not make a non-paritsan judgment if you don' t believe that way. ie. Michigan Muslim judge allows a hate crime of assault on an innocent person in a halloween costume because his own Muslim beliefs and then degrades him and lectures him on Muslim beliefs and customs which are contrary to the laws he has sworn to uphold as a judge.

7. No more lobbying; to buy candidates or candidates to gain votes.

A Supreme court justice must be astute in constitutional law, having studied it thoroughly. They also must be natural born citizens.

No more diplomatic immunity... you come to America you abide by American laws.

No more Asian-American, African-American, etc etc, If your an American, you are an American. You learn English, and the laws. If you are saying any other nationality with American, then you have other allegiances, values, expectation, or expect special treatment. All Americans are equal in every manner.

Do a complete audit of the Federal Reserve and then, Abolish the Federal Reserve Bank and reinstitute the former gold backed US currency.

Abolish Obama care and all the czars and programs he has organized.

Remove homeland security and all of its powers. Set up the US Military as security. Put military in place of all other security programs, they are trained for this and are swore to uphold the protection of America and it citizens.

Remove all TSA from airports. Setup search and tighter security checks for ALL non US citizens

Stop political correctness. Do what needs to be done.

Stop training other nations militarily. Unless they are devote allies. Stop all foreign militants from training in the US.

Secure all borders with national guard and military secure points. Wall the southern border with guard towers and barracks for military. (mote with gators would be nice)

Only allow people in who make it through the screening process. If they are to work, then they must check out for a sponsor and an account for expenses. Get a green card.

NO programs for non citizens. No food stamps,monitory assistance, housing, medical, or social security.

English only!

Send all illegals home! If they want to be here, then do it legally. Empty our prisons of illegals and send them home after the borders are secure so they can not return.

No more anchor babies. If your child is born here then you must follow the process to become an American citizen or take your baby home with you. That child does not give you rights or benefits.

All companies outside of the US are treated as non US companies paying customs, tariffs, etc. No tax breaks for off shore companies.

If you can't run your company go through managed bankruptcy. If you are a American company and you move to foreign soil then you no longer are considered an American company. You loose all US priviliges and benefits. Remove allot of the restrictions off of companies. I would even consider removing unions and other organizations that rule and reign over companies. They have become self serving with wealth and power; and have lost their original purpose of helping the employees/

NO more bailouts,

Stop ALL monies to other nations for one year or more until it can be sorted out which programs are essential. No monies to non peaceful, non ally countries.

Prosper the American people and they by their compassionate hearts with their humanitarian programs will help them.

No monies to import foreigners, especially to support them once they are here.

Build our military back up. Modernize our equipment and take care of our veterans.

Stop making country clubs out of prisons. Make them work farms growing food to feed the prisoners and for sale to pay for the expenses, and caring for livestock also. Have the programs like the animal shelters by the prisons to be run and cared for by them. Have them do all lawn maintenance, and custodial duties. Make them work for their food and housing. No more air conditioning, pool tables or t.v.'s in there cells. They must attend work training programs. They have to learn a trade while in and any monies they may earn will go to house them and pay child support if they have any. No more federal country club prisons for the elite. If your a criminal, your a criminal and you get equal treatment, federal prisoners work too. If it isn't comfortable and easy then maybe they will think again about returning. If they are rewarded with not working, not paying child support or supporting their families, get to play basketball, and pool while watching color tv, with no worries. Getting 3 square meals a day. then what is this telling them and what is it encouraging them to do? They get there because they know no skills, so they steal, they are not taught anger management or how to behave and respect and honor others, so they beat their wives or vise versa, and abuse their children. They are conditioned to not respect life through abortion and tv, and game violence, so they assault and murder. Hello... we need to change things from school up.

Government can't own companies. Can't sponsor companies.

Stop capital gains tax on anything under $500,000.00 and then only 10 or 15%. No death, or inheritance taxes. No income tax.

No social security for millionaires.

Set up programs to get solar power in all homes. Stop nuclear plants. Stop giving billion dollar grants to companies.... if a company needs a grant then it must have a registered plans that is implemented, and reviewed, and monies regulated during process. Grant monies will be limited for reasonable salaries and limited for any CEO and no payment for partners out of the grants monies. If program is not successful within the first year then grant monies will stop.

Remove all military except for security and maintenance of ally bases. Stop paying UN.

Stop Abortion... it is no better than Hilter. If you don't want the child then give it up for adoption. There are many US citizens who desire children and go to other nations to adopt because they have to wait so long here. When you cat or dog is going to have puppies or kittens you don't say there are an embryo; you say your expecting a cat or dog and that is what you get. You don't abort them if you don't want them; you give them away. When you are expecting a child; well that is what it is. If you kill it while it is growing then it is murder. Just like an animal, if you can't afford it, don't have a desire for it, don't have room for it or whatever, give it away, don't kill it. Why give an animal more thought than a human being?

Make marriage between a man and a woman only. We were not created male and female but to bear children. Our plumbing explains everything. You don't see animals defying nature. Marriage isn't about lust and having partners. It is about a couple marrying and producing a family. They have proven it does have a very bad affect on children to have "homosexual" parents. The fact you have to go outside of nature to produce children proves it isn't "NORMAL".

Start teaching our children our real US history, not about everything else. Teach them about the constitution, bill of rights, our nations heritage. Stop teaching Islam, African or Black culture, and other nations influences and cultural histories and focus more what will educate them to produce good business practice and families. Start teaching about the foundation and what made this nation great. About the wars and what caused them, how they were won. Stop teaching them how to pass a test to get the school more money and start teaching them the basics Reading, writing and Arithmatiic.again. If they can't read, write( spell) or count then they don't graduate. May have to rethink the school system. Stop sex education. Give them a course in biology , anatomy, and lifespan development in their senior years. Have marriage classes to teach how to be a responsible, and honorable husband and wife, and parent with parenting classes. Teach anger management and problem solving skills.. Offer work training programs like electrician, mechanics, cosmetology, banking, etc, Give companies incentives to teach their professions to the students.

Teach how to balance a checkbook and budget. Teach and encourage discovery, to help give them incentive to find better power sources, energy sources, business practices.. Stop homosexual indoctrination and teach etiquette, morality, and good ethics starting at a young age. Even if you have to shorten the summer break to one month. Or make classes 2 hours each. Whatever it takes to make a difference in their lives.

Remove foreign influences from our colleges. I don't care how much money they pay them. Colleges have to teach "The American Way" just like other schools.

No more special observances for anyone. All are equal. You don't get off work or out of class to go bow on your carpet, like anyone else is. Why should Muslims be allowed to pray if Christians aren't??

Put prayer back in schools, courtrooms, congress, etc etc.

Put the Bible back in the schools. This is what the founding fathers used to establish all moral, ethical, and social standards so we need to know what it says. It doesn't have to be taught as a religion, just as moral, ethical and social standard. Don't steal, don't lie, don't kill, don't cheat, don't covet, don't commit adultery, etc. Be a blessing, love your neighbor as yourself, don't be full of pride or haughtiness, don't be lazy or a sluggard; you don't work you don't eat, give a man a fair days wage, dont' work him without pay. Don't run around with trouble makers. Honor your parents and those in authority. Sounds like good practices to me.

Put the pledge of Allegiance to the flag back in schools, and teach what it means. How many of you know what the pledge means? And the Anthem? What was the song talking about? Do you know the history behind it?

America is coming apart because we are allowing it to be allocated in different directions. Different languages, standards, laws, morality, etc. If you want to practice as a Christian, Muslim, Atheist, Mormon, Satinist, or whatever you will do it with the same laws, morality, language, constitutional rights, etc as established by our forefathers in the American Constitution and Bill of Rights. If you can't abide by these then you are not welcome. Go somewhere where it fits your "beliefs". This nation was a great nation and she has been highjacked. Now we need to take it back to where she was when she prospered.

There is freedom of religion in this nation.... If you are a Christian then you abide by American laws and standards, If you are a Muslim then you abide by American laws and standards. IF you are an Atheist... thats right and Atheist is a religion... they say they belief is in no gods. But they too must abide by American laws and standards and stop trying to impose their own beliefs on others and stop trying to make them practice as they do or keep them from practicing their own religion, or change the foundation of this nation.

Stop bringing in foreign companies to do American jobs. Just like those new road and bridges Obama said would bring new jobs...right... Chinese companies bringing Chinese workers with the money going into Chinese economy for those billions of American citizens dollars in bridge work.

Give parents back their rights and responsibilities as parents and teach them how to be good parents through our educational system.

Stop forcing what the government thinks parents should do... unless they are abusing or misusing their children.

Stop putting fluoride in the water, and forcing Vaccinations.

Stop nudity and violence on tv. It is encouraging children to "imitate" .

Stop foreign companies from taking our resources ie gulf oil. etc.

Do more to stop drugs at our borders. Use military personnel to search ships, shipping containers, trucks, etc at our shores and borders for drugs, weapons, and contraband.

That would be a start.

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First - with all due respect to my fellow Americans (who learned the same brainwash as me in High School) that think that the current "United States corporation of the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico - being publicly traded on the Londen Stock Exchange" has anything to do with Mom, Apple Pie, Red, White & Blue, Freedom, Individual Sovereingty or the right to screw up as bad as you can... THIS "United States" IS NOT the country of our great-grandfather fathers and our great-grandmothers - and I would do absolutely nothing to save it.

They have killed my Uncles, Cousins and Brothers by convincng them that they were fighting for what we stand, while all the while prosecuting military actions in support of global domination for the benefit of a few good bankers - not a few good men. If our Boys and Girls in kakhi, grey and blue ever wake up - we won't need a revolution - they already controll all the power and might we have bought and paid for - and if it ever came to bear upon the liars and charlitains who have besieged this Great Union of Men, Women and Spirits- they would scatter like rats from a sinking ship.

Also -read and re-read Article 4 of the constitution until you get it!!!!!

It says this constitution A N D ALL TREATIES MADE are the Supreme Law of the Land...




N O !

So quit pretending to be a constitutionlist or a" real" American when you don't even know what brand of toilet paper THIS U.S. uses to wipe your complaints of their arse!

RIP - 1861 the united States of America - everything else is advertising....



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