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  1. Iran’s political influence in Iraq cannot be questioned as facts on ground prove it, and Iranians and their proxies boast and are not afraid to speak openly about it. Wherever the influence is, it is relies on a local means and arms operating inside the country and direct influence in the Iraqi government of Haider al-Abadi. How this affect the Iraqi dinar and the delaying of the revaluation we are waiting for years.. I'm in this dinar saga for 13 years. Please your opinion!
  2. Luigi says...Treat this as a rumor. Not varified. Your opine. 28 Dec 2017 TNT Tony:Scoutdad: Bank Experience at Wells Fargo Arizona. Asked head teller about foriegn currency then specifically Dinar. He said (and I quote), "oh ya, we are just waiting for it to revalue. We have a lot of customers waiting." I asked if he had Dinar and he said he did.I asked if he could see the new rates on the back screens and he said he could. I asked again! So you are just waiting for approval to bring rates forward? He said, yes. Dong is the only one they are activly selling.Dong Sell rate: .00005 and Dong buy rate: .0000399. They are acknowledging it now when they have said it is a scam in the past at the same bank!!!UKfan1979: Thanks scoutdad. I had a similar convo with my WF contact on yesterday.
  3. Have 500,000 in IQD and 1mil in AND. All purchased at 5/3 bank in Northen Kentucky. Looking to sell all.
  4. I have saving my collection iqd in iraqi bank , physical and now starting to buy iqd in digital . Buy the bitcoin and exchange to iqd . If happens iqd is float i will exhange back to bitcoin . Everyone can try install mobi. i hope will give everyone new experience ...ًسالم. From malysia
  5. Luigi1


    Luigi asks... Has any one heard the latest Dave Schmidt video. In it he says there may not be any buyers for our Dinars & may be worth less than we paid for them. He is supposed to come out with another video explaining in detail. Are the powers that be want to keep the small investors out so they can get a bigger spread.Your comments.
  6. Luigi says... If this rumor is true, we have a in country 1 to 1 RV. 7 July 2017 RayRat... The ration cards going is going out to have 1,000 IQD on it. If you look at the 1.2 rate, that puts it at the .80 cent bracket. Only have $800 some on it. To me comes out $830 & make the rate of 1.2 effective for calculation purposes.
  7. Looking to buy small denomination Iraqi Dinar 250 or 500 ideally, may be open to 1,000 notes. I'm actually going to be using these for a student film kind of project kind of thing so not looking to spend a fortune, I'd probably be willing to go up to $900 for a million, prefer 250 over 500 as it's more notes which is essentially what I'm after. If you have any your looking to sell please pm me or drop a message with a way to contact you.
  8. I was watching some you tube videos and some of the upcoming videos listed on the right hand side of the screen had the words: The Mandela Effect(the best explanation I found was: it's a question of Quantum physics and multiple dimensions where we are all experiencing things differently. There is no right or wrong, just the process of learning what we are experiencing and why) Curiosity made me watch a few of these Mandela effect videos and after the first one, I was lost. After watching a second one, got a question mark on my mind, the third one made me think about the IQD revalue. What if the Mandela effect is messing with our brains until it's ready let us have the IQD revalue permanently? Why did I invested in the IQD. Twice I missed the opportunity to get money from foreign currency but it won't get me 3 times. The first incident was: On my first tour to KOREA in 1988, I arrived 30 days before the opening day for the Olympic games. A few days later, a soldier who arrived with me but I didn't know asked me if he could share a cab to the credit union bank. At the bank I asked what are you going to do and he replied: "WATCHED ME" he then proceeded to the teller and asked for $1000 cash withdraw in US dollars. He then moved to the next teller and asked to exchange the US dollars in to Korean WON(at that time the US dollar was equal to 1600 Korean WON) then he moved back to the original teller and asked to deposit the Korean WON in his account. I watched him do this multiple times and still I was clueless until the opening day for the Olympic Games. On that day the rate for the Korean WON changed to 800 Korean WON to one US dollar, on that day that one smart soldier went to the credit union and exchange all his Korean WON, double his money in 30 days. The second incident was; On my first deployment to IRAQ for operation Desert Storm 1989, I was ready to fly back to the US. Walking on the airfield at the KUWAIT airport in route to the plane, a lot of children were standing on the other side of the fence selling large stack of KUWAIT dinars (at that time it had no value) to soldiers for $20 per stack. These stack of dinars look like about 8 inches high. I stopped and took a stack on my hand, looked at it and gave it back. I was more interested in getting inside that plane. A few months later the KUWAIT dinar revalued at $3.50 US per one dinar. I deployed back to IRAQ on 2004 and purchased some of the new IQD. Now I took action and when it happens it won't take me by surprise.
  9. I've been in this for 6 years and purchased some IQD from "Dinarbanker", "Sterling...", "Tampa...?", and I think one other. I always took the advice from the forums on DV and even saw that AM had Sterling as an advertiser (properly vetted?). So, with the recent Sterling situation etc.... how do we know that our Dinar is actually a piece of paper with value (albeit low at the moment)? Just wondering. Hopefully my decoupage paper is worth something... just say'n.
  10. I got into dinar back in 2010 and purchased from (now, I am looking to free up some cash a need to sell a majority of my stock in dinar... I have 25 million and am looking to get $850 per million... I figured I would try here before pursuing other routes... All 25k uncirculated notes... Located in the Phoenix, AZ area... ...
  11. I really thought (should be read here as "hoped") that we would see $3.22 by March (3) 22, 2016 [which is today, by the way]. Alas, we do not see this rate on this date. Maybe we'll see it someday soon. Haha. Soon... So yeah, with that being said. Who wants to go over to Iraq and tell those lazy camel-hoarders to step up their game and get on with revaluing the IQD to its rightful exchange rate against the US dollar so we can all get our early retirements? All in, say "aye"! TQ out.
  12. Hey DVers. Today, August 12th, is my birthday. And all I'm asking for is a revaluation of the Iraqi dinar. If not today, then in the immediate future. That is all. Thanks everyone and have a good day!
  13. Hello again my friends. Let's have a discussion on how we quantify value in the IQD in a very simplified way. There is a well respected and accepted economic principle called the "Quantity Theory of Money". Simply put, the theory states that there is a direct relationship between the quantity of money in an economy and the level of prices of goods and services sold. The equation goes like this: MV=PT or M(money supply) [x] V (velocity) = T(avg price of good and services [x] volume of goods and services) for the sake of keeping the explanation simple we will call T - goods and services throughout this write up Let's break the equation down in english - For a defined window of time, the amount of printed money multiplied by the average number of times the money changes hands equals the total goods and services at average price. When there are changes on one side of the equal sign, there must be changes on the other side of the equal side. Change in goods and services directly effects money supply, velocity or both. Please continue no further until that is clearly understood. Quickly we can recognize a few scenarios from this direct relationship: When goods and services boom, there must be a significant rise in either money supply, velocity (number of times the money changes hands) or both in order for the equation to stay equal/balanced. When money supply booms, if goods and services stays the same, there must be a reduction in velocity When money supply booms and velocity stays the same, there must be a resulting boom in goods and services When velocity of the currency booms, and goods stays the same, money supply must be reduced I could continue on drawing up scenarios with this equation but I believe I gave enough examples to help highlight the direct relationship between opposite sides of the equal sign. Should we accept this respected theory as a means to compute value, what do we see Iraq doing? We know for fact that Iraq has significantly reduced its Money Supply. We watched much of this happen through the auction process where the CBI purchased IQD with USD. We have seen reports from the CBI that the notes in circulation has been reduced to 4 Billion with a goal to get to 1 Billion. We might assume that the velocity of the money is up from articles of currency been worn out through overuse. We know that the GOI and CBI are working to boost privatization on a massive scale which will significantly increase the volume of goods and services in the economy. We know that as the volume of goods and services increases, the monetary policy of Iraq is to PREVENT inflation (increasing money supply). My friends I hope we are all able, from this simple means of measurement, to see that the IQD is intended to gain value....significant value. The only thing standing in the way of realizing the real value of the currency is the presence of the USD. Eventually we will see the time when foreign investment into the country will demand a true foreign exchange market where the foreigner's money will be exchanged into IQD in order to execute business in the country resulting in boosting the country's volume of goods and services. The only thing we really have to watch for at this point that will work adverse to our hope is 1) Reduction in the nation's security 2) Anything denoting that Iraq begins increasing/inflating the money supply. As of today however, these two indicators are either being addressed (1) or the exact opposite (2). Now, I bet more people are happy to read about the 50 note being removed from the economy. That alone should have given the dinars you hold a boost in value! Be blessed my friends.
  14. FAMILY......PLEASE FOCUS. THIS IS A MESSAGE I RECEIVED EARLY THIS MORNING FROM OUR BROKER AT KYMLAR HOLDINGS LLC. I AM WAITING TO HEAR FROM HIM WITH MORE DETAILS......BUT I WANTED TO GIVE YOU THE INFORMATION THAT I HAVE SO FAR THIS MORNING. BELOW IS THE MESSAGE I RECEIVED. KTFA, FRANK *************************************************************************************************** FEBRUARY 21, 2015 ***IMPORTANT*** Stop sales of (IQD) Iraqi Dinar effective immediately. This includes all (IQD) Iraqi Dinar Layaway programs. The prices are very unstable and we have endured another price increase. Our supply is extremely limited at this time. Orders will be filled As per the guidelines we have set up with your group regarding payments and orders that are already in the system. Payments that are not rendered in the posted time frame will not be honored. Customers that currently have layaways booked may purchase their layaways. Customers may also purchase partials of their layaways in the event they are unable to purchase the entire layaway. We will keep you updated. Larry Kymlar Holdings LLC
  15. Current events in Iraq reveal the government is preparing to privatize in an effort to liberalize the market or best put institute a market economy. Why would Iraq decide such drastic change to its centrally managed economy? One short answer is that its budget deficit revealed economic fragility. Iraq finds itself in a precarious situation since its macroeconomic stability, as recently revealed, is tied to factors outside of its own control. A critical factor of oil price volatility, and the affect it has on developing oil producing economies pegged to the dollar, is known as terms-of-trade shock. (Nikola Spatafora and Andrew Warner completed an interesting research paper addressing this specific issue - read more). In a Sebastian Edwards article "Flexible exchange rates as shock absorbers", he states: We find evidence suggesting that terms of trade shocks get amplified in countries that have more rigid exchange rate regimes. We also find evidence of an asymmetric response to terms of trade shocks: the output response is larger for negative than for positive shocks. Finally, we find evidence supporting the view that, after controlling for other factors, countries with more flexible exchange rate regimes grow faster than countries with fixed exchange rates. Supporters of flexibility, on the other hand, have argued that under floating exchange rates the economy has a greater ability to adjust to external shocks. According to this view, which goes back at least to Meade (1951), countries with a flexible exchange rate system will be able to buffer real shocks stemming from abroad. This, in turn, will allow countries with floating rates to avoid costly and protracted adjustment processes. continued research reveals that Edwards is not alone in his findings concerning the dangers of rigid exchange rates for market based economies. Jbili of the IMF's Finance & Development Magazine wrote an article entitled "Should MENA Countries Float or Peg?" examining 6 MENA countries and their exchange regime. I note some of the identical remarks..... The prevailing view now is that increasing flexibility in exchange rate management would help countries deal with external shocks, reduce the risk of banking crises, and contribute to financial stability. There are, of course, dissenters who argue in favor of intermediate regimes, stressing the difficulty developing countries have in meeting the preconditions for a successful float and the negative impact of excessive exchange rate volatility on investment and growth. The above country-by-country analysis indicates that exchange rate regimes in the six countries had varying degrees of success. Exchange regimes in Jordan, Morocco, and Tunisia have not recently come under pressure, because real shocks were relatively manageable and macroeconomic policies were generally consistent with the choice of exchange rate regime. In contrast, the recurrent pressures in the foreign exchange markets of Egypt and Lebanon demonstrate that vulnerability to real exogenous shocks, volatile capital inflows (Egypt), and large structural fiscal deficits financed by heavy domestic and foreign borrowing (Lebanon) are incompatible with a pegged exchange rate. Popular opinion through much research shows that it is quite favorable for developing countries to free themselves from a fixed peg toward a more flexible exchange rate regime in order to protect their economies from terms of trade shock. A great example of this is Egypt by 1986 where the country began to experience serious macroeconomic imbalances and a dramatic fall in growth characterized by budget deficits of 17% of GDP. Egypt launched its Economic Reform Program to address dire economic conditions which really took off by 2003 for further liberalization of the economy. In 2003, the government began floating the rate of exchange of the Egyption pound, releasing it from its peg to the dollar (read more). Although Egypt continues to struggle with its economy for numerous reasons, it stands to reason that Iraq would be in a much better place should it head in the same direction. There are preconditions to a successful release from the peg and toward a flexible exchange regime. The country must establish a sound market economy, political energy must be aligned with it, a sound financial sector must be established, and capital markets should be in operation. Everything we see Iraq doing tells us the country's intent is to float the dinar. Government controlled economics with rigid exchange regimes can be the death of a country whose economy is subject to highly violatile exogenous terms of trade shock. It's tie to the dollar can create years of deficits. Iraq must take control of its economic future. It must liberalize its economy, harmonize its political landscape and float its currency. all of this is my 2c on the matter through my own research. take it for no more than that. be blessed my friends
  16. from another source... TNT: G-Man: My Bank Story I visited a XX bank today (Wednesday) . I had an appointment with a Wealth Manager. I just wanted to share the experience! A brief synopsis... When I first setup the meeting on the phone, I told him that I invested in exotic currencies and I have reasons to believe that they will be paying big dividends soon. He gladly setup the meeting. Upon my arrival, at the appointment, there were two (not one) wealth managers waiting it the office to greet me. I noticed that one of them (the owner of the office), had "Top Wealth Manager" awards 4 years in a row. I preceded to tell them about the specifics of my investment (dinars, dongs, etc). It was noteworthy also, that they didn't flinch in the least during my dissertation; they didn't spew any negativity, they didn't say it was a scam, nothing like that. Rather, they both sat there intently listening to my presentation. At this point I felt like I was teaching a class, and they were eager students wanting to learn. They proceeded to ask very specific questions about the currencies. I remember thinking, "This is strange, why are these guys so interested in what I had to say?" It was as though, they wanted to learn everything they could about the currencies. At this point they rolled out the red carpet, they proceeded to gave me a presentation on their programs, perks and why I should bank privately with them. They took my information and told me, they will be in touch with me shortly and that they are looking forward to serving my banking needs. Here is the kicker, on my way out of the bank one of them followed me to the exit and almost covertly pointed in the direction of the safety deposit boxes and whispered, "I own a few Dinars myself, see you soon."
  18. IMO, there certainly is a possible route for IQD Speculators holding IQD cash to send their physical bricks of cash back to the source in order to get paid ~ something ~ when the time comes to turn it in. The same opportunities that exist now (internet dealers or banks acting as dealers) should still be there for a limited time after the CBI starts issuing its new currency into circulation for exchange. I know for certain that once Iraqi Sovereignty set in and Iraqi Custom Inspection Stations were moved from Dubai back to Baghdad it was definitely against Iraqi Law to FedEx or otherwise courier or mail any Iraqi currency from outside of Iraq to anywhere inside of Iraq. Here’s the email thread that happened when I was about to send my eighth FedEx pack of IQD to the front door of Warka branch # 790 in Baghdad in care of Mr. Issa. I sent an email enquiry to the Customer Accounts Department at Warka Bank with a cc to the Customer Services Department and a cc to the International Foreign Relations Department. In it, I said the following: Dear Sirs: When I first inquired about opening an account with Warka Bank, you sent me an email which contained (in part) the following message: Thank you for choosing our bank and taking interest in our fine services. It is possible to send your Iraqi Dinars by courier service to the following mailing address: Warka Bank for Investment and Finance - Main Branch – Baghdad Iraq International Foreign Relations Department - Attn: Mohammad K. Issa Watheq Square – Salman Faiq St. – Hay Alwihda – Sec. 902 – 14th St. Upon receiving your package it will be counted both by hand and machine in the presence of three dedicated bank employees under my supervision and we will credit the exact amount received to your account. Best regards, Customer Accounts Dept International Affairs Since that time, I have sent Iraqi Dinars by FedEx to this address numerous times and have helped others to do the same. However, lately I have become concerned because currently there is a rumor circulating among Iraqi Dinar investors that it is no longer Warka’s policy to accept physical Iraqi Dinar banknotes by courier to fund our accounts. At your earliest convenience, please confirm that the above mentioned mailing address is still correct and that it is still Warka Bank’s policy to accept physical Iraqi Dinar banknotes sent by courier (FedEx) to fund our accounts. I greatly appreciate your time to reply to my request and look forward to your confirmation. Thank you again for your fine service and attention to my accounts. Best Regards, I received this answer from Mohammad K. Issa: Please note that in accordance with the regulations set by the CBI, Iraqi banks are not permitted to hold IQD accounts at their corresponding bank and are prohibited from receiving deposits or wire transfers in IQD currency where the only legal method of funding your account is through a USD bank to bank wire transfer. Furthermore, and as posted on our website, Iraqi Customs no longer permits courier companies operating in Iraq to receive and deliver packages containing funds of any currency and will be confiscated accordingly. Should you have any further questions or inquiries please take a moment to visit our website news bulletin to view the latest notices and contact details of the related departments that will best handle your inquiries. We have several departments that will specifically handle each banking affair to your best interest by contacting them directly as they handle customer inquiries and transactions. Best regards, Mohammad K. Issa Deputy Managing Director Senior Executive Warka Bank for Investment and Finance This e-mail is confidential and the information contained in it is privileged. It should not be read, copied or used by anyone other than the intended recipient. This being the case, I’m pretty sure it’s still against Iraqi Law to physically send Bremer era, De La Rue IQD banknotes into Iraq except by some CBI and GOI approved and secured means that are within the guidelines of the Iraqi banking system ~ such as a secured re-supply direct from De La Rue to the CBI, for example. However, to stay within the law, the CBI could certainly direct De La Rue (or whoever is going to print up the new notes) to re-supply neighboring central banks directly with however much IQD they required to meet customer demands; and without any need for physical IQD to cross the border and break Iraqi Law. De La Rue receipts and amounts could be accounted for digitally against the CBI’s Total Money Supply ledger. According to Mr. Issa, the law says “Iraqi banks are not permitted to hold IQD accounts at their corresponding bank and are prohibited from receiving deposits or wire transfers in IQD currency where the only legal method of funding your account is through a USD bank to bank wire transfer”. That lets out a lot of places under Fed domination; therefore, most, if not all, IQD traders on the internet today buy, sell and ship physical IQD to and from Iraq’s immediate neighbors; or at least those neighbors which have correspondent banks that are allowed to hold IQD accounts for Iraqi Banks located inside Iraq. Countries such as Kuwait, Jordan, UAE (Dubai) are well known sources for correspondent banks that can sell IQD to dealers outside of Iraq. When the time comes, the internet dealers will have no choice but to sell back the IQD they redeem from individual Speculators to those same correspondent banks outside of Iraq ~ until those correspondent banks run out of cash Euros or USD’s or Euro/USD credit. Since the end buyer of those notes is the CBI, it will have to be the CBI that ultimately resupplies those same correspondent banks with either Euro’s or USD’s ~ and that’s counting both electronic and physical cash for both currencies. So, the eventual return flight of the Speculator Held De La Rue notes might start with a courier flight from individual speculator owners to a gathering point; either on the American continents or somewhere on the Eurasian continent. Then, a courier flight to either Kuwait, Jordan, or Dubai and a final internal courier drive to the Correspondent Bank of Choice ~ provided the dealer has an IQD account there ~ or knows someone further up the profit chain that does. Then, a physical deposit with all the De La Rue verifying and counting that such deposits require. Next, a confirmation is sent to the Iraqi bank inside Iraq that is responsible for the IQD account held at the Correspondent Bank of Choice. Next, a confirmation is sent to the CBI for final confirmation of credit in Euros and USD’s ~ whether cash or electronic. When the Iraqi bank inside Iraq receives confirmation from the CBI that credit has been extended against the pallets of IQD piling up inside the vaults of correspondent banks everywhere, then it will confirm Euro and USD credit to its correspondent banks in Kuwait, or Jordan, or Dubai. Eventually, those pallets of redeemed IQD (non-spendable outside of Iraq) will probably make a short trip to an incinerator to be destroyed ~ rather than go to the bother of physically transporting them back to the CBI vaults. To replace them, the CBI will simply release into circulation inside Iraq the USD equivalent of new lower denomination and upgraded IQD notes. The CBI will make an entry and the Iraqi Total Money Supply will be further reduced just like they planned. Meanwhile, the internet IQD dealers should have their ducks in a row ready to extend electronic credit via SWIFT to a correspondent bank in the individual Speculator’s home country (and which has permission from that country’s central bank to do so) and then finally onward to the individual Speculator’s home bank where an account is already held ready to receive it. If those De La Rue notes can never cross the Iraqi border as per Iraqi Law, then it seems improbable that they would ever need to be exchanged for the new lower denomination IQD currency anywhere outside of Iraq. The CBI itself would do the exchanging by directing the destruction of the old notes outside of Iraq and issuing new notes into circulation inside Iraq. So, the path to redeem physical IQD seems to be very much open. The CBI will of course pay its own declared fiat rate against the USD and the Euro. The Iraqi Bank inside Iraq will pay the CBI declared rate, but will charge a fee for moving the funds to correspondent banks outside of Iraq. The Correspondent Banks of Choice will pay the CBI declared rate, but will charge a fee that covers the one they paid, plus a profit. The Internet Dealers with IQD accounts in the Correspondent Bank of Choice will extend credit to individual Speculator home country correspondent banks which will then extend credit to the individual Speculator’s home bank account. A Speculator would have to consider the following costs against what they ultimately receive in compensation when they redeem their IQD cash: Total cost of initial purchase from dealer including shipping Cost of the courier to send it back to the dealer to be redeemed. Cost of the dealer fee charged to send you a wire or certified check Cost of the home bank fee to accept the transfer ~ if it’s a wire The IQD dealer will have to consider these costs when quoting prices to individual Speculators wanting to redeem their IQD notes: Cost to move credit/cash from the Iraqi Bank inside Iraq to the Correspondent Bank of Choice outside of Iraq Cost to move credit/cash from the Correspondent Bank of Choice to the IQD Dealers account at the same bank Cost to move credit/cash from the Dealers account to each Speculators home country correspondent bank and then on to the individual Speculators home bank account. In the end everybody gets paid ~ if the path remains open long enough ~ but at what net rate of exchange after all those costs. I surveyed (4) possible Internet Dealers to see what rates they were paying out to redeem physical IQD notes right now. CBI official rate less 10.68% per IQD Million less $30 send payment fee CBI official rate less 17.49% per IQD Million less $30 send payment fee CBI official rate less 21.29% per IQD Million less $25 send payment fee CBI official rate less 4.39% per IQD Million less $30 send payment fee plus a proof of purchase is required along with FINCEN currency report. Physical shipments of pallets of IQD cash could run into secure storage loggerheads waiting on turns to redeem from a limited number of authorized correspondent banks outside of Iraq, but eventually all those CBI “promises to pay” notes should make it through to receive credit for redemption ~ whenever the CBI decides to act on all those requests for credit or cash at the same time. Currently, the CBI is still resolving its currency demands by way of daily auctions without any announced plans to change.
  19. from other sources.... 1-22-15 FutureBliss: Confirmation from WF today. A couple months ago I posted that I had opened a trust account at my local WF bank and the personal banker knew all about the RV and GCR. I went today to check with her on whether she would call me or if I should use the 800# but she was not at her desk. The manager came over and said she was in training today and tomorrow. That set off signals that she was being briefed on the procedures since they have changed so many times. I asked the manager if she knew about the RV, was the personal banker in training for the RV, etc. and she kept nodding. It seemed that she did not or could not speak too freely in the open but she definitely knew what I was talking about and agreed that they were expecting it within a couple days. So Saturday seems to be our day! Treat this as a rumor until confirmed by multiple sources.
  20. Greetings All, At present we have 5,000,000,000 Dinars available for sale in 25Bills, the three horses, the most wanted! Interested parties email: Serious inquires only Regards C.Crossley
  21. I know lately ther'es been a big focus in the buy sell section about differing prices when selling off as to whether your notes are in sequential serial number order. Many dealers don't consider your notes to be uncirculated just because they are in new condition but also require they be in sequential order serial numbers. What my question is is when we buy Dinar from a dealer are they providing us Dinar in sequential order? I checked mine from a few dealers against hte arabic conversion charts and 2 million is in order the third is not and I bought it as uncirculated Dinar. Just for example if I went back to this same dealer to sell are they now going to lowball me on price because its not sequential when they sold me "uncirculated" dinar which was not sequential in the first place? I should add I have kept them allin hte same order havn't shuffled them or laid them on the floor and rolled around naked in them or anything like that so its not as if I got them out of order.
  22. I have to sell some dinar . I have 450k up for grabs. I live in Edmonton A.B. Canada. I will take most any form of payment that doesn't involve fees. If you have any questions I prefer email correspondence. I will supply my phone number for the purchaser after all details are worked out. the dinar I have is 25k notes. These are the prices I paid which can all be found at : 10 x 25000 = 250,000 IQD = $385.00 CDN 04 x 25000 = 100,000 IQD = $250.00 CDN 04 x 25000 = 100,000 IQD = $250.00 CDN I am willing to go lower then the the combined prices listed above. You can e-mail me at Thanks everyone.
  23. Three Indicted for $23m Dinar Fraud Posted on 01 January 2014. Tags: Corruption, dinar, IQD, iraqi dinar, re-denomination, re-valuation, Redenomination, revaluation A federal grand indicted three men from the Toledo area for their roles in the operation of a $23 million fraud scheme involving the sale of Iraqi dinar currency and two non-existent hedge funds, said Steven M. Dettelbach, United States Attorney for the Northern District of Ohio, and Kathy Enstrom, Special Agent in Charge, IRS-Criminal Investigation, Cincinnati field office. Those indicted are: Bradford L. Huebner, 66, of Ottawa Hills, Ohio; Charles N. Emmenecker, 66, of Sylvania, Ohio, and Michael L. Teadt, 67, of Maumee, Ohio. Rudolph M. Coenen, age 47, of Jacksonville, Florida, has already pleaded guilty to crimes related to his role in the conspiracy. The men are charged with conspiracy to commit wire fraud and wire fraud. Huebner is also charged with multiple counts of money laundering, structuring and willful failure to file currency and transaction reports. As a result of the defendants’ conduct, investors lost about $23.8 million from dinar sales and more than $700,000 from the sale of non-existent hedge fund “seats” and “placements,” according to the indictment. “These defendants made false statements time and again to convince people to part with their savings and hard-earned cash,” Dettelbach said. “The fact that they falsely claimed one member of the conspiracy was wounded while fighting in Iraq is particularly egregious.” “Illegal activity involving the investment industry has brought financial ruin to many Americans,” Enstrom said. “IRS Criminal Investigation is committed to unraveling complex investment schemes to ensure that the promoters of these schemes do not use the financial-services industry for personal gain.” The indictment charges that beginning about August 2010, Huebner, Coenen, Emmenecker and Teadt conspired to operate “BH Group” in Toledo and “Bayshore Capital Investments” in Jacksonville in order to defraud investors through investments in the Iraqi dinar currency and two non-existent hedge funds. The conspirators promoted the dinar and non-existent hedge funds through the dissemination of a series of material falsehoods conveyed primarily through weekly interstate conference calls and through the conspirators’ web site, according to the indictment. False claims included statements about the U.S. Treasury Department’s holdings of dinar and involvement in the Iraqi dinar investment market, according to the indictment. Additional material false statements made by all the defendants include, but are not limited to, portrayal of Coenen as a former vice president at JP Morgan Chase and a former Marine who was awarded the Purple Heart after being wounded in Iraq during Operation Desert Storm. Coenen worked for JP Morgan Chase for one day as an account executive/loan officer. He never served in the first Gulf War, was never wounded in combat and never received a Purple Heart, according to the indictment. If convicted, the defendants’ sentence will be determined by the court after a review of factors unique to this case, including the defendants’ prior criminal record, if any, the defendants’ roles in the offense and the characteristics of the violation. The sentence will not exceed the statutory maximum and in most cases will be less than the maximum. This case is being handled by Assistant United States Attorneys Gene Crawford and Matthew W. Shepherd following an investigation by the Internal Revenue Service – Criminal Investigation. An indictment is only a charge and is not evidence of guilty. The defendants are entitled to a fair trial in which it will be the government’s burden to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. (Source: US Department of Justice)
  24. Hey guys, I'm a huge fan of vice magazine and their youtube documentaries and stuff. Just noticed they did an article on the Dinar about a year back. Really strange article about a guy going into the desert to buy from a safe in his daughers bedroom because he doesn't trust hte mail, yeah seems kinda odd to me too. Also, he seems like he's using it to hedge against the dollar, kinda dumb if you ask me Iraq is one of the last currencies i would buy if that were my strategy. anyhow always find it interesting when non dinar publications, sites, magazines, people etc do stories about the dinar. Thought you guys might enjoy
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