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  1. What's suspicous about someone selling a business? The Dinar seems to be on the decline not really surprising someone wants to sell their Dinar business while it maybe still has some value.
  2. I hear a lot of people say the US Treasury is involved with Dinar, if they are it's most likely through dealings directly with Iraq or the Central Bank. I highly doubt Dinar Dealers are sending Dinar to the US Treasury. One Currency Return they say... We’re different because we only buy currency in the US, we never sell it here Currency Return sends foreign currency back to its home country, so we always offer you the best price. That’s how we’re different from the currency dealer who first sold you Dinar at a high price, then offered a losing price when you tried to sell
  3. I noticed that BuyNewDinar recently had only been dealing in the newer printed notes the ones with the plastic piece in them. Maybe supply of those has run low???
  4. I think it was DinarDaily recently I read a thread that dealers were all out of stock and nothing was commiing out of Iraq. Some people said it had to do with small notes rolling out but I don't put too much faith in anything I read online so who knows
  5. Possibly Travelex they are all over the UK. Couple years back there was DinarTrades UK operation and another company I think called Dinar Index. If you don't have luck with any of those eBay may be a good option, probably cheaper as well
  6. It seems many dealers are just choosing to deal in 25,000 denominations and nothing else. I wouldn't read too much into it. It's easier to stock one product ie 25,000 notes than it is to stock 4 products 5,000 and 10,000 and 25,000 and 50,000. I see SafeDinar still sells all denoms even going down to the smaller stuff like 500's. I remember years ago my friend paid something like $5,000 for a million in smaller stuff. Seems people are no longer really into the idea that you must have small notes. I notice XChange of America still sells all denoms too, just out of stock on a lot of smaller stuf
  7. Basically crypto to crypto is not a "like kind" exchange so essentially when you swap Bitcoin for Electroneum for example you are selling Bitcoin and paying taxes on any gain that you saw at that time and then buying Electroneum and thats your new tax basis for the Electroneum. I wouldn't necessarily call it a double tax but you are sort of right in the sense if you dump all your BTC profits into ETN and ETN goes down you paid taxes on money you'll never see so IMHO it's important to take profits
  8. There is nothing new about crypto now being taxed. Cryptocurrency has ALWAYS been subject to capital gains taxes. Also, the IRS has always had policies regarding gains on foreign currency, I believe if its over $250 your supposed to pay taxes ie you take an extended trip to Europe, you come back and your Euros have gained over $250 you owe tax.
  9. Your a little bit off base about Bitcoin forks IMHO, though I do agree it's an issue. So Bitcoin Cash and Segwit2X were the most controversial forks, however Segwit2X never happenned and Bitcoin Cash happenned back in August and we can see Bitcoin (Bitcoin Core) has kept the Bitcoin brand, has kept the value, and has kept the hash power. We've since had Bitcoin Gold, Super Bitcoin, and Bitcoin Diamond and at this point it seems everyone knows which is the real Bitcoin, the novelty of getting free money has worn off, people don't really care anymore. Could a better cryp
  10. As someone who briefly worked at a bank back in college I can say that banks don't like doing foreign currency. Us tellers for the most part know next to nothing about foreign currency, it's not something we were ever really trained on and there was typically one teller who knew a little bit about it and would place the orders for customers. We did it as a service for customers or a convenience, we made little to no money and oftentimes it probably cost us more money as we would have to do a brinks delivery special just to get $50 in Euros for a customer, the delivery may cost a c
  11. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up to this situation. A currency seller with the store names ZimbabweDollars.Net and TheCurrencyStore is outright scamming people. I realize many people aren't fans of the Zimbawbwe Dollar to begin with but that aside should someone decide to buy it they should receive something and not be scammed and they should also get legitimate notes. I personally was scammed by them about a year back. I made a purchase, they sent me 100 Trillion notes which were clearly printed on a home computer. The site says refunds no questions asked. They re
  12. Currency can't be insured so save your money on insurance.
  13. A buddy of mine sold off to them, got paid in a reasonable amount of time and the price while not the highest was inline with what others were charging. Safe Dinar is another good one they got my friend paid out in less than 3 days so that was pretty impressive and at the time the price was $745 although I think now they are under $700. Beware of sellers paying over $800 as it's a gimmick they only pay out high if you have 50,000 notes or the 2014 notes in 25,000's otherwise you'll get $500. I saw someone on another forum who got burned that way.
  14. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up. Beware of buying Zimbabwe notes from ZimbabweCurrencyCollectibles.Com. For the third time recently I've heard they are selling fake Zim. Here's a Youtube video with one buyers experience below. Someone else I know a friend from another forum recently bought and wound up receiving notes which were clearly printed on a home computer. The seller will refuse to issue a refund despite stating he has a 100% no questions money back gurantee. He ships from a fake address on his packages, and when you demand a refund he tells you to open a credit car
  15. Looking to buy small denomination Iraqi Dinar 250 or 500 ideally, may be open to 1,000 notes. I'm actually going to be using these for a student film kind of project kind of thing so not looking to spend a fortune, I'd probably be willing to go up to $900 for a million, prefer 250 over 500 as it's more notes which is essentially what I'm after. If you have any your looking to sell please pm me or drop a message with a way to contact you.
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