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  1. What about: Get towed while eating tacos and calling the 800 number to make your appointment to cash in.
  2. I was watching some you tube videos and some of the upcoming videos listed on the right hand side of the screen had the words: The Mandela Effect(the best explanation I found was: it's a question of Quantum physics and multiple dimensions where we are all experiencing things differently. There is no right or wrong, just the process of learning what we are experiencing and why) Curiosity made me watch a few of these Mandela effect videos and after the first one, I was lost. After watching a second one, got a question mark on my mind, the third one made me think about the IQD revalue. What if the Mandela effect is messing with our brains until it's ready let us have the IQD revalue permanently? Why did I invested in the IQD. Twice I missed the opportunity to get money from foreign currency but it won't get me 3 times. The first incident was: On my first tour to KOREA in 1988, I arrived 30 days before the opening day for the Olympic games. A few days later, a soldier who arrived with me but I didn't know asked me if he could share a cab to the credit union bank. At the bank I asked what are you going to do and he replied: "WATCHED ME" he then proceeded to the teller and asked for $1000 cash withdraw in US dollars. He then moved to the next teller and asked to exchange the US dollars in to Korean WON(at that time the US dollar was equal to 1600 Korean WON) then he moved back to the original teller and asked to deposit the Korean WON in his account. I watched him do this multiple times and still I was clueless until the opening day for the Olympic Games. On that day the rate for the Korean WON changed to 800 Korean WON to one US dollar, on that day that one smart soldier went to the credit union and exchange all his Korean WON, double his money in 30 days. The second incident was; On my first deployment to IRAQ for operation Desert Storm 1989, I was ready to fly back to the US. Walking on the airfield at the KUWAIT airport in route to the plane, a lot of children were standing on the other side of the fence selling large stack of KUWAIT dinars (at that time it had no value) to soldiers for $20 per stack. These stack of dinars look like about 8 inches high. I stopped and took a stack on my hand, looked at it and gave it back. I was more interested in getting inside that plane. A few months later the KUWAIT dinar revalued at $3.50 US per one dinar. I deployed back to IRAQ on 2004 and purchased some of the new IQD. Now I took action and when it happens it won't take me by surprise.
  3. you should be able to use your deployment orders to Iraq to prove that you was in country that year, plus your Iraqi dinars have the year of print on it.
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