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  1. Iran’s political influence in Iraq cannot be questioned as facts on ground prove it, and Iranians and their proxies boast and are not afraid to speak openly about it. Wherever the influence is, it is relies on a local means and arms operating inside the country and direct influence in the Iraqi government of Haider al-Abadi. How this affect the Iraqi dinar and the delaying of the revaluation we are waiting for years.. I'm in this dinar saga for 13 years. Please your opinion!
  2. Luigi says...Treat this as a rumor. Not varified. Your opine. 28 Dec 2017 TNT Tony:Scoutdad: Bank Experience at Wells Fargo Arizona. Asked head teller about foriegn currency then specifically Dinar. He said (and I quote), "oh ya, we are just waiting for it to revalue. We have a lot of customers waiting." I asked if he had Dinar and he said he did.I asked if he could see the new rates on the back screens and he said he could. I asked again! So you are just waiting for approval to bring rates forward? He said, yes. Dong is the only one they are activly selling.Dong Sell
  3. Have 500,000 in IQD and 1mil in AND. All purchased at 5/3 bank in Northen Kentucky. Looking to sell all.
  4. I have saving my collection iqd in iraqi bank , physical and now starting to buy iqd in digital . Buy the bitcoin and exchange to iqd . If happens iqd is float i will exhange back to bitcoin . Everyone can try install mobi. i hope will give everyone new experience ...ًسالم. From malysia
  5. Luigi1


    Luigi asks... Has any one heard the latest Dave Schmidt video. In it he says there may not be any buyers for our Dinars & may be worth less than we paid for them. He is supposed to come out with another video explaining in detail. Are the powers that be want to keep the small investors out so they can get a bigger spread.Your comments.
  6. Luigi says... If this rumor is true, we have a in country 1 to 1 RV. 7 July 2017 RayRat... The ration cards going is going out to have 1,000 IQD on it. If you look at the 1.2 rate, that puts it at the .80 cent bracket. Only have $800 some on it. To me comes out $830 & make the rate of 1.2 effective for calculation purposes.
  7. Looking to buy small denomination Iraqi Dinar 250 or 500 ideally, may be open to 1,000 notes. I'm actually going to be using these for a student film kind of project kind of thing so not looking to spend a fortune, I'd probably be willing to go up to $900 for a million, prefer 250 over 500 as it's more notes which is essentially what I'm after. If you have any your looking to sell please pm me or drop a message with a way to contact you.
  8. I was watching some you tube videos and some of the upcoming videos listed on the right hand side of the screen had the words: The Mandela Effect(the best explanation I found was: it's a question of Quantum physics and multiple dimensions where we are all experiencing things differently. There is no right or wrong, just the process of learning what we are experiencing and why) Curiosity made me watch a few of these Mandela effect videos and after the first one, I was lost. After watching a second one, got a question mark on my mind, the third one made me think about the IQD revalue. Wh
  9. I've been in this for 6 years and purchased some IQD from "Dinarbanker", "Sterling...", "Tampa...?", and I think one other. I always took the advice from the forums on DV and even saw that AM had Sterling as an advertiser (properly vetted?). So, with the recent Sterling situation etc.... how do we know that our Dinar is actually a piece of paper with value (albeit low at the moment)? Just wondering. Hopefully my decoupage paper is worth something... just say'n.
  10. I got into dinar back in 2010 and purchased from (now, I am looking to free up some cash a need to sell a majority of my stock in dinar... I have 25 million and am looking to get $850 per million... I figured I would try here before pursuing other routes... All 25k uncirculated notes... Located in the Phoenix, AZ area... ...
  11. I really thought (should be read here as "hoped") that we would see $3.22 by March (3) 22, 2016 [which is today, by the way]. Alas, we do not see this rate on this date. Maybe we'll see it someday soon. Haha. Soon... So yeah, with that being said. Who wants to go over to Iraq and tell those lazy camel-hoarders to step up their game and get on with revaluing the IQD to its rightful exchange rate against the US dollar so we can all get our early retirements? All in, say "aye"! TQ out.
  12. Hey DVers. Today, August 12th, is my birthday. And all I'm asking for is a revaluation of the Iraqi dinar. If not today, then in the immediate future. That is all. Thanks everyone and have a good day!
  13. Hello again my friends. Let's have a discussion on how we quantify value in the IQD in a very simplified way. There is a well respected and accepted economic principle called the "Quantity Theory of Money". Simply put, the theory states that there is a direct relationship between the quantity of money in an economy and the level of prices of goods and services sold. The equation goes like this: MV=PT or M(money supply) [x] V (velocity) = T(avg price of good and services [x] volume of goods and services) for the sake of keeping the explanation simple we will call T - goods and serv
  14. FAMILY......PLEASE FOCUS. THIS IS A MESSAGE I RECEIVED EARLY THIS MORNING FROM OUR BROKER AT KYMLAR HOLDINGS LLC. I AM WAITING TO HEAR FROM HIM WITH MORE DETAILS......BUT I WANTED TO GIVE YOU THE INFORMATION THAT I HAVE SO FAR THIS MORNING. BELOW IS THE MESSAGE I RECEIVED. KTFA, FRANK *************************************************************************************************** FEBRUARY 21, 2015 ***IMPORTANT*** Stop sales of (IQD) Iraqi Dinar effective immediately. This includes all (IQD) Iraqi Dinar Layaway programs. The prices are very unstable and we have endured another price
  15. Current events in Iraq reveal the government is preparing to privatize in an effort to liberalize the market or best put institute a market economy. Why would Iraq decide such drastic change to its centrally managed economy? One short answer is that its budget deficit revealed economic fragility. Iraq finds itself in a precarious situation since its macroeconomic stability, as recently revealed, is tied to factors outside of its own control. A critical factor of oil price volatility, and the affect it has on developing oil producing economies pegged to the dollar, is known as terms-of-
  16. from another source... TNT: G-Man: My Bank Story I visited a XX bank today (Wednesday) . I had an appointment with a Wealth Manager. I just wanted to share the experience! A brief synopsis... When I first setup the meeting on the phone, I told him that I invested in exotic currencies and I have reasons to believe that they will be paying big dividends soon. He gladly setup the meeting. Upon my arrival, at the appointment, there were two (not one) wealth managers waiting it the office to greet me. I noticed that one of them (the owner of the office), had "Top Wealth Manager" award
  17. from another source... Guru claims we are screwed. Only a few will reap the RV reward? 1-26-2015 Intel Guru Jester THEY ARE TRYING TO MAKE THE OIL CREDITS WORTH LESS TO DELAY THINGS... MY OPINION...THEY ARE WORTH WHAT THEY ARE WORTH... ABOUT $30-32 PER BARREL... NOW AND FOREVER...[Does it really matter what the price of oil is in the long run. It's been overinflated for years.] WELL EVERYTHING DEPENDS ON WHAT SOMETHING IS WORTH... YOU BETTER HOPE IT DOES... BECAUSE THEY WILL NOT LIKE TO HAVE YOUR DINAR IF THE OIL CREDITS ARE WORTHLESS...I HOPE THAT IS CLEAR ENOUGH... THEY DO NOT H
  18. IMO, there certainly is a possible route for IQD Speculators holding IQD cash to send their physical bricks of cash back to the source in order to get paid ~ something ~ when the time comes to turn it in. The same opportunities that exist now (internet dealers or banks acting as dealers) should still be there for a limited time after the CBI starts issuing its new currency into circulation for exchange. I know for certain that once Iraqi Sovereignty set in and Iraqi Custom Inspection Stations were moved from Dubai back to Baghdad it was definitely against Iraqi Law to FedEx or otherwis
  19. from other sources.... 1-22-15 FutureBliss: Confirmation from WF today. A couple months ago I posted that I had opened a trust account at my local WF bank and the personal banker knew all about the RV and GCR. I went today to check with her on whether she would call me or if I should use the 800# but she was not at her desk. The manager came over and said she was in training today and tomorrow. That set off signals that she was being briefed on the procedures since they have changed so many times. I asked the manager if she knew about the RV, was the personal banker in training for the
  20. Greetings All, At present we have 5,000,000,000 Dinars available for sale in 25Bills, the three horses, the most wanted! Interested parties email: Serious inquires only Regards C.Crossley
  21. I know lately ther'es been a big focus in the buy sell section about differing prices when selling off as to whether your notes are in sequential serial number order. Many dealers don't consider your notes to be uncirculated just because they are in new condition but also require they be in sequential order serial numbers. What my question is is when we buy Dinar from a dealer are they providing us Dinar in sequential order? I checked mine from a few dealers against hte arabic conversion charts and 2 million is in order the third is not and I bought it as uncirculated Dinar. Just for examp
  22. I have to sell some dinar . I have 450k up for grabs. I live in Edmonton A.B. Canada. I will take most any form of payment that doesn't involve fees. If you have any questions I prefer email correspondence. I will supply my phone number for the purchaser after all details are worked out. the dinar I have is 25k notes. These are the prices I paid which can all be found at : 10 x 25000 = 250,000 IQD = $385.00 CDN 04 x 25000 = 100,000 IQD = $250.00 CDN 04 x 25000 = 100,000 IQD = $250.00 CDN I am willing to go lower then the the
  23. Three Indicted for $23m Dinar Fraud Posted on 01 January 2014. Tags: Corruption, dinar, IQD, iraqi dinar, re-denomination, re-valuation, Redenomination, revaluation A federal grand indicted three men from the Toledo area for their roles in the operation of a $23 million fraud scheme involving the sale of Iraqi dinar currency and two non-existent hedge funds, said Steven M. Dettelbach, United States Attorney for the Northern District of Ohio, and Kathy Enstrom, Special Agent in Charge, IRS-Criminal Investigation, Cincinnati field office. Those indicted are: Bradford L. Huebner, 66, of
  24. Hey guys, I'm a huge fan of vice magazine and their youtube documentaries and stuff. Just noticed they did an article on the Dinar about a year back. Really strange article about a guy going into the desert to buy from a safe in his daughers bedroom because he doesn't trust hte mail, yeah seems kinda odd to me too. Also, he seems like he's using it to hedge against the dollar, kinda dumb if you ask me Iraq is one of the last currencies i would buy if that were my strategy. anyhow always find it interesting when non dinar publications, sites, magazines, people etc do stories about the dina
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