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  1. Just Google - president obama detention camps
  2. OK, send me $50 and I will send the 50 dinar note.
  3. As a pilot myself these are hard to watch, been there done that. Those pilots are earning those big pay checks on days like that! Must say that is the most uneven runway I have seen, That does not help at all. For the most part the larger heavy planes are less bounced by the crossswinds.
  4. Hello Adam, guess that we need to get our short list done soon. 1. asdfasdfasdf [removed!!!!!]
  5. Let's hope that we have learned some important lessons sense then ...
  6. Thanks for the information, I wish it were good news however.
  7. DINARLADY, I would also be interested in that purchase. I think I missed out on one of your other sales due to the timing.
  8. Love this Story. Hope it happens Soon, I know that I am READY In fact, I don't know anyone who is not ready ... RV
  9. WOW, only 40M ... They worked a very, very good deal on these. However, if the maintenance is anything like the CRJ's, they had better start pumping more oil now !!!!!!
  10. Maybe they can strike a deal, allow the "bad" guys to blowup the old buildings and bridges so the new rebuilding can proceed faster. Go RV!
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