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  1. Hate is ugly no matter what side, culture, religion we find ourselves in. To paint any culture or religion with such a broad brush is simple minded and reckless. I am ashamed for both people in the discussion as presented. It is likely they will both find their demise. The law of affinity states that like attracts like. This seems to fit that model. Pathetic on all accounts.
  2. One thing that has become blatantly apparent to me, is that our political system is sick and suffers from a personality disorder. It is at the mercy of it's own collective ego. Yes it is collective. We react and defend our positions on both sides of the aisle with such fervor that I believe we forget sometimes what the heck we were arguing in the first place. We fight to win our point just to hear ourselves. We celebrate indecision and monotony if it means someone else didn't get "their" way. These terribly unconscious choices lead to actions that just promote drama. It's like some kind of new drug or high that we have become accustom to. We are addicted to it. It is evident in our politics. It is obvious in this dinar investment and studying the division within Iraq and even our beliefs within one another. It is rampant in our homes, in marriages, in the business world, and in the things we find entertaining. It is overflowing with religion. Something is clearly out of whack. It is time to become conscious. It starts by each of us recognizing it within shining a flashlight on an unsuspecting cockroach in the dark. It is time to change our paradigm. Will you have the strength to do it? Will I? Ron Paul represents to me the fundamental principles to do so. He speaks the truth. He is incorrigible. He fights for liberty. He believes in his fellow man and country. He believes that ideas are the solution to everlasting change and not money or guns or power over others. Everywhere we look (we or someone else), are trying to control and manipulate something/someone else. That blowback causes us to react, doesn't it? That reaction adds more fuel to the fire and pretty soon there is a raging fire. It will burn forever unless forgiveness and empathy find its way in. It is time to change our paradigm. Ron Paul is a man of conviction. He is the picture I have in my head of what the true founding fathers must have been like. I have no idea where it may lead to.... but, I will support the truth over bs any day. Even if it takes us to the unknown or unfamiliar. Sometimes we should run towards that which we fear because something is telling us it is time to change. If you aren't changing then you aren't growing. It is time to evolve. I welcome it because I am tired of this other broken same ol' same ole from both Republicans and Democrats. Just one man's long winded opinion. Be well and prosperous my friends.
  3. Did we go into Egypt? No. Did we go into Yemen? No. We did go into Libya after the uprising but Ghaddafi is gone now. Are we going into Syria? No. Will that dictator be gone soon? Yes. Power is truly in the citizens of those countries hands if they have the courage to exercise that power. The Middle East is changing the old paradigm on their own... hopefully for the better. It will be a slow change but hopefully a democratic one. The people of Iran want that thug gone. He made it by the skin of his teeth last time. The youth of that nation want peace. The scales are weighing in their favor each new day. I think if any change is going to happen it will happen from within like we have just witnessed. If the people need help then we go in and help. When we leave Iraq... old Maliki won't have long in office in my opinion either unless he changes his ways real quick.
  4. Hey guys... I think this is actually the opposite news we want to hear. The 2 decimal statement I believe is referring to "double digit" inflation concerns. Shabibi is basically calling Maliki to the carpet in this article and I doubt it will go over well with that tyrant. He is telling Maliki that his government is wasteful and corrupt and that if the GOI doesn't get their act together that he will have to use his "tools" of exchange rate and interest rate modification to combat inflation. The GOI needs to promote growth and investment and they are hindering it. Iraq still has to import most of the goods (aside from oil) and that creates a huge trade imbalance. Iraq needs to be creating new industry of goods and services to NOT be so one dimensional on oil. They are at the mercy of the world's rising import prices which adds fuel to the fire of the poor management of Iraq's revenue controlled by the GOI (Maliki)! So Shabs is actually threatening to lower the exchange rate and increase interest rates to combat inflation. Crazy I know. I want this as bad as everyone but Maliki is running this ship into the ground. Positive signs or articles to watch for are: 1. Amendment to the Investment Law of 2006 2. Increasing bank guarantee abilities for foreign investment 3. Significant infrastructure progress in particular with electricity 4. HCL passing and watching for citizen and local government dividends 5. Removal of Chapter 7 6. Modification arrangements with Kuwait regarding the debt to them being contingent on Ch. 7 7. Increased Iraqi lending opportunities for citizens 8. Filling final Ministry appointments 9. Introducing of the 100,000 notes and 50,000 notes into the currency 10. Maliki's eventual forced removal from office
  5. Modifying the Investment law of 2006 and 2009 will finally help open the doors of investment to Iraq beyond oil and construction contracts. This law is the key cog in the development of Iraq and the ability for the Dinar to appreciate. The more foreign currency that comes into Iraq the more it will FORCE the exchange rate up!!! This will also promote imports into Iraq. I am hoping... that because they need so much, that it will also encourage new industry growth within Iraq at the same time. Something that importing usually would be inverse in economics. Iraq has such a perfect storm brewing they may capture the best of all worlds and worry later. That is my hope! Keep watching for these investment law articles. They are paramount to your RV!
  6. So if we fight in the name of God and they fight in the name of God... Please remind me whose side God is on? Whether in war or over a place to pray... it's the humans on both sides of arguments messing it all up. They are at the mercy of their own egos either way... you know, the one internal voice that always says "I AM RIGHT and I WILL CONTROL THIS". It was the deal we made with God for free will and the gift of choice. If you allow hatred to course through your veins then will forgiveness ever be given a chance to work the miracles of God? God will not intervene in your battles or their battles based on the choices and decisions made by the other... but he will through the gifts of forgiveness. Through pin holes of LIGHT that shine through that YOU have the opportunity to rip wide open to let more LIGHT through should YOU choose to do so. The gifts are given to you as opportunities amidst the choices. Don't cover or sew the holes up. Rip them open. If you had to choose one of your children to live over another... Which one would you choose? If one of your children creates a heinous crime should all of your children be condemned because of it? Please tell me which ones? Why is this any different? Does God paint hate and judgment with such a broad brush as us humans? Forgiveness is for you... the Forgiver. It is to release you from something that will eat you alive, that will destroy your joy and your ability to love fully and openly. Apply that to your life and see the world through the eyes of a different LIGHT. I am not saying you can't defend yourself or another. It is to the degree that we take our actions after the initial defense. If you take it to a complete control or dominion then the victim or hero becomes the tyrant. If hate and total judgment creeps in your soul or community or culture collectively... then YOU lose. WE lose. Case in point...Politics. You can't move forward consciously or productively then because you have created new walls, new enemies, new barriers for your future. Live in the present. Make choices in the present. Not based on the future or the past. Sooner then later this whole world will figure this out. I sincerely hope it is sooner than later. Sorry for the pulpit... I saw it as an opportunity to change a perception. My apology to anyone if you were offended by it.
  7. It is about time! I have been saying for 2 years that nothing will change in Iraq until they amend the Investment Law of 2006. This is huge! In order to sustain and promote growth in Iraq the numerous issues had to be addressed for both foreign investment as well as creating a fair environment to Iraqi business people themselves. Foreign investors have specific lending and tax advantages over Iraqi entrepreneur's right now. Not only that... foreign investors have stayed away because of bank guarantees. The banks can't handle the size of guarantees necessary for these large corporations as it sits today. Currency convertibility has been a problem too and is related. Their are many issues needing to be remodeled in the investment law. Hopefully they hit them all. I have been waiting forever for this move. This is a key cog that has been missing I promise you!
  8. So Mr. Maliki... Have you just given your blessing for this method of tyrant disposal? If so... Should you be concerned that you're next? Just curious.
  9. Add this to the things I've learned on this site. Or...Oar...Are All completely interchangeable.
  10. Hey Umbertino... Eckhart is one of my favorite continual reads. I often view the numerous characters in these Dinar forums through the eyes and words of Eckhart. So many unconscious folks at the mercy of their egos and they have no idea. The ones with presence surely do stand out though. Not that I am present all the time. That's why I have to keep re-reading his stuff. Have a great day my friend. PS... Now that you have entered that rabbit hole you will find it takes you to even more amazing depths of understanding. Not sure if you have ever dove into the science aspect of it or not... but quantum physics and zero point energy was the next realm my studies evolved to. You might try "The Field" by Lynne McTaggart. Mind blowing revelations. It wasn't the easiest of reads at first, but wow once you get into it.
  11. Although corruption is a nightmare in Iraq... this is all a lie and a set-up. The Trade Bank of Iraq was the most well managed most sophisticated bank in all of Iraq. It represented Iraq's future. This is Maliki's corruption in reverse. He made up all of this because of his hatred for one of his political rivals Chalabi. I have told you all along that Maliki wants to keep Iraqi's dumb, poor, and needy. That makes them crave his power in his ridiculous mind. This is all a lie and in my mind these actions in time against the TBI will be what eventually brings Maliki down and will expose him for the fraud and dictator want-a-be that he is. Maliki doesn't want an RV. He is your gremlin in this investment. If he can do this to the TBI... imagine who might be next on his list. Hint it rhymes with Plahpeebi.
  12. These turds would make a good ruse in a "Don't Do Meth"... public service address. Bunch of paranoid nut bags.
  13. Automag.... :bow: Couple things though... 1st... Kurds are professional fence sitters and only move at the last second and are notorious for shifting sides depending on which way the wind blows. They are spineless jellyfish for the most part. This is the same poker face we have seen from them before and they are using Allawi as a pawn to get Maliki to sign off on the HCL as written. 2nd... I have not ruled out that the Kurds will just try to secede from Iraq and become the Republic of Kurdistan. This is all too real of a scenario in my opinion. I commend Allawi for being the thorn in Maliki's foot all the time. Maliki is a fraud and a thug. A sniper is the only thing that will eventually stop that jack wagon. He has so many enemies who knows what side it will come from.
  14. 4 years ago I thought people were nuts voting for this guy... But Nowadays, I am appalled at the candidates the Republican Party has put forth this term. Ron seems to be the only one I have any interest in or believe can make change or shift thinking. He is the only one that talks straight and is not in it for the politics in my opinion. He understands what needs to be done, that sometimes concessions must be made to move forward in divided houses. Not sure the rest get it.
  15. Thanks Carrello! Wow... How fun would it be for all of us to go through an "early" election? I suspect an "early" election measured in Iraq years (similar to reverse dog years) would take approximately 2.5 years after his expulsion. Let the Arab Olympic games begin!
  16. Hi Paul...aka QuietLearner...aka...QL...aka my friend, Paul you were able to reach out and touch all of our hearts yet again. Big jerk . I have found in my life through tragedy and triumph that God/TheUniverse/The Source/Whatever doesn't always give us what we ask. He does tend to give us what we need and that is not always in the form we expected it to be in. He often presents it as an "opportunity" to have it. For instance... If you ask for peace of mind, he doesn't give you peace of mind. But... isn't it funny how suddenly opportunities arise to provide you with some peace of mind? Whether through friends visiting, a task resolving itself, a book referral from a friend, a flower growing in the crack of the sidewalk that catches your attention, or your child grabbing your hand and curling up in your lap for no reason. Sometimes it's the simplest of opportunities that sneak in that bring you awareness and your goal of presence much closer. Sometimes it comes through crisis and is there to point it out to us stubborn folk in the bluntest of ways. If you ask for wealth... did you not receive it? You received hundreds maybe thousands of new friends that care about you and that are sending you good vibrations of love and well wishes through electromagnetic waves right now. Those waves are vibrating the molecules and shifting things as I write this. Everything changes everything in that space in that field between the molecules... and you receive it instantaneously. You received a wealth of energy didn't you? Can you feel it? How about the wealth of knowledge you have obtain from 30,000 strangers all chiming in with their 2 cents on every topic under our umbrella? You said it yourself... you have learned more about investment and finance in 6 months than either of us has in a lifetime of schooling. Do you think this is merely coincidence? We are nothing if we are not all together. Whether we agree or not. It is the buzz and the energy of each other that gets all of us through another day no matter what confronts us. Whether that is on a forum, in our neighborhoods, or in your home at your dinner table. It's about all of us being together. So... If you are tired, lie down. But know this... This is an awesome outlet for you as you continue work on repairing your health. It is good for you to continue to peel this onion and think about the good it will bring to so many when it happens. To keep those molecules bumping in solving this mystery. So please keep putting in the work my friend. Rest when you need too. I am sending you out some crazy energy right now as is everyone else who reads this thread. Let it flow. We are all better for you being in our life. Be well.
  17. Great find thank you! It is not necessarily good news for us but it proves the Okies of the world as the frauds they are. This is just one person's opinion on this and nothing more though. The author of the article sees this as a very basic and fundamental principle of economics but doesn't see it for the opportunity it presents. It is unique and the Dinar is undervalued especially compared to the PPP of other nations. He doesn't realize that the current value is an arbitrary number that has long aided the CBI (to their purposeful advantage) to reduce inflation and build reserves. Although it has been hurtful to the Iraqi economy in the short run, it will be a big benefit in the longer run in my opinion. Shabibi cannot pass a re-denomination measure through this GOI without revealing or exercising a revaluation of the Dinar to a certain degree. IN MY OPINION of course. It might not be a huge one that we all hope for but there must be a bump or incentive. 1170 is an illegitimate and unfair rate and the people know it. To reduce the use of the dollar you must incentivize the people with a higher rate of value on the Dinar especially at an opportune time when the dollar is dropping. Making the currency easier to use is also important. They are trying to do that through an RD but you may find that they will have to implement 100k, 50k notes and 1000 and 500 Dinar coins in lieu of a re-denomination. That is what I am hoping for. Not increasing the value of the Dinar but RD'ing is a monetary illusion and will be a huge failure and expense in the people's eyes. In my opinion of course.
  18. Thanks for the great comments everyone... sorry I was away from the computer today. I don't really want to throw Ali under the bus that's not really my intention. But I would like to ask him why that's for sure. Gretzky is the author of one of my favorite quotes. He said when asked about his play... "I don't skate to where the puck is, I skate to where the puck is going. That is what I try to figure out with some of these strange anomalies in this investment. Ali and the cronies seem to be going some direction and I was just wondering where. Hope you are all even wealthier than you are now... real soon. Darin... those things make me nervous too. Good points. Dinarseeker... nice post! Hope you are right about the RV. The thing about dollarization is that an RD won't make the Iraqi's use the new currency anymore than they do with the existing currency just because it is on par with the Dollar. It needs a significant boost as the dollar weakens. That is the opportunity for Shabs to be a hero. That is why I hope they turn down the RD and just keep the same currency but bump it up. Slowly, fast, I don't care. Fast would be better for me though. thegente... great post I totally agree. Dalite... another great post thanks. Rodandstaff... Makes you scratch your head for sure. Maybe there is a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow and we won't care about these cartoon characters.
  19. I was just thinking about how miffed I have been that Ali disappeared from the Dinar scene leaving in a huff after all of his hype and buy back program marketing. Why would a successful business owner leave an extremely successful model behind without selling the business is beyond strange. Clearly there were things we were not told and may never know. What I find equally odd is that certain business alliances "appear" to have been forged with competing dealers with both the vault and the Bhg grp. Hypothetically speaking... Would McDonald's ever help Burger King and Wendy's with anything? They (The dealer owners) have both made references to a plan to help Ali at cash-in times with cash-in locations. Isn't that odd to anyone else? First that these 2 newer dealers, with little or no experience in this field, popped onto the marketplace around the same time the industry leader was exiting for unknown reasons. Then we understand they still have agreements in place at cash in time. Here is where it gets fuzzy to me. Someone a couple of months ago posted an email they received from Ali's company stating something about him still selling Dinar. Then the email went on to "plant a seed" to state a few other currencies like Afghan, Korean, Vietnamese, and a couple others. That made me very suspicious. Then we had the mess with finding out the real owners of the new dealers are acquaintances of Ali and suddenly then Frank and Breitling are pumping one or 2 of these dealers hard. Both matter-of-factly and openly for the first time that could I personally recall. Then Breitling pumps the lower denominations and all of a sudden a new website with that name pops up that happens to be tied to the one dealer he pumps on everyone. We hear about the whole "Dinar Summit" and the mess from that. We know that whole convoluted story that requires no rehashing. Recently, I saw 2 posts from chats of Ali's or one talking for Ali that had me puzzled. The first one was basically a recanting from Ali that the articles mean re-denomination and that a $3 RV is absurd and anyone thinking that is crazy (paraphrasing) blah blah blah. I was in complete shock. Although I am of the belief that Ali never mentioned rates in the past, I know for a fact that he certainly alluded to them with his trade-in marketing mumbo jumbo. For example...Numerous cash in locations across the world with tight security prearranged with local law enforcement, opportunities to cash in for precious metals, one on one meetings with limited contact, buy-back arrangements, lay-away programs... it goes on and on. My favorite was he wanted to buy a bank in Iraq. I find that very interesting knowing that it takes between $80-$90 MILLION DOLLARS to do so. So one has to ask themself....Did he create all that hype for a re-denomination or a simple and subtle appreciation of the Dinar in time??? Not likely. Guess who just entered the scene... our old buddy Neno. He just posted an update the other day that Ali is "working hard" on our behalf to bring us something that will be of great benefit to us. The "WHAT"... he never said. So... It is that "WHAT" that has me thinking. If he went full circle and now thinks that this is a re-denomination how could people, like all of the above, make money from that??? Clearly working together with these cronies would be fruitful wouldn't it? Spreading your product line to a defined and at times naive (myself included) investor market, might also be an option. For instance... maybe selling new exotic currencies like Afgan, Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese... and who knows will Libyan be added too? Didn't Roger say they changed the name of his brokerage to treasury V to expand to a larger palate of currencies? Isn't it funny how the hype from the pumpers all point to a large scaled world currency reset of over 100 hundred countries? Convenient to say the least. Here's another one... How about getting people to pump lower denominations through fear to increase sales into a new market opportunity to spur sales? One step further... by potentially artificially inflating them on EBay to create a demand at a ridiculously high profit margin in the process. Call all of this leverage and hedging your bet. Which brings me to my point... What if the new frontier for these opportunistic boys is in a re-denomination??? The opposite of what they pump? What if Ali and the cronies are creating a plan to deliver all the new Dinar currency that would be created upon Parliaments approval to you fine people? Preying again on the fear that our tangible Dinar would become useless upon re-denomination? Can you imagine the money these guys would make on the spread if they could exchange our Dinar for a new Dinar OUTSIDE OF IRAQ? This would be a noble and helpful thing if we didn't have full knowledge that they have been pumping us all up the last 5 years about the riches that would come from Dinar only to profit again from its RD. Get ready... If Parliament agrees to an RD these boys have a plan for your pocket book folks and this of course is IN MY OPINION!
  20. Heinzy... I totally agree with you. I believe this will be voted down for lots of reasons. They may surprise us and agree to it but I have my doubts. It is very clear to me that they are starting to send Shabibi the message that the currency problem is that it is UNDERVALUED more than the issues with ease of use due to too much in circulation. Either way this kind of dialogue from the Parliamentarians is good for us. I believe that 1170 is simply an arbitrary rate that was designed to benefit the CBI to rein in inflation and build reserves at a greater rate (faster) then a normal situation would have called for. I believe they did this at the expense of the Iraqi people thinking that a few more years of living without will reward them in the future. We shall see. I think that everyone should be rooting against this Re-denomination and not applauding or thinking those numerous articles mean something else. It has nothing to do with with removing zeros from just the currency notes and bringing in smaller denominations while keeping the same circulation numbers as some suggest. It is a flat out RD and nothing but one. That will hurt us investors big time when it comes to exchanging our notes if the currency doesn't go international before a trade-in window closes or another exchange opportunity emerges. This frightens the Heck out of me since mine are tangible and not in a Warka. I think its funny you used the word Plan B because I wrote a thread on this very subject back in June and coined it "Plan B". It's long but there are some great responses to it. Good post and article find here Heinzy! Thanks!
  21. Way to make us think Legolas. Good solid perspective. Hopefully the truth lies somewhere in between on the Dinar. Joe P... looks like you left out a lot of details to make your claim. What are the M2's, populations, GDP, reserves, debts, and PPP for those 4 nations you are comparing Iraq to? Are they politically sound? Do they have infrastructure and banking systems in place? How is the security there? Are they under economic sanctions? If you can't use those facts then your claim can't hold any water.
  22. Thanks JW... This is only an opinion and the opposite of what I want. Everyone has different takes and that is great. I hope yours is the right one... trust me. My take on what you isolated is this. To drop the price (means to re-denominate to equal closer to the value of the dollar now). So 1000 Dinar would become 1 Dinar equal .85 cents USD. Then it would RV up to $1usd which is a 15% increase roughly. To first raise the value of the dinar against the dollar means raising the purchasing power of 1 solitary Dinar which currently is worth .00085 up to .85. So 1 Dinar will have more power after an RD because right now it takes 1000 Dinar to equal that same value. Wouldn't you agree that they can buy more with that new 1 Dinar than they could with 1 Dinar right now? It is confusing I know. WE all think when they say "purchasing power" that it means the exchange rate is going up so we can buy more goods. When they talk purchasing power in these articles they are meaning the value of 1 Dinar is stronger than it was before when it took 1000 Dinar to buy the same good. The are comparing relative strength of 1 Dinar before and after an RD. The restructuring of the Iraqi currency means new denominations comparable to the ones we have in the US right now. Basically lower denominations. This is why I want GOI to turn down an RD, continue to use the existing currency, and then just RV it to say a penny and then let the international market take it higher.
  23. I have no interest in raining on anyone's parade but want to point out a couple of things. Please know, I do NOT want them to RD and I do NOT think the GOI will vote on it in the end. But who knows. I think we will make way more money with them not RDing and going up. Ok... First Dr. Peace Sumaism is a woman and an Iraqi economist, and probably the smartest one there with exception to Shabs himself. 2nd... I believe she is referring in this article to dropping 3 zeros off the currency and exchange rate which is an RD of .85 cents. Does us no good. However, the re-evaluation shes mentions is talking about a smaller RV from .85 to $1. Basically a 15% increase to us. Not what any of us were hoping for, but to the Iraqi's that is about a 15% raise if you think about it. At least in the form of purchasing power. The silver lining is that they are talking about foreign currency deposits in this. The more foreign currency you bring into your country from international business and investment the more your exchange rate will rise in time.
  24. I don't know if it is him or not but I do know that Dinar D himself referred to him as "Tony" all the time. Isn't Tony short for Anthony?? I will answer my own question ....YES. Strange little extra coincidence don't you think? Whether it is him or not... you would be nuts to listen to him (IN MY OPINION). One, because he doesn't have a clue about the reality of this investment except wherein he can mislead you. Two, I know this because he gives outrageous statements about it in the samplings I have heard or read from him. He is an opportunist in my opinion. Anyone else find it odd that he is the original pumper of lower denominations and his ol' buddy Roger allegedly owns Treasuryvault which also has a site called lower denoms dot something out of Draper Utah??? Hope ya'll like fiddle music because some of you are being played like one with these dipsticks. Ya... I said it! I can't stand dishonest punks! I think it would be interesting if someone miffed at him questioned if it was him with the FTC. I know he is full of it and not worth my time. Someone else might find it a worthy endeavor though. http://iraqidinarnew...-date%E2%80%A6/ Half way down the article you will find the reference
  25. We have seen these numbers many times. Scooter posted this stuff a lot. I don't think it means what we think it means. My link isn't working and unfortunately I have to run out so I can't find the research on it. It shows above it the actual rate as 1170 for 2009. I realize real rate means something different and it would definitely be in alignment with what my projections could be BUT... Something is odd about it. Kind of like the rate that the Ministry of Planning was using an odd rate and the 2009 budget was referring to Bahrain Dinar. Too many strange numbers. Certainly worth looking into again. Thanks for the post. You might look at some of Scooters old posts. I know you will find those numbers there and in other posts from at least a year ago. I honestly can't remember what we figured out on that stuff. Be well.
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