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  1. The World Economy is Saved!!! The World Economy is Saved!!! NOVEMBER 23, 2011 Share 29 The World Economy is Saved!!! By Dene McGriff The world economy looks pretty bleak at the moment. As I have written in the last three articles, there is way too much money and debt sloshing around in the world, too many entitlements, too much complaining and too little production. Interest rates are increasing in Italy, Spain and even France. The debt/death spiral has begun. But what if I told you that we have a temporary fix? Just remember, you heard it here first. I’m not going to back this up with
  2. "and she had a virus" - YIKES.... consider yourself Lucky. What's worse than Lobster's on your Piano ?................... Crabs on your organ.
  3. LOL .. yes...Truth that you can really sink your teeth into = Trooth. Hukd on Foniks.
  4. BREAKING NEWS...WARKA GA MEETING HELD. Dear XXXXXXXX, Please note that Warka just held its will general assembly meeting where once we finalize the committee procedures we will resume trading on the electronic board no specific date has been where an official a notice will be posted on our website well updating our fine clients and shareholders. This is from MR, I. Please don't contact him on this subject...this is all they will release at this time.
  5. Don't bother, unless you are wanting to buy shares on the ISX . Warka bank was booted off the ISX for incomplete "records" etc. Hold on until the supposed merge takes place - with Standard Chartered Bank.
  6. A Bank named after an improper fraction should not be trusted.
  7. And you wonder why ? LOL - look who he's dealing with. LOL - Anyway, I've found that any and every country seems to bash the guy in "House" even though it was the last tenant that trashed the place. Bush and his oil buddies raped and pillaged the US (and abroad) and left it for Obama to clean up - plain and simple.
  8. Banks are well under the 20 IQD mark - I own all banks and Baghdad Soft Drink (Pepsi) - all are trading well under 10 IQD and most under 4 IQD. Salaam (the HSBC affiliate) is trading at 5 IQD - they just signed a deal to prepare the IPO for AsiaCell - With all due respect, judging by your statement above, I don't think you have done the appropriate research to get into the ISX just yet - your comments do not reflect current market values at all - only a handful are trading at the levels you quoted. Ones I would not touch at all - way over priced. Good luck.
  9. With all due respect this took me all of 7 seconds to find on google ... and a lot more like it.:
  10. that's what I thought ... not rocket science ... thank him for his service !!!!!!
  11. This always cracks me up. B of A indeed dealt in IQD and will again. Scotiabank in Canada uses B of A as a clearing house on all of their currency, and for years obtained IQD from B of A. I was standing an ear shot away from the teller when she made the rate call every time I went in. The paper wrapper on my Dinar had a B of A stamp on it once. They may never deal to the public but they sure as heck supplied the banks. In fact I just called 3 weeks ago to buy more - the head teller said she needed to call B of A and see if they have resumed supplying IQD - they have not. The individual banks
  12. Sure glad you clarified that simply because it would make a nice kit gun during hunting season...
  13. They just had their general meeting on the 12th ... waiting on ISX update etc. ... maybe this will shed some light into what is going on here. I have an account and shares - would really like to know if this thing (Warka) is BOOM or BUST. Sure glad I stayed heavy in cash (60 cash 30 ISX and 10 on deposit) ... many bailed on cash and put all their camel eggs in one droopy basket (Warka) - some to the tune of 100K + - scary scene - no deposit insurance.
  14. Thanks... but who cares about one banks opinion or bus. practices.
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