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  1. * Dave029 (WF does not sell, buy or plans on doing either with the dinar): OOM 11/21/11 November 21, 2011 · Posted in RUMORS (Dinar Revaluation) · Comments Off I called the WF foreigh currency department and they told me they do not buy or sell the iraqi dinar. You hear this very first when you first call them.. The lady i then spoke to said they have no intetions of dealing with the IQD as well.. Anyone who wants to hear this can call this number: 18006269430.. So as we were told it was wrong.. AGAIN.. And many of you will say its secret and they cant say till it happens or that the person i talked to doesnt know.. Well she was the manager of the department as she told me, so im sure she knows.. and if they were selling or buying IQD then they would go ahead and say so.. But seeing how they are not we were once again decieved.. makes you think what else is false in what we are being told???
  2. You or correct you or the only one who see what I am talking about.
  3. Your or correct and it did take a peron who has an open mind to see what I have been saying. Looking on the surface we have been taken, scammed, but underneath we pray hope and do see light, only time will tell, it is for sure the so called Guru's or only trying to make more money.
  4. The New Guru here with the same old story. I will not even spend the time everyone knows the verse same as the first, we or in a loop pattern, or we might even call it ground hog day. Everyone have a great Thanksgiving, get ready for Christmas, and we will start 2012 waiting. I am really curious on how the will spin bringing in the New Year will affect the Dinar, how when and why it should be the time for our blessing. I would love to be in the room with these guys listening to how they come up with a story line to keep everyone hanging on. Many of us have been hanging on for years, but I feel that we have all figured out they or just trying to scam us out of more money. Again I will say there is not a thing that can be done because they do sell us a product which we have in our hands, Dinar which is worth less than you paid for it; in most cases, due to all the fees, and cuts taking when you sell, if you can find anyone to even sell it too. Many will start with you can sell it here or there, let about a million people try to sell it back and you will find all the Dinar sellers skip out of town faster than Ali did his exit after making a few million dollars. So eat a lot of turkey and watch a little football, I will be watching Texas because my son played there was punter and field goal kicker when they were rated number one; years ago, my has time flown, so do not get to wrapped up in the Dinar, because twenty years will soon pass and many will still be hear reading the site Guru information, not me I will be dead and gone it twenty years.
  5. The New Guru here, I have been out for a while, that is how they always start their information. Back now, it is Thursday night and we have been hearing things from all directions, so much good information not sure where to start. If we don’t see it happen tonight we should see it late Saturday, that will give you time to buy more Dinar. If not Saturday no later than Monday, if for some reason it does not happen Monday go ahead take a break for thanksgiving enjoy your holiday, family and Turkey. Although Iraq does not celebrate the US holidays they will make an exception just this once. Everyone just needs to lighten up, count your blessing not your money, because this investment might not happen till 2012, but for sure it should and could and we see no reason why it will not happen before then. Please do not take your children’s Christmas present money and buy Dinar we would never say that but if you want; it would make the Dinar sellers have a very nice Christmas. The Dinar sales would like to thank everyone for the great year you have made for each of us, we or very thankful for your money. Look at it this way if the Dinar never comes in remember you have made a few of us very rich, so think of it like giving to the needy. Now we or on a minute to minute watch waiting for the Dinar to RV but again let me say if it does not happen by Monday evening with boots on the ground they hear it will not be till the following week. So sleep good tonight but keep the phone close you never know when you will get the call. I am hearing April 1st 2012, keep that date in mind I called it first.
  6. Well we all heard the hype yesterday that the RV had taken place in Iraq, just waiting on the” official” word well we still wait. This morning now you see that it was all miss-information, they or not sure how they got things wrong, but keep on buying Dinar we or close oh so close, any minute, we or on a hour to hour watch. Should happen soon if not by Friday maybe by December 15th, but for sure not to far past the beginning of 2012. I am now proclaiming myself as the new Guru and if you want the truth as I see it please send $19.95 for a six minute subscription and a additional $39.95 and I will send you my one page manuscript on the truth about the Dinar in Iraq, this is a limited offer so please rush payment cash only US dollars thanks and have a great day, week, month, year and Christmas of 2012, I will make you an offer of re-subscription at the low cost of $9.95 as long as you subscribed to this offer in 2011, I will also gurantee to pro rate the offer by 10% each Christmas until it becomes totally free, so if it has not RV by 2020 let's call it quits.
  7. I have said it over and over again if these men mouths or moving they or lying,this is the same stories that have been published for years now. I think it is entertainment, like going to the circus and watching the clowns. I just wish I could meet them face to face, and then we could see how many lies they would spout, off. These guys or about as low as a snake belly in fact a snake has more friends than them, low life good for nothing, lazy, pieces of crap.
  8. Well this has been debunked again, folks if these people and I mean all of them move their mouths or fingers they or lying, these people or consistent liars, they or chronic liars, they can not tell the truth about anything. We might as well come to the fact we have been Madoffed. We can not press criminal charges against them because they did sell us something and we bought it worthless paper. Last night I was going through my fathers papers from the army he left as a lt. colonial, had three bronze stars, purple heart and the list went on and on, he fought at the battle of Normany just to name one, where have the people with honor gone. You can be sure that the Guru's on these Dinar sites and the people who spout off RV have not one ounce of honor, morals or character, as the number one liar would say Nuff Said.
  9. How else can they keep this going, after the countefeit story it will be something else, I have to keep saying these fellows or great with the stories.
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