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  1. So *right on* bamagirl Crazy things go through my head...even when I can get into DV Hope Santa was good to you !!
  2. Thanx DT, you just made my morning... Almost spewed coffee all over my keyboard! Love your quick wit...
  3. Thanx Bama...Wishing you a wonderful Thankgiving day as well !
  4. Hey Bama Mama... Things will only get better now. Prayers, best wishes for You & all your family, and a speedy recovery to your boys!
  5. Firebird, I've done this before...and was truly amazed! So yummy!
  6. This has been and always will be my favorite Love Song. Elusive Butterfly of Love
  7. Hey bama girl ... My prayers are going up and when I count my blessings I will count You, too! Try to think as positive as possible. Sending you HUGE hugs (gently) and kisses! Plz keep us up-dated?
  8. I'll be clearing my throat getting ready to H O W L I love the pull of the full moon...
  9. Thanx Adam for the short trip! I better start learning some exercises I can do while in my chair reading DinarVets x-citing news I haven't been in my bathing since hibernating all winter. Not a nice vision to think about Any exercise ideas Fellow Dinarians ?
  10. Darin....I think your *Contest* idea is the best ! +
  11. That's kinda funny, yota... Nice to see Iraq moving & shaking in some direction. Go RV>>>>>
  12. Not to panic Adam...all is well. Thanx for the am goodies
  13. Thanx for the g' morning chuckles. I sure can relate
  14. I'm right there with ya bamagirl My heart has been kept beating by so many people here and the many wonderful posts, ideas, jokes and of course, the *rumors* I don't think I could get through a day without *DINAR VETS* ! Thanx easyrider for starting this tread
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