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  1. Unfortunately, in bankspeak "imminent" is equal to "soon" and "in the coming days". Be afraid, be very afraid.
  2. Everything will change on July 1st (or July 4th, or July 9th) ...until it doesn't.
  3. Welcome to the Iraq of the 13th century....the Great Caliphate....made possible by Barack Obama. What a guy.
  4. Oh good....while Obama fiddles, Iraq burns. While he decides what he should do politically, Iran, China, and Russia will divide up the country. Thanks Mr.'re a real leader.
  5. One self-appointed guru suggests that Obama signed the public RV as a rumor, with no material evidence of anything happening, and before you know it, 15 other sites are re-posting it as if it were credible intel. No sources, no evidence......more of the same....and around and around it goes.
  6. Great pick. Time for accountability. No one died in Watergate, yet the dems and media pursued that relentlessly. Here we have 4 American heroes dead and they just want it to go away. Wonder why. Time to hold ALL of them accountable....including the media for their complicity.
  7. It should be clear by now, after five years in office, that our first half-white president is beyond reproach for anything he or his family does. The mainstream media anointed him divine emperor and is, in large part, responsible for what we have been given by this president; an assault on the Constitution, blatant cronyism, and a willful disregard for the rule of law. The media, along with this out-of-control president, must be held accountable for their they will be by history.
  8. Okie calls it every day.....figures he'll get it right by default some day. As far as calling the RI, we have no hard evidence (from CBI website) yet that it actually happened....just hope. Perhaps we will find out this weekend once and for all. Here's more hoping.
  9. If you can't spell, and don't like auto-spell, suggest you buy a map. Just sayin...
  10. Mt Gox suspends trading on Feb 25. All riders left holding lead tokens. wtf.
  11. I hear, "it's all done, everything is imminent, we're on a minute to minute red alert watch", yes, just like every day for the past few years. Really?
  12. Once again the U.S. shows its mighty strategy of "leading from behind" allowing the Chinese to secure a major trading partnership with Iraq. We spend our blood and treasure to assure that the Chinese can spread their influence throughout the Middle East in the most up-and-coming nation in the region. What's wrong with this picture Mr. President?
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