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  1. It is my opinion that they will profit even more because most of it will come back in as oil credits by other countries. So they are backing there currency with there oil reserves. They make money on the way out and sell oil when it comes back. It is a win win situation. So lets just do it already.
  2. I very much agree, I spent 5 years there and got to know there culture. It is so different from the west that most people have no clue about it.
  3. racbluto


    How would this affect non denominational dinar held in bank accounts? Or the smaller bills less than 1000 dinar notes? Doesn't seem right that only the large bills are affected. Or would they reduce everything by 1000% This whole LOP speculation just doesn't make any sense and IMO undoable.
  4. "contractor welfare recipients"? Many of us are former military and served our country in other wars. And as I am sure you know many of us made the ultimate sacrifice in Iraq to be there in support of our military and nation. I ran convoys the whole time there and thank God the regular Marines I worked with respected and valued our service. After all we are on the same side. Bluto~~~~~
  5. Heh Night stick! How ya doin brother? Are you back to work in the states? I am truckin the oil fields in North Dakota, lots of work here but the weather is brutal after all that time in the sand box. LOL drop me a line when ya get a chance...... Bluto
  6. First off the Marines are gone from Al Asad. I was there for 5 years and saw them pull out about a year ago. I left in August. Secondly what money exchanges? There are none, except Army finance. The local shops might exchange some. But I am not buying this post at all. The BS meter is on high alert here. JMO
  7. Thanks for the info Keep!!! Who knows it could mean any number of things, but us wishful thinkers like to imagine the best. I have always respected your drive to keep it real. When people get emotionally involved in there investments it gets ugly. Best to keep a level head and search for the truth. I appreciate all to strive bring us closer to reality. Bluto ~~~~~
  8. Simply put, Proven oil reserves is as good as gold to back there currency.
  9. Very true but the US dollar is already used by the public there so the transition would be easy. Come on Shabs "Just do it" LOL
  10. It is my belief that they could still RV even with out the small denominations of dinar. They could continue using US small denominations until they brought out the fills and smaller dinar notes.
  11. Who knows but I lean toward the big bang, because it is backed by there oil reserves. The economic boost would be felt world wide and certainly enable Iraq the recovery they so desperately need. It will be a epic event never before seen in human history.
  12. Thanx for the post Eddinar, your info is always top notch. And thanks to Okie for sharing his contacts and info for us. Seems we are so close we can smell it now.
  13. No problem bro,, you are respected and appreciated here,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, GO RV
  14. could be a smoke screen as they have had alot of bombings and don't want the bad guys to know when there meeting.. bad for security!!! We will see how it plays out......
  15. Very interesting, sure hope this is the real deal. If the GOI is seated in the next couple days we are golden. Thanks for posting it Katscountry. Great job!!!!
  16. Any mention of (blowing) will get you negative votes from married women. JMO
  17. WOW Thanks Scooter that is a awesome amount of data. Really appreciate your efforts brother... Bluto~~~~~
  18. We want that to go down not up. dinars to dollars
  19. If you ordered it COD it is in there control until you receive it. Meaning if the RV hits any time in transit they can call it back. Because you have not payed for it yet. Check the small print in there terms.
  20. So if this is true as stated in the article. Now there highest denomination bill will be a 500 dinar bill. Currently worth about 50 cents. No way this could help anything. Imagine how much cash they will have to carry now buy goods and services. Its gotta be bs. Keep the faith folks it has been said many times the closer we get the more misinformation there will be. So perhaps this is a good sign. Bluto ~~~~~
  21. I agree with Keep and sonny, this is either more smoke and mirrors or it doesn't make sense. Or possibly redenomination without a RV, because it states that prices and salaries will not change. Could be more misinformation to curb speculation. Hope we will know the truth soon.
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