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  1. Greetings and Merry Christmas to the those 'all of those still standing' to keep DV Members up to date regarding our the Dinar and to those new people that I do not know by name. May your Holiday Season be filled with joy and happiness and 2019 be filled with prosperity, abundance and every successful endeavor that you may wish to attain. In September of 2018 it marked 9 years since Dinar came rushing into my life and hands. It has been wonderful and exciting to to enjoy interactions here at Dinar Vets. 2019 is bound to be a most exciting year for Dina
  2. Greetings Adam! Thank you for your informative Email, which brought me here again to do some reading. Keep keeping on people,,,, the RV will be! Nice to see the faithful still here. Your old friend, Jac God Bless America and YOU!
  3. Thank you Adam I was just discussing this with others. I agree with you. Let us hope we do not have this blessing hidden from our sight much longer! God Bless America and All of You!
  4. Thank you, Ron, be hopeful and blessed! Jac
  5. I make an effort to remember Franklin's words whenever I am punching keys, I do believe they go like this... "Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing." -Ben Franklin Bye for now! God Bless America! Jac
  6. Gentlemen, It sounds like you need to throw your hats in the ring and get busy diligently working for change. Actions speak louder then words but sitting back in an easy chair or in front of the computer will never bring anything but more of the same. "The real poverty of the poor is poverty of their aspirations." -John Adams God Bless America! Jac
  7. However.. as the song goes...WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!!!!
  8. Sad to say the world and environment in which we live has.... how shall I say it well, distract even the most disciplined human being. Try, I am certain is the watchword of all Masters, Avatars and Christ. God Bless America!
  9. "Om. Lead me from the unreal to real; lead me from darkness to light; lead me from death to immortality. Om...Peace, peace, peace.__;" Bridhadaranyaka Upanishad 1.3 2839 One of the most beautiful Upanishads! Thank you, KS
  10. Interesting read, Adam. Consider the HCL KICKED for I share your sentiments completely! God Bless America!
  11. Thank you for your comments Ron. I agree very happy important days are on the way for Iraq and for us as well. God Bless America!
  12. Interesting thank you both. Amazing things going on, still! April 23, 2014 goodness has it been that long?
  13. Well I wondered what SKR was too. I did not think to check currency symbols. Congratulations to you, Nortec.
  14. DUTY & SELF CONTROL By President Teddy Roosevelt University of Wisconsin at Madison – April 15, 1911 When you take power, you also assume responsibility. No man can get power without at the same time acquiring the duty of being held to a rigid accountability for his use of that power. I wish to see the people in absolute control, but when you, the people, assume that control remember that you cannot shirk the responsibility that comes with it. The sovereign in any country, and in any land, must be held accountable for the way in which he uses the vast power that is his, and
  15. The latest from another site An interesting read. Jac God Bless America
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