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  1. circa67

    The South!

    I thought they were all funny except the one about Alabama
  2. That rate is better than the one I had in mind!
  3. Does anyone else feel like the longer it takes the higher the rate? Just a thought..........or wishful thinking!
  4. '67 SS can't be beat. I would take either one.
  5. I had a dream 2 nights ago i checked Forex and it had RV'd @ $3.86. I was so excited I tried to log on to DV to confirm the rate and my computer was freezing up. I couldn't tell anyone until I confirmed it. Very frustrating dream.
  6. Would you eat my little nephews shorts unwashed? We don't call him "little squirt" for nothing. Just having a little fun before "payday"
  7. Excuse my igonrance, but can someone explain this auction chart to me? Thanks friends....
  8. It actually means confusion. Remember the tower of Babel? That is were the word babble comes from also. Not trying to make anyone look bad. The confusion never really left that land did it?
  9. The formula is simple. It's also known as the gumballs in a fishbowl test. Ask a crowd of people to guess the number of gumballs in the fish bowl and the total divided by the people will get it close every time. My buddy used it to bet football games last year...He believes in it.
  10. This might be fun. Kinda like The Price is Right! COME ON DOWN!!!!!
  11. That is a great idea. I'm in...$2.64
  12. I'm gonna hire them to play my RV party! One of my favorite songs by them is Farewell to Kings. The first verse of that song is kind of fits our situation... When they turn the pages of history when these days have passed long ago Will they read of us with sadness for the seeds that we let grow? I am going to sow my seeds wisely....
  13. And the winning price is....$2.64..The formula has been used for over a thousand years. The law of averages. Mark the price down. It will be real close to it. The law never fails. Try it out with anything. I took the first 53 throwing out the 15.00 (sorry). Thanks guys. Just having some fun before we get rich!
  14. Here's how the game is played. Post a dollar amount you honestly think the rate will be. No comments needed just a dollar amount. When at least 50 have posted, I'll post the rate..It is actually a pretty accurate formula. I'll go first. $2.70..The price I just payed for a gallon of gas.
  15. I passed this tip on to a workmate and explained to him what was going on with the dinar. He said to me," You know, I think my brother in law owns some iraqi money'. He confirmed this with me saying when he was in Iraq, the were encouraged to buy the dinar. He showed my buddy a bunch of dinar he had in his safe. In turn that was enough to get him to come aboard. Has anyone else heard of the military encouraging their men to buy during the war?
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