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  1. 1 usd for 1iqd works for me thanks for sharing.
  2. Just hoping this ride is over real soon thank you Adam for all your hard work.
  3. it was 2009 and now its 2013 same thing at this time of year any minunte every year every day it will RV but only when they are ready just wish it would be today.
  4. Update: Iraqi President Talabani 'critical' after stroke AP Photo: Hadi Mizban, File. Stroke: Iraq President Jalal Talabani. IMAGE 21 min ago |By MSN News with wire reports share 0tweet 0pin it 0emailA unifying figure to his fractious country, Iraqi President Jalal Talabani was rushed to a hospital Monday after he fainted and remained unconscious. BAGHDAD — Iraqi President Jalal Talabani is in a "critical but stable condition" in a Baghdad hospital, three government sources said Tuesday, after having suffered a stroke. His medical team is still trying to stabilize his condition, a spokesman for the prime minister said Tuesday. Talabani, a rare unifying figure who is seen to rise above the country's ethnic and sectarian fault lines, has been actively involved in trying to mediate an ongoing crisis between Iraq's central government and the country's Kurdish minority. The spokesman, Ali al-Moussawi, said Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki is at the hospital where the president is being treated. Doctors have not decided whether Talabani will continue to be treated in Baghdad or will be flown to another country for treatment, he said. He was unable to provide further details. Talabani's office earlier said the Iraqi president had been rushed to the hospital, after showing signs of fatigue Monday evening, and that he was being treated for an unspecified health problem. Talabani's spokesman could not immediately be reached for comment. An Iraqi Cabinet official said Talabani fainted Monday and remains unconscious. The official agreed to speak only on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to release details about the president's health. The Iraqi presidency is seen as a largely ceremonial post, though it does retain some powers under Iraq's constitution. The president must sign off on laws approved by parliament and has the power to block executions. Talabani, a member of Iraq's Kurdish minority, has frequently used the post to mediate disputes within the government and among Iraq's various sects and ethnic groups. He has recently been working to resolve a standoff between the central government and the Kurds, who have their own fighting force. The two sides last month moved additional troops into disputed areas along the Kurds' self-rule northern region, prompting fears that fighting could break out. Talabani last week brokered a deal that calls on both sides to eventually withdraw troops from the contested areas, though there is no timetable for how soon the drawdown might take place. Talabani met with al-Maliki earlier Monday. They agreed that al-Maliki would invite a delegation
  5. Thanks Adam Merry Christmas to you ,your family, all of our Military and to everyone in Dinarvets.
  6. I do not believe Irag will ever get it right to much me, me, me with there political process.
  7. If and when they drop 3 zeros it is only to bring out lower bills they will have to give the Irag citizens time to trade in the large bills for the lower bills if not people will not believe in thier money and want to stay with the USD just my thoughts not a LOP
  8. He is a liar liar pants on fire you know come wednesday he will call the RV for Friday cash in on monday must be some bad smokie that okie is smoking :eyebrows:
  9. The things that I am thankfull for is Family my Country and our US Military HEROS. God Bless America
  10. Went to the same bank and talked to a manager he was very helpfull he told me it will happen it is just a matter of time he took my number and told me when it does RV he would call and they would be a bank that will be doing business with Dinar investors if they want to cash in there after RV.
  11. No being an arss but why would you call us IDIOTS not every one one this site believes these want to be GURUS I my self believe it will happen some day when who knows I have been a member of this site a long time and would never call anyone on here IDIOTS if you think we are then use the same right that Adam gives freedom to come to this site or leave this site attitudes like yours is why most real people do not want to comment on anything they hear or believe.
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