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  1. I know for a fact that 5/3rd notified branchs about Dinar and how it is purly speculative!!!
  2. Well said IVyJ04 maybe you should start a blog site for the real Investors There is a process for this to happen and us wanting it to come faster than politically or legally allowed is foolish on our part. Things are in motion and will reveal themselves when the time comes. IMO we are days (2-14) away from greatness! Just pray that all goes well over the next few sessions of Parliment and we will be justly rewarded. Maybe not multi-Billionares but something is better than nothing. Remember you gotta be in it to win it
  3. I don't know when it will happen but I can tell you this; I will be on the inside track for any news coming out on SE Asia. My family is in Gvt of TL and that is what supports the currency for that Region of the world
  4. I appreciate your opinon and respect your input. IMO, there is not some "Great Conspiracy". Economics and reason can help shed light on this matter. I read last night where the G.E.T. had over 250 million dinar pledges to the VETS, lol. If the RV goes thru like most of us were led to believe then the VET's would have about 5% of what is allocated to the VA by our federal gvt.
  5. I have never claimed to know it all but I can deduce and be resonable about what I should expect from my investment. Just say they remove the zero's and then RV based on that, doesnt that sound more realistic?
  6. You misunderstand my posting of TK's "Intel" When I put his comments out there it is simply to show how riduculious what some people say. The RV will happen! It's just not going down like everyone in the US hit the Lottery all of a sudden. Hey man, dream as big as you want too! Reality will eventually set in. I can assure you this any investor in the World would be happen with 4x their money. Well maybe not you
  7. Well if you follow the link is shows that this was a posted article today from AKNEWS dated today. As much as we all would like to become instant Billionaires it is becoming more increasingly clear what is going to happen with the Dinar. I mean why should we continue to believe the Guru's when they have been wrong on so many points before? What sounds more realistic 3-4 times your money or 1000 times your money? I am not trying to be negative or rain on a parade. Just stop and think about it for a minute back away from the cheering section and actually look at the game.
  8. People, lets not put our heads in the sand! I think this is very clear that the are removing the zero's from the notes. Seriously if anyone here actually believes that an average Iraqi security force guard who was making 1200 USD will become a millionare just for investing $1000usd. Lets get real!
  9. I placed this post in rumors, it was moved
  10. I wouldn't say excited, more like interesting that someone would continue to fabricate
  11. Yeah, I heard from friend that TK said it!!! Thats why I'm asking
  12. Has anyone head about special news conference tomorrow
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