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  1. I spent nearly 5 years in Iraq and the one thing I am sure of is that violence and hate is way of life over there. It has gone on for thousands of years and will never change, RV or not. Islam is not and never has been a religion of peace. While I still hope for for some kind of positive resolution in regards to the dinar, who knows if this will ever happen.
  2. Sure looks like this could be a sign of good news to come. Hope it is true.
  3. Thanks M.A.S. I have heard this before and it makes logical sense. My only question is why has it not happened yet? There must be something going on or some force holding this up. Probably rooted in greed, corruption and political power. All we can do is wait and pray that someday good will prevail.
  4. I'm already gone, just waiting for the money to catch up to me. LOL
  5. Sounds very possible, but no telling when it will happen or if the dinar will some how rise in value.
  6. I have two personal rules on stress. #1 Don't sweat the small $hit!!! #2 It is ALL small $hit!!!
  7. I am not economic expert but why can't Iraq back there currency with there proven natural resources. I thought I saw something about the UN or IMF deciding this was indeed acceptable. Certainly gold can be used so why not black gold? Even if it is still in the ground it is like gold in a vault and can be recovered for it's value.
  8. Just for the record if the IRS is watching this site. I am only here for the entertainment.
  9. Thanks Saint for posting this.. I believe this to be the absolute truth about what is happening in the US. And this comes from a man that knows the evil forces at work in the world. I just hope more people will see the truth and spread the word before it is to late. Judging by the last election though I think it may be to late already. The prophecy of the end times may be coming, which side will you be on?
  10. I agree with Rich,, generally speaking people buy on reserve because they are buying on a rumor thats its about ready to pop. And when that expires they don't have the money to complete the deal so they are out of there deposit money. Much better to only buy what you can afford and don't buy the hype. JMO Bluto ~~~~~~
  11. The people that build and sell those luxury items are children of God as well and buying those items would be a blessing to them. Enabling them to provide for there families. What a miracle blessing this would be. The gift that keeps on giving.
  12. Seems they all have chosen to forget the invasion of Kuwait and how Saddam raped, pillaged and plundered the small nation for his own gain. As I see it the only mistake we made was not to completely take him down after expelling him from Kuwait.
  13. I agree and he did it with dignity and respect.
  14. It could be $15 dollars but the dollar would have to crash in value first.
  15. Against All Odds really strikes a cord with me. Hope you folks enjoy this one too. Bluto~~~~
  16. No thanks, I been down that road before. Everyone has the right to choose there own path in life, but my experiance is that the path of drugs and alcohol is a dead end road. I pray God helps you to choose the right path.
  17. I spent 5 years over there and everyone knows how to get it out. They will have already moved it.
  18. Thanks Andy ,,, I for one believe that sometimes , some people do have premonitions of the future. Surely someone will claim they saw this happen before it did. Really hope your right on the mark with this. What a miricle blessing it would be....
  19. Thanks BL, I for one aprreciate everything you have brought to us to share. And agree 100% on your analysis. The inmature punks on here would not not fair well with us face to face.
  20. WOW Mongo,, coming from you this is huge. But I agree with you in that you can't trust anyone on this till the money is in the bank. Still I have never seen you post anything like this before. So thanks so much for the hope that this could be the miricle we been praying for. Bluto ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  21. How about someone with equal or more fire power? There is always someone with a bigger gun. LOL I very much agree that the best advise is to tell no one and for me I am also going to disappear...RV=poof gone LOL
  22. Even though alcohol is prohibited there is a lot of it there. It gets smuggled in from other countrys, especially Turkey. Same goes for the drug market. Every country in the world has these problems. It seems the more you prohibit or outlaw something the more people will do it. Cultural differences make us seem different but the truth is we are all human and share the same flaws. Bluto~~~~~~~~~
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