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  1. RV is coming every years more bones left..
  2. So I guess it's from the horse's mouth Cbi no rate change I'm going to sell all my dinars what A bs
  3. Budget goes to Gazette and then become a law including the rate what happen to new rate before budget?
  4. Nothing will happen until end of the year or early 2022
  5. Interest is posted now😁
  6. Absolutely also they have to be article viii . Probably even Businessmen in iraq they don't that
  7. CBI buy rate is 1450 sell rate 1460 IT does not matter what budget says? 🤣 I think you need a vacation . so you can study more!!!
  8. cember 29, 2020 With a huge deficit and an "agreement with Kurdistan" ... the Iraqi parliament receives the 2021 budget In it, the Kurdistan Regional Government said that the agreement reached by its negotiating delegation with Baghdad is included in the draft law Erbil 13:12 December 29 2020 The draft budget requires a vote from parliament to become law - an archive ERBIL (Kurdistan 24) - The deputy speaker of the Iraqi parli
  9. When budget get approve and publish in gazette it will be become a law including 1450 rate for the whole 2021 year.
  10. FYI Kuwait never rv because they did not devalue. The Kuwaiti dinar went down inside the country only people of Kuwait were afraid of Sadam. Kuwait central bank never devalue also you can check imf . So that statement is not true.
  11. SONIA1


    Yes Iraq is very smart....🤣
  12. The best way to do it is to contact us embassy in Baghdad and let them help us..
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