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  1. Adam, I recently read an article discussing a joint business between Baghdad and Kurdistan for Kurdistans oil. Wouldn't they need to know the percentages in order to form this business in order for the shares to be distributed properly, meaning they have the agreement already?
  2. We know the reforms are designed to help the citizens so if they reduce the value of the IQD, this does the complete opposite. My guess is this, if they do reduce the value, it will be very short lived before they increase it up to its true value. Having said that, I don't believe they will reduce it.
  3. Did I violate this when I helped someone find dinar in the uk? If yes, I apologize.
  4. You can find it much cheaper at some currency exchange places. Ex. 2million iqd for $2000 usd. Might be a hold due to high demand but worth checking. Actually, there is a guy on YouTube that is finding it available in UK I believe. Pimpys investment chat on YouTube. He typically promotes the website in the first 5 min of his videos
  5. Another short fly-by maybe? Just to hold us over till tomorrow? We need our fix😁
  6. It is impeccable. I find it peculiar that this reconstruction bank was established the same time as the Iraq invasion.
  7. I've thought the same thing a few times since you called him Yotabot. You're right, they aren't getting much sleep these last few days.. its tricky keeping up with the articles!
  8. Are you guys "bumping" for the start of the reforms? Or did I miss something else exciting?
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