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  1. The RUSSIANS did it. They highjacked the election, like they did in AMERICA LOL.
  2. Well this is like watching a train wreck about to happen. Cryptocurrency banned in India No ads for cryptocurrency aloud on Facebook, Twitter or Google Digital fantasy, the Ponzi scheme is coming to an end. Sell out, pay your taxes if need be. Then buy silver JMHO
  3. Mistakes are made. This thread should be taken down.
  4. Monday March 26, 2018. The launch of the new GOLD backed Petroyuan. This is the beginning of a paradigm change. The end of the Petrodollar. The USD will face devaluation as all those Petrodollar come flooding back to America. Convert your Dinars into Gold when they revalue.
  5. I feel like these temporary changes to the value is a test. I believe we are close. Here is some information regarding, revaluation of foreign currency
  6. I believe all countries will be going to a gold backed currency. Including the USD. So, In my mind this article is a reminder of how things were, and will be again. Or I could be all wrong. But there must be a deeper meaning to this than just a walk down memory lane
  7. Wow, that translated very well I must say. Plus it accurately explains foreign trade and currencies. Excellent article
  8. Adam, maybe you should go to a monthly update. Then if something significant comes out. You could have a "breaking news" chat. Just a thought.
  9. The kurds remind me of the DEMOCRATS in this country. They resist, they obstruct, they complain. But they NEVER offer any real or viable solutions to the problems that exist in America.
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