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    If Gurus want you to buy more dinar , what's the harm in that ?
  2. Last I checked , Approximately $55 billion has already been paid . The article did not stipulate if this sum was in USD or IQD . If it was paid in pre -rv IQD , that would be not such a puny amount
  3. There are a lot of major events happening at the same time . There is the withdrawal of troops by foreign countries ,especially the US , the elections , the completion of the new CBI headquarters , new restrictions regarding the amount of iqd allowed out of Iraq [ I recall this happening before } , and all this chatter in Iraq about an rv/ri that supposedly will never happen . This topic appears to be top of mind in Iraq . They doth protest too much !
  4. I've got auction fever going on here ,an adrenalin rush ! I would have missed this is if I weren't dancing this dance . What fun ! Have faith , you crazy diamonds .
  5. When we invaded the wrong country back in 2003 , the sovereignty held by Iraq was destroyed . In 2004 a transfer of sovereignty was given back to Iraq , ending US occupation . But not really, because most responsibilities are still handled by multinational forces in Iraq . Iraq cannot be a fully sovereign nation while still occupied . We have a few troops over there , but the US is mostly there for technical and defense support . But we are still there ,also still in Germany and Vietnam . I would imagine that Iraq has a love/hate feeling over this support , as does Germany and Vietnam . How does a country become fully sovereign while still having foreign troops and support in country? Through negotiations like this !
  6. OPEC, who's zoomin' who ? And where is Iraq in all of this with major USA and other international oil companies heavily invested there?
  7. Ok , the devil or God can be found in the details . Today USD GBP, and CAD have commas , the rest have decimal points . Yesterday ,only USD had the comma . Don't they have someone who edits this stuff before it's put out to the world?
  8. Such round numbers for the IQD rate ! As a former cash business owner , round numbers always caught my attention , and indicated to me that something was up . Also , why the comma rather than a decimal point . Who is editing ? Thank you , Ron , for your contribution to all of us .
  9. There are politicians here that that most people would say are to powerful to fall . What they will get is Divine Justice , and the meek will inherit the earth.
  10. My understanding of the Strategic Framework Agreement was a commitment by the US to restore Iraq to it's prewar existence . We invaded the wrong country , {oops}, but it was always about the oil and the money.
  11. I'm thinking ,very optimistically, that it has something to do with ease of use when exchange rate happens.
  12. I am still curious about the round number of the USD rate , as all other figures are not round numbers . Why would this be ? ,and bear in mind these are the numbers released by the CBI.
  13. Executive Order #13303 allowed ,nay, encouraged US citizens to invest in IQD . The funds raised from the sale of IQD were allegedly going to the Development Fund for Iraq ,and are being held by the CBI in the "meantime" .
  14. I researched this a bit and cannot determine what currency was used to pay Kuwait . Only 2 billion left to pay ,a relative pittance .
  15. Three years ago , two thirds of Iraq was taken over by Isis. So we need to cool it with the boom booms and cut them a break .
  16. Young males , the fodder of all wars throughout history . Is this a force of Nature? Young males don't fare too well in the animal wild either .
  17. I am baffled as to why you are even on this site . You took my post and turned it into a negative , out of contest and against what I meant . Don't quote me again.
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