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  1. I don't respond a lot on here but, I'm tried of the crap surrounding our President. I have never witnessed such hate, oh wait I have when Obama was President. So it's not a black or white thing..... witch is good to know. How about this, the Country picked Trump. He is President. Can we stop being so disrespectful? We have other Countries looking at us in disbelief. We have a Government that can't get right...oh sorry, that's President Trump's fault.....NOT! Does he shoot from the hip, yeah but, I think that's why a lot of Americans voted for him. We were tired of the spinnery from Obama and lost respect for Hillarious after Benghazi, well at least I did. I did 3 year's in Iraq, and would never leave men to die. And as for the border wall. It's needed and we all know it. If anyone other than President Trump was trying to push this, it would have been done! And if you were butt hurt by what I said, I'm sorry....not sorry! 😜
  2. I don't know if this is still going on but, here's my Dinar photo.
  3. I think we should just all cool down.....we all want the same thing here i think? A better way of life for the Iraqi people, and a RV! And that's no BS, that's real talk.
  4. i don't think Iraq is going to keep the rate low very long because of the late comers that may try to jump on this train now that its moving. lets go Iraq lets get it done....
  5. good morning Adam, my question is simple. will the events that are happening in the Central Bank hinder an RV ? It seems like a lot is going on that may set things back. Thanks for all that you do for us in Dinar Land.
  6. Oh wow, these boys really had a sophisticated racket going on.I just hope that getting to the bottom of this means a very very Merry Christmas for all of us in Dinar Land.
  7. I don't want to get too happy just yet, remember this is Iraq we are talking about. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. I so want to do my RV jig, I have my shoes on let's dance
  8. what are they going to do about this if any of it is at all true? So I guess were on hold yet again. Thanks for the post, it was an interesting read.
  9. Hello Adam, my question is; Whats more important to our investment, the replacement of tine now currency with new. or the deletion of the zeros? or do they go hand-n-hand in our favor. thanks
  10. A friend of mine brought dinar from a bank in Pittsburgh pennsylvania about a year ago. (5/3rd Bank) but, I think they stopped selling it. Good luck and keep us posted.
  11. Thanks for the post, i think its good Intel if true. and i also think this is Maliki trying a last minute move on the chess board to keep his job...
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