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  1. We need to come up with a ne dance called the "HCL" and do it to "FOOTLOOSE" ! OK ,I'll shut up!
  2. The Gazette comes out on Wednesdays and Saturdays ever since I been on this ride. Iraq IS NOT going to change IT ! They will print it on a WEDNESDAY or a SATURDAY ! IF they don't OPEN it or IMPLIMENT it , What difference does it make. Iraq Politicians STILL kicking the can down the road ! Their trying to buy time so the BOSSES can figure out HOW to steal more money ! Rant OVER !
  3. Here we go again ! I'm sorry but I am real tired of these people kicking the CAN down the road ! THAT'S all I'm going to say NOW! I think I'll write a NEW song, " Whiskey in my coffee " !
  4. I use and it is still the same. Maybe one day SOON we will all meet at the bank !
  5. I too, got a letter from xoa. In the past ,when we thought that a rate change was coming, we all watched the places that supplied us with our Dinars to see if a change in prices was near. IF the CBI was cracking down on Three zero notes ,then the exchange places would be short on supply and thus ,price increase. It did not happen then . IT IS HAPPENING NOW ! I'm ready as a house cat clawing at the back door !
  6. IRAN will be calling in all of its markers from Iraq to sustain the US sanctions on Iran! More and more Iraq leaders will be seen taking "Trips" to Iran . I wonder why ! Money flow !
  7. Thanks for the update and history refresher ! It is TIME for Iraq to get it in gear and quit looking for more handouts. Stand up and do it yourself. "RV" your money and watch things grow !
  8. I'm 72 but with a starting RV of 1 to 1 ,I will feel 21 again and again and MAYBE again ! Whew I'm tired !
  9. Well, sometime ago we were told that Iraq was doing MOST of their trading with the European countries that use the ERU. OK ,Jordan would be next in line and their money ,to the US dollar is $1.40. The euro ,or how ever you spell it ,is at $1.20 so I'm guessing the Dinar will come out from $1.13 to $1.40 . I'm just ready for IT to come out at something other than the program rate. Kuwait ,today, is at $3.31.
  10. The Central Bank cancels letters of guarantee to exchange companies January 3, 2018 Economy News Baghdad: The Central Bank of Iraq, the companies to mediate the sale and purchase of foreign currency need to deposit 100 million dinars instead of the letter of guarantee in its dealings with the Central Bank. According to a document issued by the Central Bank and obtained by “Economy News”, “The Central Bank decided on the basis of the decision of the Board of Directors of exchange companies to deposit a hundred million dinars in the insurance account with the Central Bank instead of providing letters of guarantee.” “The payment will be by notice of the payment system ( RTGS) of the same amount from the bank account with which these companies are working for the central bank,” the document said. The document stated that the decision obligates the companies to complete this decision, ie the deposit of 100 million dinars at the end of January. economy I borrowed this from another site! Maybe it is related to what we are seeing !
  11. January 7 ,2018 ! I'LL TAKE IT ! Golden Dinar was worth $3.33 per Dinar. I'LL TAKE IT ! $1 per Dinar. I'LL TAKE IT ! Whew, I must be easy ! ha ha ha
  12. IMO, anything less than $1 will NOT benefit the IRAQI economy. It has to start out on a level playing field with the currency that makes the OIL money tick, PETRO DOLLARS ! 1 to 1 gets it started in the right direction. After that, the law of supply and demand takes over . Years ago they wanted to get back to the "GOLDEN DINAR" which was valued at $3.33 US . ANY WHERE in the middle of THAT and I'm as gone as last SUNDAYS paper !
  13. Adam, IF I join the VIP on a 3 or 5 month membership, do I get ALL the benefits of VIP? All the list of banks to use, member letter, access to currency crypto info, etc?
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