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Found 6 results

  1. Luigi says... CBI waiting for a suitable climate to RI/RV. That time is now. Not varified. Your opine. 6 April 2018 G-Lin... Article: “Central Bank: Progress payments system led to control the flow of money” Quote: “…through a group of The measures and precautions that have been implemented and are currently working on, including the modernization of the payments system in all its components according to international standards.” Sounds like they are ready. 5 April 2018 KTFA... All that is left is for them to implement this process family. Hence why we said on Monday’s CC there really isn’t anything else to say to you family. I’m done. It is now a day to day, hour to hour wait. Alak told the world, Quote: “WE. . .ARE . . .NOW . . .READY! ” Unquote. 4-5-2018 Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat Article: "OPINION: THE CURRENT ENVIRONMENT SUITABLE FOR THIS PROJECT BECAUSE THERE IS FINANCIAL AND POLITICAL STABILITY WITNESSED BY THE COUNTRY"
  2. So I've been real busy with the crypto section that I haven't a lot of time to post on the Dinar side of things. But that doesn't mean that I haven't been watching and thinking about what is going on in Dinar world. I've noticed a couple of things that seemed to stand out but not enough on their own to talk about until today. Today I got something in my email that made a couple of other things seem to come together. I received something from XchangeofAmerica the likes of which I've NEVER seen in all my years in dinar. This is what I got via 1:02 PM (8 hours ago) to me Dear Xchange of America customer: For the foreseeable future we are going to see a very volatile Iraqi Dinar market due to a system wide shortage. Currently, XOA is the only place we know of in America or abroad who has 50K notes in stock and possesses the ability to obtain the notes consistently. Pricing will be volatile; however, you can place your order over the phone or online today. If you want a cost-effective alternative solution to your buying needs, we suggest purchasing circulated currency. As we buy and sell with some of the world’s largest financial institutions this is all they will buy. We will run a special price of $950 / million with FREE SHIPPING. Use promo code Circulated when ordering. We want to wish everyone a very healthy and happy 2018 and will keep you updated as the market continues to change. Sincerely, Robert M. Hoffman, Jr. Chairman / CEO Now by itself this seems like something that is Huge. They claim a, "very volatile Iraqi Dinar market" Due to, "a system wide shortage". As I've said, in all my years in dinar I've never once read something like that. And when I coupled that with the reaction from the financial wizards of Davos, I can't help but wonder why is it that the leaders of Davos were so over dramatically pouring out the love for President Trump. Then I remembered this story from Reuters, U.S. aircraft carrier to visit Vietnam in post-war first For the first time since the war an American Aircraft Carrier is going to Vietnam. WHY? So when you put all of this together and you know how President Trump praised Iraq and the complete dismantling of ISIS Coupled with the overwhelming display of praise and support for President Trump by the real PTB in Davos. Is it really that far fetched to think that the Aircraft Carrier going to Vietnam could be to offer security for a revaluation of the Dong? And that the overwhelming support for President Trump at Davos is because the PTB and world leaders have worked so hard to bring Iraq to the place of revaluation or even re institute the dinar? Obama never once went to Davos and we all know that he did everything in his power to stop an RV/RI. And in less that one year Trump seems to have made it possible. If this is the event that we've all been waiting for so many years then XchangeofAmerica would naturally send out an email letting us all know that the price of the dinar would be radically fluctuating. Just a thought from you Santa Trucker
  3. Luigi says... Treat as a rumor. Not varafied. Your opine. Downsouth said 11:17 PM Oct 27, 2015 Seems to be quite a bit of excitement out there and interest in the late night INTEL. So, for a simple summary, thought I would write it up here and post it this way. Hope not to step on anyone's toes. Okay, here is some after midnight INTEL out there in dinarland tonight. Remember, we hear it is everyday and then nada. So, take with a grain of salt is important here. But, first, info allegedly from the Bruce call tonight--he is saying that two million atm's around the country are loaded with US Treasury notes that will be replacing in the long run the Federal Reserve Notes we use today. Supposedly, they are prepared to start distribution tomorrow. Then, he said rates on Bank computer screens are as high as $6 dinar $4 dong (allegedly not contract) and 24/25 cents on the 100T zims with six zeros taken off. So, keep that in mind if the 800 numbers are released and you go to the bank. ALSO, remember to say you are there to "EXCHANGE" your currency. You are allowed to ask the banker to see the screen. But supposedly, the banks want you to have the money, so you should not have to worry about checking behind them. Next, they are saying things are indeed lined up to pop tomorrow. So, we shall see. IKO was saying earlier FOREX showed at midnight tonight that forex rates completely RESET to ZERO, something he has never seen before and that only the Super Computers out there appeared to be operating--no man operated movements. He thinks when Europe opens up at 3 a.m. eastern time, that could be interesting. IKO seems to think the currencies we are interested in will be controlled by the banks and not by Forex. So, it could be the rates stay at zero on forex but actually have rates at the banks. The banks will bring us into the banks to trade in our currencies based on the rates on their screens. Who knows for sure? Anyhow, the INTEL out there tonight is certainly "wired." We shall see what tomorrow brings. Luigi says... Also on The Big Call a caller claimed 1-800 alerts were sent out as a test to ensure those groups on the list will recieve the final RV alert & 1-800 # when it comes out. This was the General64 or WF group also known as The Group. Luigi says...I did not recieve that test alert notification & I'm on the group list.
  4. Luigi says... What is the importance of the Investment Law To The RV/RI? Here are the views of several Gurus. All good news. Your opine. 10-27-2015 Newshound Guru Kaperoni Article quote: "House hold, Tuesday, led by its 32 Saleem al-Jubouri and the presence of 230 deputies. And held parliament its 32 legislative year Althanihalvsal first legislative agenda of includes a vote on the draft second amendment bill to the Investment Law No. 13 of 2006 (Committee on Economy and Investment, the Finance Committee)." Looks like it passed. Will get confirmation...from parliament as soon as posted. But great news! 10-26-2015 Newshound Guru Shredd Press Release: "IMF: Iraq Will Return To The Market In 2016" Interesting that the IMF is making such a strong statement but it makes sense too...they are propping up iraq's economy with the loan and they also see the urgency of iraq coming to be a "market economy". do you know what that means by definition? a market-driven, free floating currency. ...this is a huge piece of proof that a "lop" would never happen...a huge proof that iraq's economic plan is not a fail...a huge proof that the imf expects to be paid back and with a currency that is floating and interest rates that can react to the market too, they will be able to ride the economic waves while instilling faith and confidence in their currency...makes sense with the investment law work too...the banking laws are a part of this too. ...things are continuing to shape up...banking law gives accounts holding dinar protection and also a window of time for locking in exchange rates...investment law giving protections to investors for managing risk while seeing a good roi and a market economy that accurately reflects the true value of their currency based on supply and also demand but at the same time the goods and services...transparent to the global investment world. this IMF loan proves to us that seeing a growth in the dinar value is a "WHEN" and not an "IF"... good news indeed! 10-26-2015 Newshound Guru Stryker Tomorrow looks to be a big day in Parliament my friends. With the second point of tomorrow's agenda being the vote on the second amendment draft to the Law of Investment No. 13 of the years 2006, Tuesday should start out very interesting. If that's not enough, the 2016 Budget could be delivered to Parliament as early as today and if so, the first reading could be tomorrow as well. This, according to several news sources.
  5. Luigi says... treat as a rumor until Monday. Maybe there will be some good news come Monday. We have really arrived! From Martha, sent to Dinar Recaps...24 Oct 2015... Depending on who's intel you want to be believe, on October 22,2015 was truly a completion and start of not only our future, but that of Iraq and a whole new world so to speak. As we await our time to go to the bank, realize that come Monday 10/26/2015 the whole financial world will wake up to a total shift in the world markets. NO, it won't be a crash, but a change in how the world financial system will function in the future. This will be a starting point to re-alignment and "balance"(like in US budget).Every country will have the opportunity to work, manufacture, produce, invent, explore, and re-education each other in a peaceful atmosphere. God created this beautiful planet and now it is time to clean up and re-create what God wanted for us and earth. We will shortly leave the chat rooms but I hope that we don't forget what brought us here in the first place; and how a simple exchange turned into a worldly game changer. Now go forward and help those you can…..educate and communicate. Be part of the re-creation. There are no more halts in this journey. Be prepared and hopefully you all have learnt something from all of us. My projects await my attention so I will say a final good by. I have enjoyed sharing what information I had but it is time for each and every one of you to take the time to re-educate yourselves and your families. Martha
  6. Luigi says: It looks like Iraq will be dependant on the USD for a while longer. Low oil prices & the lack of motivated buyers of Iraq bonds are to blame. Some other Intel Newshounds give their own views on the issue based on the news. IMO, if Iraq can't get 'er done by Oct 30th, the end of the 1st quarter, then it could be 2016 at the earliest. Where am I going wrong on this. Your thoughts. Your views. When could we see the RV/RI? 8-31-2015 Intel Guru DELTA WITH THE CBI GIVING ANOTHER MONTH AT 1095 TO SELL BONDS, SEP IS OUT THE WINDOW, OUR NEXT TARGET WILL BE OCTOBER. 8-31-2015 Newshound Guru Millionday "...the Central Bank of Iraq will extend the sales in nominal bond futures delivery in the currency of the US dollar (bearer) on behalf of the Ministry of Finance to be one of 2015/9/1 and up to 2015/9/30." SO THE BONDS ARE GOING TO SELL WITH THE DOLLAR BACKING ONLY UNTIL SEPTEMBER 30TH...THE BOND EXTENSION IMO WOULD BE TO REACH THE GOAL THEY HAD SET... [Does this mean they will not rv until they are done with the bond sales in the us dollar?] NO THE US DOLLAR WILL BE IN COUNTRY FOR OIL SALES INDEFINITELY...IT REALLY GIVES NO INDICATION OF ANYTHING BUT JUST A TIMELINE OF THE SALE OF THE BONDS AT THIS POINT -- NO ADDITIONAL INFO HAS BEEN RELEASED CONCERNING THEM. 8-31-2015 Intel Guru Delta THE CBI DID EXTEND THE SELL OF BONDS ANOTHER MONTH, UNTIL THE END OF SEPT!!! SO MY Q TO YOU...IS..... WHY DID THE CBI DO THAT ? [Could it be because the bonds are not selling.] BINGO WE HAVE A WINNER!!! MY 2ND Q WILL BE WHY NO ONE IS BUYING IT?
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