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  1. I don't post much but have been a member here for quite some time and have been holding my dinar for at least 12 years. I am as frustrated as most members are with this crazy ride but have never given up hope that some day I will wake up to a revaluation of the IQD! I like the enthusiasm and the news the bro's bring here it gets me pumped but at the same time I stay grounded knowing that we can still be waiting for a while for this to happen. All I have to add is Go Bro's and Go RV!!!
  2. I'm on vacation this week in beautiful Manasota key on the gulf coast of Florida, shore would be nice to stay a little longer! Anyway thanks for the updates on the latest developments in the dinar world.
  3. Thank you LB, while I believe you are spot on with your overview of events in Iraq, at the same time I'm hoping that's not the case here and we have an increase in the dinar very soon. I respect you for what you and many others here bring to this site and put yourselves on an island for criticism. Cheers to everyone and a great weekend!!!🍻πŸ€ͺ
  4. Hey I have an idea! Why dont you produce a stronger Dinar, then everyone will be happy.πŸ€ͺ
  5. Thanks for the updates on the latest developments! I have 3 more years to retirement, but I have no problem with cutting out early!
  6. Thank you Adam for driving by for the updates, and hopefully the next drive by will be a text saying the rv has happened! Cheers to all of you!🍻
  7. Thank you Adam for the updates on the latest developments on the dinar πŸ‘,and a great Sunday to you also!
  8. Something has got to give sooner or later! Don't you think so?πŸ€‘
  9. Ok, sounds like the man has a plan! As always thank you for your time and effort to make sure that we know what what is happening in the world of dinar.πŸ‘
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