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  1. I have 2M uncirculated to sell. Paid $1100 per M. at Sterling. Have certificates. 25K denoms mostly and 10K. Asheville, NC area. 828-216-3182 cell
  2. I have 2 M uncirculated in mostly 25K. Some in 10K. 828-216-3182 Willing to sell.
  3. This is what my new novel is about. Look for it soon.
  4. Maliki will bring terrorism charges against his opposing candidate...LOL That's what they do here in America! You can't copy us! Snowden dares to tell the truth...terror charges, spying, etc... Anyone who is against the corruption of the State is a....well, you know. (a terrorist)
  5. Our tax dollars at work.... OOoooops! This is from a liberal newspaper, the Guardian. That being the case, the usual suspects will be here soon to tear it down...say we can't believe it...
  6. Hey Bodeen....CONGRATS to you and two years smoke free. That is a great accomplishment. I am working on drinking just two - three days a week, two drinks per day max...been on that for three years now. It takes determination - and love for yourself and those around you
  7. As far as Texas goes, we'd all be a lot better off if they did secede. As far as the Kurds go, they don't decide it all. But that is irrelevant. What Barzani says may come to pass - a division of Iraq - if the US army does not step up and they can't stop fighting in Baghdad. The Sunnis have been sidelined for years by the Shia majority and if the Shia keep it up, they will lose Sunni areas and Kurdish areas - and that's 2/3 of Iraq. And that's the end of the IQD. As for TV propaganda, they all do it. The best is the "fair and balanced" station. They are the laughing stock of the US - e
  8. Gave you a plus for calling FOX news the BS everyone knows it is but are afraid to say it...
  9. Quote from above: "One can trace the "political mentality" of the ME by tracing the religious mindset of the ruling party" Well put Nelg - one can do that here in the States too. I refer you to the the fundamentalist views of the Republican Party. That idea is behind the book "American Taliban" A good read. "Moderates find it difficult to govern" here as well. Too many religious zealots. But it's hard to look at ourselves and easier to point fingers....
  10. Got some nasty comments about me personally. Which are always funny - as you know nothing of me personally. And as usual, nothing of substance. Patriot Act? Nothing. Loss of Habeus Corpus under Bush the oilman? Nothing. As usual, just more hateful hot air and conservative lies. Anyone ever tell you hate breeds an unhappy life? Probably not. Absolute BS Don't you think if they had found WMD it would have been all over FOX the Republican megaphone? Please
  11. Too bad the little pompous geek Will didn't write a commentary trying stop the last lawless President... ...who took away our Constitutional rights with the Patriot Act, started two illegal war with lies and trashed our economy...
  12. I'm just glad something is happening and this pimple will pop one way...or another...I gonna getcha....I'm gonna getcha getcha getcha one way, or another, I gonna... LOL
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