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  1. Super post, but there are so many closed minded Americans, maybe pray to God that they open their minds and eyes!
  2. With all the power hungry democrats that are about to get what they deserve ( I hope) and with President Trump dealing withe the Central Banks ie the Federal Reserve and all of the failings of the IMF and all the other Central Banks in the World and the UK and Brexit etc. etc. It doesn't make any sense to me why the Iraq Gov. would make a move to RV with all the trumoil in so many countries at least until after the 2020 election (if we even have one). With so many False Flags in the US and other countries also, it just defies logic or mine anyway why Iraq would RV. I hope they do and soon or this all boy is going to have to pass all this Vip and corporate things I have done and maintain to my adult kids and that won't be easy. Any way, Thanks for the Info Adam and I sure hope this happens soon!
  3. Great coments, wish everyone had some of the insights you have, again thanks and go RV.
  4. You can cross your fingers and toes, this revalue isn't going to happen, when all the central banks in the world , IMF, and all the rest of the Military industrial complex and especially our own Federal Reserve are in such a dire MESS. There isn't anything going to happen in Iraq until we here in the USA get our selves and especially our own government going in the right direction. Oh, and don't forget Iran, and there deep state leaders which are really Sick and have a lot of influence in the Iraq government. And yes i was in Iran for a year and a veteran, Maybe the 2020 election will change a few things but I will just wait and see. Just MHO.
  5. This all sounds like BS to me, like trying to listen to Nancy P. talk in our government, and they can talk all they want, I just can not see them doing anything until all the different central banks get put into their places because they are all in a mess right now and I mean all over the world , I just don't see Iraqi doing any revalue until the USA has its reset of the dollar.
  6. I feel the things we have to weather, are our own Federal Reserve (Central Bank) and the reset of our own monies, how ever they do that, as well as the ECU, IMF, they are all in turmoil , and I sure don't see the CBI doing anything with the Dinar until they have a handle on what the rest of the World is going to do with their Banking systems, Maybe next year, forsure not this year in MHO.
  7. There gov. is a big part of the cabal and I don't know if trump is trying to clean it up right now or not? Nothing on that? And we are trying to build bases there? Find that hard to believe.
  8. There are so many corrupt people in the ministries and cabinets you can't tell who the good guys are, it there are any!
  9. With the RV about to happen for the last many years????? What about the financial crash that going to happen very soon and the changes in the Federal Reserve that are going to happen and know one really talks about this and the implications that that might have on the rv and the place it will play on our off shore acc.?
  10. SUEW WISH WS SOULS SCOULD GE T TO; GETHER AND BAVE A PRAYER OUDT TOACEH OF HERES/ HERE THAT ARE LITTLE SHAKKEY9ANDND JUST WAST ;ARRS OF thse america dresmsdc,but most are flighting for ir wasn;t good in stell and i mean to gool factsss Some of tjjhis just a bidt of the the reaslith dost the subjuct lans the averqfe jop doesn'dt undstaan some of th BS. you guy like to do that and I athink ovralll are in the up swing//////????????
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