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  1. I would go with the Lexus lc 500... 👍
  2. Anything above .10 sounds good..... just do it Iraq, I'm ready.....👍
  3. I really admire your enthusiasm after all the news about Iran going in Iraq's business.....
  4. Thank you Adam, I'm starting to feel good about investment AGAIN......👍
  5. It has been a rough ride... i really hope it's worth it. Thank you Adam for everything that you do...👍
  6. You are really good, Adam....🤣👍
  7. Maybe somebody can copy and paste it, for all of us that can't afford the VIP section..... 😁👍 ====================== !!! ‼️ !!! ======================= ADMIN NOTE: @DF#1 issued a warning for this comment. Dissemination of private VIP material is a blatant violation of forum rules!
  8. That gives me a glimmer of hope.... thank you for posting it...👍
  9. I bought from them about a year ago, and they said i could sell it back to them.... of course a price reduction. 😑
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