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  1. [..okieoilman] ANY PILOTS ON HERE? [..okieoilman] I HAVE JUST BEEN ORDERED TO SQUAK 1186 ON TRANSPONDER AND HIT IDENT Iraqi Approach (CBI?) assigned OKIE a sqawk code 1186, meaning "1.186" to OKIE and "11.86" to possum, before they get permission to land (RV)!!!!! They must be on Possums newly aquired jet that he leased.
  2. If Sandfly is giving out Happy Clapping emoticons then I'm getting excited in a non sexual way!!!!!
  3. If sandfly is giving the happy clapping emoticon then I'm getting excited. In a non sexual way!!!!!
  4. Sorry, I'm a NEWB and I thought a "rumor" was something that had some chance as being truthful. Dinar rumor section, I assumed, should be a place were someone needed help with interpreting or with additional research. I get upset because i get excited about the "header" of the post then find out there is no fact/links/sources/validity/etc/etc . Heck, there were two pages of responses debunking every aspect of the original post before I could even respond. As for " DON'T READ THE RUMOR FORUM!!!" You win, I wont! If I want to read this type of stuff, I'll go to another site. But, Can I suggest changing the name of this section to "Fantasy Land". That will keep people like me out. I'm sorry about your long day and big headache. It is not my wish to make it worse. I mix "Sailior Jerry's" rum and "Monster" when i feel like that. It really works. Since I now know what the "Rumor Section" is really all about, Her is a Rumor for you: The RV has already happened. How do I know? Look at the Pic of DinarThug next to his Camel(posted above) He has gained ALOT of PHAT! He must be secretly partying with Possum and Momma! GORV
  5. Can D.V. create another "____tank" for people who post this stuff? Anyone want to fill in the blank?
  6. Really? 143 TRILLION Dinars?? Does that mean no RV and no LOP'ing??? Sounds like Obama has been advising them! I dont know, I plead ignorance!!!!
  7. Possum, I REALLY want to believe, REALLY I do!! Help me become a full/fool believer and buy my IQD at a meager price of only $1 IQD to $1 USD. Then I will TRUELY BELIEVE!! ANd you can reap the rewards of this opportunity when you cash in at $3+++ IQD to $1 USD. PLEEEASE Help me believe!!!!!
  8. I purchased some 10k notes for one of the Big three Dinar brokers(guarenteed/Da La Rue certified/with certificate of authinticity). My Bundled 10k notes had slight variations in physical size and color. I called the supplier and asked about the difference. There reply: "it not going to matter" (WT#?) they then said the notes are gaurenteed/certified. Not happy with that answer, I sent pics to the supplier website. They assure me that the notes are ok!!! Still DID NOT like that "Its not going to matter" response. Its all a roll of the dice anyway!!!!!
  9. And what about Kuwait? Didn't they encounter Rape, Pilliage, Plunder, Murder, and an ILLEGAL INVASIONs by another country???????????? Did they not FORGIVE that country??? We Liberated YOU you JACKA##!!!!!!
  10. TDurden.....Tyler Durden? Of "Fight Club"? That means I'm you. That means I wrote that? Why am I hitting myself????
  11. Ramadan 2013 begins in the evening of Monday, July 8 and ends in the evening of Wednesday, August 7 Dates may vary.
  12. G.U.R.U. Guys Unknowingly Repeating Unknowns?? I would like to THANK the Guru's from "other" sites for guiding me to D.V. I am a Newb who hit all the sites for info about this exciting oportunity. The gurus from "other" sites convinced me to register with D.V.instead. For that, I Thank you! Win or Lose it is an exciting ride! P.S. I don't think Mr. Montana would appreciate being called a Guru. I mean I would put him right up there with Breitling. I Kid! I Kid! Thanks for the site Mr. Montana!
  13. Now this is my idea of "Boots on the ground"!
  14. Oh Nooo, another Lurker/Newb comment! (Proudly in the game since Mar 2013) It seems, to this Lurker/Newb, that all the dominoes have fallen into place for the RV to take place. Except for maybe one more.domino. The above article above says that Iraqi FUNDS were frozen in 1990. I believe IQD 3.4'ish to USD $1 AND Saddam dinars. Reportedly in the 10's of billions. Were the FUNDS allows to convert to new IQD? If they "release/Unfreeze?" these funds now they will be worthless if still in IQD compared to what they use to be worth . So, Is that why the UN is still technically in control (Iraq technically in Chap 7) until they can figure out when to release the funds? AFTER the RV!!! just food for thought!! P.S. RV will be July 11th, why- because thats my dads birthday. Rate? 82 to 1, why - because that will be his age!! (Sorry pop)
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