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  1. dinar_millions have you heard if the ISX signed papers yesterday with nasdaq?
  2. We will see. Hopefully one day all parties will sit down at the table and actually agree on laws needed to move their country ahead.
  3. Thanks Yota. Lets hope he has finally realized that he isn't getting back in and he takes a walk off a dead end pier.
  4. This is some scary stuff here. Time to start looking for a firearm to protect my family when all hell breaks out.
  5. I think it will come out at a 1.17 then over a period of 2 to 3 years we might see a 3.00+ rate.
  6. It seems crazy to try to understand these auctions. One day they are at 50000 and then a few days later 200k-300k.
  7. Definitely huge news here!! Thanks for bringing this article Tbomb!
  8. I say drop some bacon covered pork rinds on them. That will clear them out fast.
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