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  1. Agree... Nice to know their impressionable minds are getting a brief respite from the perversion of kommie indoctrination.
  2. Ditto.... Hispanic Catholics have a whole slew of names and yet none of those on our list made the list either! You should have seen the struggle the Feds had doing background checks for Clearances in The Military... Took forever! Thought 'AFI Status' was going to be our entire Military career !
  3. OMG ! 3 Men & a Mouse cracked us up SO hard over here! We're STILL laffin'...! Thanks again to all of you who are keeping this great thread alive & well.
  4. The Ukranian people know what leftist life looks like and they're saying "hell, no!" They've been fiscally abused and tortured so often by kommies that they have a clear picture the dirty Chi-Com's attempt to destroy not only them, but every other country's well-being through this biological warfare attack on humanity. They know the leftists in their country, as in our own, are trying to bring us to our knees so we'll all have to depend on them - and 'big government' to save us. Keep pushing back and hang in there, Ukrain.......... Cry "FREEDO
  5. So "1984"... Big Brother is watching.... Yup, welcome to the kind of world the leftists want us all to dwell in... notice we didn't say "live" in, coz, brutha, under their kommie regime, ain't nobody 'LIVIN'...! And they call it "PROGRESSive"... and "forward"... We turned our backs on slavery... And we ain't goin' back... So "no thanks, dems".
  6. 2 words... vertical planting. You can take any wall in your house, line it with several rows of milk jugs, allow top jugs to drip into lower ones when watered... or fill pockets of over-the-door hanging shoe bags with soil and make small drip holes to allow water to drip into lower pockets... Also, place larger planters along walls on floor to grow larger 'crops' and put a grow light on a timer. Bingo! You'd be amazed how much food one can grow that way. Be sure to use 'heirloom seeds' for better yield. E-I-E-I-O !
  7. Gates is a new world order globalist hack in bed with the U.N., the dirty Chi-Coms, Gorged Soros and all the other left-wing zealots who believe in a border-less planet. How could a guy who is supposed to be SO damned smart be so incredibly ignorant..?
  8. ***/// Ya know what they do to traitors dontcha..... Tick, tick, tick....
  9. ***/// Still squawking that tired old line, SHABS...? How will that affect your life right now, really. What kind of increased health, happiness, sense of accomplishment will you derive? Does The POTUS live in your head so hard that you're totally consumed with his financials...? If your penchant for that sort of thing is of such great interest for you, how about the Biden's financial gains in Europe & China...? Or Nancy Pelosi & her "banker" husband's huge financial windfalls from the dirty Chi-Coms...? Perhap
  10. ***/// Thank you, SYN ! It's abhorrent that everything she warns about is taught in our liberal schools to our youth - at Taxpayer expense - and hailed by the kommie profs there as being good whilst encouraging the violence, destruction & take-over of our Constitutional Republic. The brainwashing continues from there to our school boards, local offices, right up & into our Halls of Justice/Courts and House & Senate. This deathly slow-creep has gained momentum through their desperation and they're now all coming out of
  11. ***/// Excellent article, YerYOTYAness... thank you! Ho'bummer is not at the top of that seek & destroy food chain, though.... He has his masters to account to.... the same demonic entities that created him from whole cloth, manipulated our system and installed him in The White House. The evil Gorged Soros and the kommies have been eating away at US for awhile now. Holding all these little monsters of theirs accountable will send them a message that We The People are not ready to give up the greatest experiment in Freedom for ALL mankind t
  12. ***/// Thank you, YerYOTAness! Doesn't matter what the POTUS does/says... the parrots on the left are programmed to not listen, not report Truth nor report facts to the American People. Their only marching orders from their kommie masters is to engage, lie, destroy, then run. Hit men. Cowards, Tools. And not even good ones at that. .
  13. ***/// Yup. Ho'bummer, like his wife, not really a competent lawyer. No surprise there. Don't forget, he was hand-picked from the Saul Alinski Kollege of Kommies to serve as their puppet/tool to do their evil bidding. As far as the Flynn case goes, Ho'bummer's feigned ignorance will not serve him well. Everyone knows Ho'bummer was/is involved... even Valerie Jarrett - the kommie soldier planted at his side by their deep state handlers too watch him - was/is in on it. The bevy of little scurrying low-level turd rat tools in the DOJ
  14. ***/// Kamala Harris endorses Biden all of a sudden...? Wow. Does the deep state really think everybody has such a short memory they've already forgotten how she tore him a new one in the Debates..? Yup... Biden is the incompetent puppet chosen by Ho'bummer & the deep state henchmen who 'created' & put him in power looking to "forward" the destruction of our Constitutional Republic. Easily manipulated, this parroting dupe - who can't string simple words together to form a coherent sentence or complete a single thought -
  15. ***/// Sorry, RON... but the goat, the foot & that whole motley crew were 'outed' years ago on the Dinar boards. These cut-n'-paste artists touted talents & connections they never had. Although your post herein above seems rather tame for them, we wouldn't trust 'em to walk our dog.
  16. Who said ya can't fix 'stupid'.... Facts & the TRUTH just did ! Suck it Al Gore !
  17. Snow...? Oh, Snow... Here kitty, kitty, kitty.....
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