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  1. DOH !!! Someone un-neg Bama... I just woke up... eyeballs arent working yet....
  2. I kinda already got started... The puppy is harmless... unless you're afraid of getting licked to death....!
  3. Sooooooo... who's gonna pay our widows, widowers, sons and daughters for the longlasting effects caused by the combat our fallen military members endured...? Certainly not the GOI or its people... or the Afgans... Its a shame that the lasting effects of Depleted Uranium are upon the populace in those areas where it was used, really... ! However, it's a casuallty of the war machine... that cannot be undone. Not to be *** for tat, so don't get me wrong, but there are costs on both side and long lasting effects on both sides, heck all sides... it sucks but it is what it is.
  4. Stay strong Bama... and clear of mind... don't torment yourself you don't have facts yet... Keep the center in the middle gurl. Prayers goin out!!
  5. Opinions... it's all good. I'll hold onto my Dinar. Didn't spend more than I would normally have wasted anyway. My cup will remain half full... well with all the positive news lately... more than half full...! Push the button Shabbs!!
  6. I'm down with that... Make it happin captain...!
  7. No pro bro... Keep the center in the middle my friend... you're surronded by friends.
  8. I second that... well said GH. Bring us some info on BOB-DAD K-notes... That info sounds good if it entails out of country peeps like us having the ability to get in and have an alternate to Warka...
  9. It does make sense... I'm just sayin...
  10. DANG! That'll work for me...! But so would .03 or .63. But $3.63... Jezz I better get some "Depends" Stock... I'm gonna need it, it'll be messy fo sho!!!!!
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