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  1. There would be No RV I believe, because the dollar is the backing world currency. And the contracts over in Iraq are heavily dollar based, not to include the billions that we have given the country.
  2. Any idea how a devaluation of the dollar by 33% will affect the dinar? article link
  3. Good Afternoon to all of you, this is an article from Forbes magazine in regards to the Dinar. Read this... My stomach feels a little off after this one!
  4. Ummm, what large bank in Ohio? Called my husband who is a Corporate Officer at a big bank, and they know nothing of this. And they aren't accepting nor selling the IQD and don't have any new rate. So, where is this coming from?...Because this doesn't seem like good info. Hmmmm...Be weary, this seems like a pump situation. Frank has been known to be just as BAD as Med and Okie. So, I agree.
  5. Umm...Gold is already High, actually so HIGH that it has become unaffordable to Poor and middle class people. So, I guess if you already have .999 fine gold your in a good spot. Anyway, thanks for the post. GO RV! Also, being big on other investments...usually when gold skyrockets something is hyper-inflated and not worth as much. The USD for example.
  6. I really wish people would stop posting Okie crap!
  7. I wonder if Okie has ever read...The Boy that cried Wolf? I say that because he could be the first person on the day the RV really happens to announce it...and I WOULD NOT BELIEVE HIM!
  8. This man Okie is retarded! I thought he said he was done talking and posting information (that's ALWAYS WRONG)...I guess one can only hope. My husband works for Citi bank and they have no change nor have they even heard of one coming, they also do not sell Dinar either. So, that tells me that he is full of it, and we are still waiting for the banks to recognize any part of the IQD. STOP PUMPING Okie! GO RV!
  9. please email me No I will NOT send FEDEX COD with certified funds (PEOPLE BE AWARE)!!! They can be a RIP-OFF (COUNTERFIET CASHIER'S CHECKS) link...
  10. They are still for sale, and YES I am willing to ship them out priority mail upon recieving payment. Thanks!
  11. Also, the are 10k notes...right now they are selling online @1220.00
  12. Hey, I a selling 1 million Iraqi Dinar, uncirculated and certified by Dinar trade (I do have the certificates and they are NEW in Dinar trade envelope). Please email me at with offers. Thanks!!
  13. I'm not selling all of it. Just trying to have some other investments going as well, so that all of my eggs are not in one basket(that may or may not come to fluition). I have 2 million IQD that I am selling, they are certified and purchased from Dinar Trade. They are in an envelope and are brand new. Would you be interested in all of it or jut a piece? I ask because I see people on ebay that seem to sell them in smaller amounts.
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