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Ok here is the dumbed down version of how to post pics on DV site...

1. find your pic on the web site/browser of your choice

2. click on the image

3. click on the link under the highlighted image (this brings the pic up on a white background...if it doesn't have a link or this step doesn't work then try googling another image for the same concept). Alternatively, to the right of the selected image, click on "Full-size image"

4. Now go to the top of the page and highlight then copy the www address in the browser for this image on the Icon in DV with picture on it (insert image)

6. delete http highlighted bit

7. paste full web copied address into the box

8. click insert image

9. copy and move this around the posting you are making to suit your purposes.

10. Add reply ...Done Congrats....easy peasy!!

If perchance the link you want to post does not upload or 'worl' then use the web address for the picture and choose the 'insert link' just to the right of the smiley face and post the link ...remember to delete the http in the box first!

NB If you have a Youtube clip to post, choose the last icon 'insert media' and follow the same steps above after deleting the http once again

Good luck!

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