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  1. Wouldn't the loan actually be the amount of value of the dinar money loaned and not the actual number of dinars? The value if it RV'd would be much less dinars than the originally amount of dinars for the cost...hmm I am not very good at explaining what I am trying to say...LOL I am sure someone will understand what I mean......
  2. prayers going up for you from here smee, feel better soon and Tandy and Scott too!
  3. Really want to believe this but as others have said, I too, will believe it when i see it IMPLEMENTED and moving forward with some ACTION and not just words!!!!!
  4. Do you think the comment on there under the video about it taking 2 more years is true??? Thoughts all?
  5. Thanks for sharing what you heard!!!
  6. Congrats to you!!!! That is an awesome 40 years!!!!
  7. jackster, I very rarely post at all and was just curious is all. Just seems strange to be here if you have no hope. I have no clue what they are going to do but I hold dinar because there is a chance to make a good return. If I was so positive of a bad outcome, I just would not be around here and don't understand it. Not a big deal, they don't have to answer and haven't so guess I just won't know, will I!
  8. I am just curious Dave and Dinar - Are you so sure of your opinions that you both DO NOT HAVE any dinars anymore????? Just really am wondering why you would waste your time here if you HONESTLY think you are right and this is going to be the outcome.......
  9. I have a question: If it does come out at .10, do you think the banks will cash it out for that amount of an increase? The banks around me, don't sell it or take it. Thanks edited for spelling!
  10. LDJ, I tend to agree that we are looking at more time for this thing to pop....No neg from me
  11. I would like to know if we have to cash in if it's .10 too???? Or could we wait till it goes up with the lower denom's?
  12. Wow what the heck are you guys gonna do when we actually get some RV has happened news!!! LOL You all seem so excited to hear what we really all already know LOL Can't help but chuckle on all this reaction....It has been positive stuff coming out for some time now and been an up and down ride since I started this venture...many times I got excited and thought we were at the end only to still be sitting here today thinking the same thing!!!! Still waiting and hoping that fat lady sings soon!! Unless of course she has been heading to the gym....LOL
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