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  1. I have seen some info on this 5-G ,and it could be possible, but here is my question and that is you would think that as many people in New York as there are and all of the 5-G they have that there would be more people out of a city with 11 million or so ?to come down with it ,unless they turn the 5-G on certain areas for a time to activate it. It is interesting that Russia may or may not have 5-G, and they have about 5600 people with the flue and only a few deaths, no doubt there is a plan in effect its not a good one ,China does not care how they obtain land through out the World,they want it all, and to think our trusted people in Washington sold us out,anybody remember Trickey **** ,Nixon was over in china land ,selling us out ,and seems like a lot of Washington helped him out.
  2. crane


    I assume that you never checked out the web site???? Am I wrong??????????
  3. crane


    This is worth checking out ,it would seem that it may have some bearing on this whole story . Greg Hunter @ USA WatchDog had an Interview with {type this in to go to interview} BoPolny-New Era of Time starts in April- Jesus Coming Back , its well worth the listen.
  4. after watching the moive the future of money, REV13,16 And he causeth all both small and great rich and poor free and bond to receive a mark in their right hand or in their foreheads And that no man might buy or sell save he that had the mark or the name of the beast or the number of his name. { Looks like the beast system is at the door}
  5. I hate to bring this up ,but right now we have a train wreak taking place, and its called the Covid-19 flue virus ,the news media has been down playing this here in the states for a number of reasons ,????????????China is at Quarantine of 750 million people ?????think this is just some Old Flu????????????? I wont go into any great detail but you really need to go to you tube, and check this out there are many other sites besides you tube,we need to start preparing for Quarantine our selves, this is a killer flue , one quick note ,this Flu is going to change the whole World, Health wise and Business wise, this is a big game changer, China has over 2200 people have died and 77,000 tested positive , but these numbers can not be trusted ,many articles say its more like 10x to 20x that amount think about it ???Why would you lock down 750 million people down , The WHO has been caught lying also , stock pile food up for at least 30 days maybe longer its better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it ,Please, People ,check this out ???????? God Bless you.
  6. How this happen, Friday Night fixed a beef roast ,roast done, me very hungry ,took a piece of roast and wolfed it down, big mistake, meat was stuck ,it wouldn"t go down and wouldn"t come up ,and if you have ever done this? there is pain, and a helpless feeling ,I tried everything ,I swallowed olive oil, hoping it would help the meat to go down ,but to no avail, the meat was stuck and than the pain started and the vomiting , could not hold anything down, everything I swallowed came up twice as fast ,now its Friday Night, and the nearest Hospital is 50 miles away , and I keep thinking that things will be all right and it will pass ,Wrong ,I wont go into the the hell I went through for 21 Hrs ,but I can say don"t put yourself through the hell ,but I digress, I finally Got a friend to drive me to the Hospital and while waiting in the exam room this male RN walks in and tells me there is something I can try ,he said it might sound crazy but he said there was not a lot of choices ,he hands me a can of pop and tells me to take a big shot of soda pop,and than stand on your toes, and drop back on your heels, as hard as you can , and so I did this ,1st time nothing happened except the pop came up with some help of my fingers down my throat, I tried it again,t I did this 3 different times down the hatch and drop back on your heels as hard as you can, this will help dislodge the the meat and after the forth time It worked Praise the Lord. The nurse told me latter that they have treated about 3to4 other people with the same problem and this worked with them also. I hope this helps someone if they find themselves inthis same problem. Soda Pop and drop back on your heels.
  7. Question, how do bombs go off in a radom fashion ,rather than go off in a forward pattern,watch the uneven pattern not possible, looks to be set off with ground explosives,I ain't buying it. FAKE NEWS
  8. ihave a question, and that is why should iraq ever raise the value of the dinar ?when they are raking in billions of dollars without it going up, and competing in the world market ,couldnt they just play the game ?and make money ,and when needed ,beg for money like they have for the last 16 years and never raise the dinar ,It would seem this poor me game has been working for a long time ,why quit working the game if it work????????????????? Please enlighten me where I could be wrong, or am wrong.
  9. If You have a problem with MOLD, FUNGUS ,ALLERGIES, POLLUTION,ODOR, SMOKE ,DEADLY VIRUSES,HARMFUL BACTERIA,then you need to get PURE-LIGHT Super-Oxygen Lights, this is well worth checking out, I have purchased them and yes I have seen some Amazing Results ,The TECHNOLOGY behind PURE-LIGHT has been proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria,viruses, fungi,mold ,including,DEADLY MRSA,,COLD&FLU VIRUSES,E-COLI,SARS,STAPH,CRE,LISTERIA,SALMONELLA,ANTHRAX,PLAGUE even those viruses/bacteria that have become resistant Additionally, the process Breaks down and Dissolves toxic indoor air pollutants LIKE FORMALDEHYDE, CARBON MONOXIDE,METHANE, BENZINE and other VOCsinto harmless components . Some Lighting facts ,LED light with the full light spectrum , the bulb uses 9watts, and gives off the light of a 60 watt bulb . I would encourage everyone to check out this web site ,it will explain the process of how it all works , I might add that I have purchased these bulbs that are for regular 110v but they also have a 12volt for motor homes etc, the thing about the 12volt bulbs in a POWER GRIID DOWN HAPPENING IF YOU HAVE SOLAR YOU CAN RUN OFF A BATT FOR SOME TIME, especially for people that might have breathing problems ,I have noticed my breathing has gotten a lot better I have one of my lights right by my easy chair ,CKECK OUT THE WEB SITE PURE-LIGHT.COM
  10. This is no more than a take over of another country, by way of the new world order,think about it ????????????people who would be crazy enough to poke a Lion with a stick????????? and not expect to get there buts handed to them ,the people in Iran are not dumb?????? that are in power,they know they can not win ,but they have to save face, and convince there people they have gave it some effort ,but all in all they know they can't even get in the game ????????? more smoke and mirrors , and as far as Iraq they can't even get there own Goverment completed after 15 yrs ,,,,,,,????????????and they have the gual to say they are going to arbitrate between idiots like themselves Iran, and a super power the US, give me a break ,this whole bunch has been smokin to much camel dung ,the more I think about it, the more I can see that this whole middle east needs some one to tell them what to do,????????they just cannot figure it out for themselves, ???????????what a bunch of losers ,they have been used by the whole world in the past ,but were not bright enough to see it ,and here we are, how many years down the road ?????????and they are still being used ,how sad ,instead of learning from the past they are going to repeat there same mistakes and hope for change, Total Insanity. The worst part about it all, we were dumb enough to think we could capitalize on this investment with idiots at the wheel . I don't know who is dumber.
  11. Why post this????????????? 2017,NEWS, is this not 2019?????????????????????
  12. This whole bunch goes beyond words ,Please don't anyone say that these people are proud and that they would never settle for anything less than 3.00 per Dinar , I wish I had known how Backward this Country was from the start,what I see is more stalling and begging every country in the World for more money ,because they simply want to use everybody,for as long as they can, Iraq in my eyes has become a disgrace to there History, and there people and to the World. Truth needs no defense . Sad so very sad.
  13. You know whats a cryin shame?????? A Bus load of lawyers going over a cliff and two seats are empty.............
  14. Check this out fellow Dinarian's what do you make of this??????go to U-Tube ,listen to GLOBAL FINANCIAL RESET ,please comment, thank you
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