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  1. The Iink to the presentation was taken down for some reason. It appears they are still accepting people. The presentation did a very good job at laying out what they were offering. Basically you recoup double your investment within 4 months. Also you receive a percentage of profits from a newly formed company with your funds. Min is 200$
  2. Hi Everyone, I just came across this program from a highly trusted contact of mine who vets out and recommends programs after thorough testing. Please take a look. Thanks. (link removed, poster warned.)
  3. An update on the opportunity:
  4. Hi All, I have been involved in this opportunity since 2008 a few years before the dinar. And like the dinar, this opportunity is looking to close soon and provide a hefty return. Please take a look around and ask if you have any questions. I do not get compensated for any investments. Thanks. rayray
  5. USD/IQD shows for me: 1166.55/1172.0 bid/ask per 1 USD
  6. Just thought I'd point this out- These 4 currencies are near par with each other: the US Dollar, the Australian Dollar, the Swiss Franc, and the Canadian Dollar. The British pound is the most valuable with the Euro coming in second place among the Western Currencies.
  7. Yes but even if it was a dinar from the other countries, arent they at they trading at the GCC level of above $3? Im not sure, I will take a look now. RR
  8. Hi Chato, I would recommend going to Dinar Trade in Las Vegas. They would only charge 150 dollars per million dinars and would offer you the best rate- CBI rate (which is the rate given by the central bank of iraq) which cannot be beat. Besides getting the best rate and spread, it will only cost you 150 dollars in fees. Besides, you can celebrate a little in Vegas after you cash out.
  9. Great Post. I just recently bought my first batch of dinar and waiting for some more. This was a very well thought-out writing that explains everything for the newbie. Thanks.
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