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  1. if u need a good cpa or advisor u guys must be playing with some big numbers in iqd???
  2. subscribe??? your kidding me dont they have news feeds online that are free
  3. i thought it was over a guy the police blew away, gang member with a gun, did not fire or have gun out and they shot him not sure
  4. he didnt even state what info was in the call i would give him another few negatives if i could
  5. just wondering instead of some of ya biitttttttttttttchinnnnnnnnnnng etc why not pick up the phone call 411 asst and talk to them directly, i did and i verified for myself wow just reading some of this i even gave u the number to save your .25
  6. barrie ontario canada hurry rv gotta re due the igloo here soon
  7. was about to say barrie ontario here also called them they got a memo this am to stop, no reason given if u want call 705 503 4400 ask them good job barrie girl
  8. if it helps i thought it was funny
  9. i took it the sales for the day were down just went to their site it is up
  10. who is delta??? pumper or a respected info provider
  11. you say nothing i play the market and it is something sea of red this is terrible ouch
  12. when it rvs i can stop looking through the fench to see what the neighbors are having for dinner
  13. could be blood shed if i dont see a rv soon the wolves are hungry at my door
  14. very well put quiet sorry to hear about your illness appreciate your input and thoughts
  15. hahaha i know i have been, no keys just the refresh part want to see and catch it give some hope
  16. good job machine nice to see these sites not always adding up i like seeing opps it must be a error or glitch they seem to be happening in differant areas lets rv today, so i can eat this weekend
  17. well i dont know what u did or said, but eh what is done is done, and u said sorry good job now where is that little rv hiding
  18. thanks for the post, keep hoping and praying this is coming to a end
  19. can i get a job there i like to make good money will stay after rv also
  20. hi really stupid question here this sounds like good news but i have seen others say the erbil is not needed to do a rv just wondering is it needed or not thanks for not bashing the heck out of me i hope
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